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I could tell you what my name is, but then I'd have to kill you...

On a serious note most people know me by one or more of my in game names: Suaraun, Suaromon, or various joke names that I've created over my time playing. Feel free to drop me a message here, otherwise my pm is always on.

On the Wiki[edit | edit source]

My goal here on the wiki is to help upkeep and write new articles in an effort to give back to those who have helped me so much over the years in addition to providing resources to those new to the wiki.

But When I made my first edit, I figured it would be a one and done kind of deal, how wrong I was.

How it all began[edit | edit source]

While I have been a long time user of the wiki, be it quest guides, money making guides, skilling advice, use of the many calculators available, or simply reading material while grinding a skill *cough* runespan; I had no desire to make my own edits. However, this all changed in early 2016, when I had accomplished several long time goals from before I had quit the game, namely, earning my quest point cape, which I had done several months before through the use of quest guides here on the wiki. However, when DOT was released and I started it within hours of release there was very little information available here on the wiki. Due to this I started the quest with no help, finding my own way as I went. Shortly after starting the quest, I decided that I may as well help with writing the guide (even though I had never edited a wiki before) and ended up writing what is now roughly 1/3 of the current guide for the quest. However, I figured this would be a one time experience for me, never expecting to be back and making more edits and as such, didn't bother making an account and instead contributed as an IP address.

My wiki account is born[edit | edit source]

While I never expected to be back making more edits, I once again found myself helping with yet another guide when Kindred spirits was released, however by the I started the quest a good majority of the guide was already written and I found myself helping in another way. Because the guide was done I was using it during my play-through, but there was one part missing, a map of the maze. With zero experience with making maps or images I figured this would be a simple project and decided to undertake it myself. 20 disconnects (each resulting in loss of progress) and 2 hours later I had a completed maze that I opened in paint and made a couple minor additions to before starting to upload it. Unbeknownst to me, I had to create an account in order to upload an image and thus, my wiki account became a thing. While my version is not the final map of the maze, it is still used in both the full and quick guides, and I like to think that my original map was the contributing factor to this.

Trial and error[edit | edit source]

As I said before, I never expected to be actively editing, much less looking for things to edit, yet here I am. Most of my edits to date have been with the virtual editor, however I have made some minor edits using source mode and at some point I hope to be able to edit exclusively in source as there seems to be much more by way of options for formatting.

Most of what I've figured out has been through trial and error rather than asking for help (I'm stubborn that way), but as I run into more things that I want to figure out how to do I have found myself looking for guides on how to edit tables, graphs, calculators, info boxes, and general guidelines for using source mode instead of the virtual editor.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  1. Learn how to use source mode for faster and easier edits.
  2. Learn how to create, edit, and use tables effectively.
  3. At some point I'd love to be able to create some calculators.
  4. More to come.

Projects[edit | edit source]

I don't really have any "projects" that I'm working on, although I have been browsing through some pages looking for stuff to work on while I increase my knowledge of editing.

Some of these pages include:

Stuff to practice on and/or get involved with[edit | edit source]

Editing resources and reading material[edit | edit source]

  • Source mode guide
  • Picture taking guide and picture editing guide (While I have more experience with Photoshop the GIMP guide does have valuable advice that applies to both)
  • Some more advanced methods of using VE (Because I like being able to see the changes as they happen in some cases)
  • And the basic style guide

Just to name a handful. I also tend to use the random link to see what I can find in terms of quick easy cleanups while I'm grinding afkable skills.

Runescape: The journey begins[edit | edit source]

When I fist started playing Runescape back in 2007 I was (still am) a huge LOTR fan, which provided the inspiration for my username, Suaraun. Because, for obvious reasons, the name [[lotr:Sauron|Sauron]] was unavailable, I had to start experimenting with various ways to spell it. Of all of the different choices I came up with, this was the one I liked the most, and it stuck.

In 2012, when Jagex released the beta for the evolution of combat, I looked forward to the changes with excitement. However, over the course of the beta, I along with many other players found myself disappointed with the vast majority of the changes and when the beta ended and the EOC was fully released, I decided my time playing Runescape had come to an end and vowed that I would never return...

New beginnings[edit | edit source]

I began searching for another game to take up my time, and eventually stumbled upon War of Legends (WOL), an online real time strategy game produced by Ultizen and distributed by Jagex. I actively played WOL for 2 years under the name Suaromon on the Eventide Snake (ES) server, which was Jagex's newest game server at the time I began playing. I started playing roughly 2 months after Eventide Snake had been released, but due to my unfamiliarity with the game, had a slow start in catching up with the rest of the active players.

Eventually, I started gaining momentum and was able to start completing higher end content. Over time, I overtook many of the long time players, and when the game was closed I consistently held a month-to-month global rank of top 30, held the all time #5 spot on my server in addition to being a co-founder and current co-leader of the 3rd largest alliance on Eventide Snake at the time.

During my climb from the middle of the ranks as a semi-new player and member of the leadership team of (at the time) the 4th largest alliance on the server, I decided to try and help out some of the newer players to the game by creating video guides of the games content. These guides started out as very low level content to match my abilities, and as my account grew, eventually included end game content that only a handful of people (at least on Eventide Snake) were able to complete. While WOL is indefinitely closed, all of my videos can still be found on youtube via my channel for those interested in the game-play mechanics.

