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JMODS[edit | edit source]

  • /Ninja Team - Mod Kelpie (Project Manager, head ninja), Mod Pi (gameplay/combat programmer developer), Mod Manti (QA), Mod Chaose (QA), Mod Timbo (Game Designer), Mod Hunter (Senior Technical Developer)
  • /MTX Team - TH/SGS - Mod SayLn (Product Manager), Mod Daze (Senior Content Developer), Mod Obeith (Game Designer), Mod Krista
  • /Content Developers
    • The Watch (Team 1) - Mod Deg, Mod Ollie, Mod Marx0i0 (artist), Mod Curse (QA), Mod Avatar, Mod Ramen
    • The Guardians - Mod Stu, Mod Rowley (?)
    • The Dukes of Scrumbridge - Mod Asherz (Technical Content Developer), Mod Raven, Mod Ollo, Mod Wilson (?)
      • Content Developers - Teams - Updates - Members - Updates they've worked on not in that team
    • /Content Developers/Archive
  • /Community Team - Mod JD (social media), Mod Neena, Mod Kalaya, Mod Balance, Mod Matthe (podcasts), Mod Jon, Mod Sky
  • Videos - Mod Campbell, Mod Barnes, Mod Lee
  • Marketing - Mod Luna, Mod Mac
  • /Customer Support - Mod Infinity (Customer Service Operations Manager), Mod Chelle, Mod Hannes, Mod Tron, Mod Kelvin (Customer Service Manager, head), Mod Stevew (Operations Manager), Mod Arrow, Mod Neong, Mod Chelle, Mod Leigh, Mod Tron
  • Website - Mod Jester (Web Developer), Mod Allstar (Web Developer), Mod Rascasse (Web Producer)
    • Web systems (?) - Mod Rory (Game Systems Programmer), Mod Shadow, Mod Boko (Web Systems Developer), Mod Mark S (Senior Web Systems Developer)
  • Game engine (NXT) - Mod Philip (technical director), Mod Lordgit
  • "Technical" - Mod Helen (lead technical developer), Mod Easty (upload manager)
  • Events - Mod Nova
  • QA
  • Chronicle - Mod Sparkly, Mod Fox30, Mod ThatJim
  • /Audio Team - Mod Bond, Mod Lord (Head), Mod Ian
  • Artists - Mod Joe, Mod Crayon, Mod Alex, Mod Whalefis (Art Director), Mod Lee M (Lead Illustrator)
  • Other (artists/unknown) - Mod Proto, Mod Drew, Mod Porky (Game Analyst), Mod William, Mod Jack, Mod Doctor, Mod Mohawk (Technical Developer - mtx?), Mod Joe, Mod Conor, Mod Maylea, Mod Moltare (Content Dev team?), Mod Mixx, Mod Beno, Mod Weath, Mod Nexus (ex upload manager)
  • list ex-staff?

Streams + twitter for more info 1 2

'Each team has ~3 content devs, ~2 QA, 1 environment artist, 1 character artist and 1 animator.'

'Our 3 core game update teams are The Watch (Raids, Tuska, Demon Flash Mobs), The Guardians (Addy/Rune Dragons, Dimension of Disaster, Aquarium) and The Dukes of Scrumbridge (Hero's Welcome, Easter 2015, Dishonour among Thieves). We have Ninjas, which you're aware of, and our MTX team, which brings you Treasure Hunter and Solomon's Store. All content for a week's release is built into a release build which is tested together by our Release Candidate team, which is purely QA. Beyond that we have plenty of other support teams that don't develop content, but are invaluable, such as player support, websystems, upload managers like Mod Easty and more!'

bleh[edit | edit source]

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For Jagex staff, see Content Developers.
Jagex moderator crown detail.png

Jagex Moderators[1], also known as Staff Moderators,[2]Jagex Mods, JMods, or admins are employees working for Jagex Ltd. Jagex Moderator accounts are only used for work purposes such as play-testing, debugging, attending surgeries[3], and dealing with in-game situations. There are currently just under 500 Jagex Moderators [4].

