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This page is still being thought up and is edited at any time the owner feels like.

Please wear a hard hat and other protective gear at all times.

TechLord[edit | edit source]

Hello and welcome <insert name here>, to my user page.

I hope to become more and more of your community at time progresses. I am an avid Runescape player, and I am on quite often when time allow. I have been playing ever since sometime in the autumn of 2005, although I took an extended break from the game. I consider myself as being at least somewhat knowledgeable in the many ways of Runescape, and i'm learning more all the time. Unlike some of the players you may have met, I am kind to all whether they new to the game or an experienced player, but I don't have much patients for rudeness or people who are downright mean. As you have probably noticed by now I tend to like to deeply explain things (sometimes over explaining them) so just bear with me, or there are times where you will find that I will be short (maybe not so sweet) and to the point.

Current wiki sig: RMArcane sigil.pngTechLordOmni-tiara.pngTalk

Although there is not much on my user page so far i will be adding more as my time here increases.

My character[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1415
Attack 75Constitution 73Mining 67
Strength 70Agility 50Smithing 62
Defence 72Herblore 47Fishing 58
Ranged -1Thieving 58Cooking 56
Prayer 54Crafting 57Firemaking 58
Magic 68Fletching 48Woodcutting -1
Runecrafting 54Slayer 55Farming 39
Construction 60Hunter 51Summoning 41
Dungeoneering -1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 92Quests -
Music -Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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My character's name is Nethura

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

I'll add 'em as I find 'em.

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