The journey continues[edit | edit source]

When War of Legends was closed on December 22nd 2014, myself along with many other players assumed the closure would be temporary due to similar incidents having happened several times in the past. However, a month later on January 29th, Jagex announced that they would be closing War of Legends for good. Once again, I found myself without a game to play.

When the indefinite closure was made official, Jagex also announced that anyone who had bought WOLcash (War of Legends in game currency) in the past several months would have that money refunded. In addition, those that had purchased WOLcash prior within the past year would receive free membership to Runescape depending on how much they had spent. Being one such player to receive this free membership, I decided due to the amount of time since my beloved Runescape had been destroyed by the EOC, I might as well give it a try again. When I logged into my account for the first time in over 2 years, I discovered that a lot had changed since the mass exodus that had been the EOC. The clan I had been a member of was dead, friends list was nothing but a jumble of random letters, numbers and symbols, and game-play had changed significantly.

I slowly began to fall in love with Runescape again, getting used to the new play style, making new friends and eventually joining a new clan, Elite Team Killerz in mid-late 2014. Throughout the next year and a half I became a clan organizer, earned my quest cape, maxed my account, comped my account, recomped, got my first non-dungeoneering 120 (ranged), recomped, prestiged dark beasts (cause why not) recompe...well you get the point, and had a lot of fun in the process.

Eventually, I decided to leave Elite Team Killerz in favor of a more pvm oriented clan Cursed Combatants a clan that a friend had founded and was leading. I spent several months in Cursed Combatants and spent a lot of time bossing with friends and helping teach people how to boss as part of a team of clan members dedicated to helping people of all play styles and and abilities learn how to boss. Towards the end of my time with Cursed Combatants part of this bossing team started to look for new challenges and, Vorago being one of our favorite bosses, eventually started putting together a hardmode Vorago team. This team started as a 5 man team with designated roles, which left us space to bring learners. As a team, we spent a lot of time just having fun at normal Vorago, learning the mechanics and pushing ourselves to find new ways to do things and to see how many kills we could do before having to bank. Eventually, we felt secure enough to attempt Hardmode and, to our surprise, scored a kill on the first attempt. After the first successful kill we continued to push ourselves, taking learners and were able to help the entire team plus several learners earn the Defeater title.

Shortly after our Hardmode team found success, there was a disagreement between the clan leader and several of the clan admins. Due to these disagreements, myself and several friends decided to leave Cursed Combatants to form our own clan, thus the Goonsquad was born. While the goonsquad is still a very clsoe group of friends and we do still boss with each other on a daily basis, we have since gone our own ways and have joined seperate clans that meet our individual needs.

Now[edit | edit source]

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Quest Cape
  • Max Cape
  • Comp Cape
  • Prestige Dark Beasts
    • currently almost 1/3 of the way to prestige 2
  • Prestige Abyssal Demons
    • Currently at 2.5 prestige
  • Crabbe Dropped 2016 at 95.6m experience, roughly 65m experience after skilling pets were released.
  • Malcolm Dropped at 189.2m experience, roughly 95m after skilling pets were released.
  • 200m invention
    • I achieved 200m experience in invention on February 1st 2017, securing rank 2130 in the highscores.
  • Baby Shrek pet I received a Decaying tooth drop on February 6th 2017 at 4576 normal mode kill-count and 84 hard mode kill-count.
  • Master Quest Cape
  • 120/200m all combat stats
  • 120 Attack
    • 200m Attack
  • 120 Strength
    • 200m Strength
  • 120 Defense
    • 200m Defense
  • 120 Magic
    • 200m Magic
  • 120 prayer, Achieved 100 million experience on May 22nd 2017.
    • Achieved 120 prayer the same day.
  • 200m Prayer Still no pet at 200m, ~100m dry post combat pet release.
    • achieved 200m prayer on June 23rd 2019
  • 120 slayer, achieved 100 million experience on December 16th 2016.
    • Achieved 120 slayer 1 day later on December 17th 2016.

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

Capes[edit | edit source]

  • My first 99 was prayer, shortly after returning to the game in 2015.
  • I obtained my first Quest Cape sometime in mid-late 2015
  • I Maxed on February 29th 2016
  • I first achieved the Completionist cape on September 3rd 2016
  • 120 dungeoneering
  • 120 range
    • 200m Range (rank 3296)
  • 120 attack
  • 120 constitution
    • 200m constitution February 19th 2020 (rank 8787)
  • 120 slayer
  • 120 prayer
    • 200m Prayer (Rank 1366) June 23rd 2019
  • Veteran cape (5 year) March 25th 2013
  • 120 thieving
  • 120 firemaking
  • 120 defence October 5th 2019
  • 120 summoning
  • 120 invention
    • 200m invention (rank 2130)
  • 120 herblore December 10th 2019
  • 120 farming January 5th 2020
  • 120 hunter May 11th 2020

Pets[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

The following are some of the unlock-able titles I currently own.

Random notables[edit | edit source]

  • On January 6th 2016 I received 5 lucky chaotic longswords from treasure hunter.
  • On March 7th 2019 I received 800m (200mx4) from treasure hunter.