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The requirements for the completionist cape (82/91)
Bridge over Fremmy Waters Complete all the unabridged Fremennik Sagas.
Draconic Decoctions Discover all of the listed potion recipes.
Kiln Fighter Complete the Fight Kiln.
Music Maestro Unlock all music tracks. (X/1340)
My Last Resort Unlock the mentioned amenities in War's Retreat.
Peachy Bones Unlock the spell: Bones to Peaches.
Task Master Complete all the listed area achievement sets.
The Crocodile Hunter Unlock all Hunter upgrades from Dundee's Shop.
Yaktwee's a Charm Unlock the enhanced Yaktwee stick by catching charm sprites. (X/1,000)

shop run[edit | edit source]

  • Wicked hood to altar
  • Withdraw wicked hood
  • Wicked hood to guild
  • Sophanem tab buy feathers
  • Oo'glog lode for meat
  • Lunar lode Baby yaga buy runes below
  • Watchtower tele wizard guild runes
  • Al kharid lode elemental + other runes below from ali
  • Port sarim lode to void outpost rune store
  • Monkey tele, become monkey, rune store
  • Taverley tele, herb store, herb supplies below
  • Meilyr tele, herb store + bank full inv
  • Edgeville sword, zammy wizard runes
  • Edgeville sword, bank, lever, mage bank runes, bank inv