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Hello! I'm a casual player, on-and-off since a long while ago, and I keep coming back for the British humour (and other random quest dialogue). I'm still a newb in terms of levels – can see proof of being a newb here at the highscores. Since February 2022 I got Invention, access to Prifiddnas, my first 99, and a Fire cape, so maybe that's changing a little!

I spend a lot of time tweaking and tinkering with a lot of different wikis, doing template parsing and tables, rewriting intro/lead sections (that is what you call them here, right?), and trying to figure out where all the disambiguations go. Usually I just pick random pages that I've seen recently which take my fancy.

Misc self links[edit | edit source]

todo march 09 - look at Artefact#5-70 because it's 4am and I'm pretty sure you butchered the overall sentence flow/phrasing even if the details were clearer