Jagex Moderator accounts will always have a gold crown (Jagex moderator crown.png) beside their name when in public chat, as well as a gold glow around their posts with a gold avatar background when posting on the forums. Jagex Moderator usernames will always begin with "Mod", with a few exceptions - Ian Gower, Paul Gower, and Andrew Gower's RuneScape names are simply "Ian", "Paul" and "Andrew", respectively. Of these, only Ian is currently employed at Jagex. The Gowers are the creators of RuneScape[5]. The non-player characters Avalani and Wiz Chambers also possess Jagex Moderator accounts, and were used by Jagex employees to post on the forums during the Cryptic Clue Fest II and Tuska Comes events. Additionally, the accounts "Moderator", "Rsguide" and "Sirmodsteve" were once Jmods[source needed].

Jagex has also made it so that players' names cannot begin or have the word 'Mod' in their name to prevent confusion and potential scamming amongst players. One early player created the account "Mod Element" before the restriction was implemented but was later required to change his name. "Mod Element" is now the name of an actual Jagex moderator. Employees can only login to a JMod account while connected to Jagex's designated server. They navigate the RuneScape website using a staff portal, a webpage that gives them quick access to moderation tools[source needed]. Other types of moderators include Player Moderators and Forum Moderators. Some Player and Forum Moderators are Jagex Moderators playing on their personal accounts, although these accounts do not possess any additional powers beyond those that other Player and Forum Moderators have.

Observations[edit | edit source]

  • Jagex Moderators have the combined abilities of both Forum and Player Moderators, and additional abilities above and beyond which enable them to carry out functions related to their duties, along with other additional abilities not normally available to players.
  • Jagex Moderators possess the ability to turn invisible.[6]
  • Jagex Moderators have the ability to add or remove items in their inventory, modify their skills (and thus their combat level)[7], and teleport to any location in Gielinor by typing with coordinates or double-clicking on a spot at the worldmap (Proven at RuneFest). They may also walk through scenery and onto any terrain, including physical boundaries which would normally block passage, an ability commonly referred to as noclip. Also, Jagex Mods can transform into any NPC. This is how they have custom chatheads in the forums.
  • When reporting a Jagex Moderator under Staff Impersonation a message will say "You cannot report that person for Staff Impersonation, they are Jagex Staff. You can spot a Jagex Moderator by the gold crown next to their name. You can report that person under a different rule."
  • Players used to be able to trade with and attack Jagex Moderators whenever they wanted, however an update now prevents players from doing so. The change was to prevent players from receiving unfair advantages resulting from a JMod's ability to create any item. If a player were to trade with a Jagex Moderator now, the player would receive the message: "Sorry, but you can't trade with Jagex Moderators." Players can still play against a Jagex moderator on FunOrb, however. Even though players cannot trade with Jagex Moderators, they can throw a gnomeball to them, but Jagex Moderators can only throw it to other J-Mods. Jagex moderators have the ability to make themselves vulnerable or invulnerable to player attacks.
  • Jagex Mods' chat can be seen on the "Public" channel even if it is set to Off or Hide.
  • Gravestones of Jagex Mods cannot be repaired or blessed, and it is not known whether or not other Jagex Mods can do so. It is not known whether or not a Jagex Mod loses items when they die, however since Jagex Moderators can create items using commands, losing them appears fairly irrelevant. It would be apparent that they would not lose items as, since the February 1 update of free trade and wilderness, if you do not make it back to your gravestone before it collapses, your items drop to the ground for others to take.
  • When in a clan chat channel, Jagex Moderators have a gold crown icon and abilities comparable to the channel owner.
  • When in a Friends Chat, a Jagex Moderator may ban anyone, including the owner.
  • On the RuneScape Forums, Jagex Moderators have the ability to use HTML and JavaScript. This ability allows them to include images in their posts, post videos, use different fonts, and change their background colour. Additionally, Jagex Moderators can edit other players' posts as well as each others' posts and make threads into stickies. Actions performed by Jagex Moderators such as locking a thread or editing a title cannot be undone by a Forum Moderator. Jagex Mods can have forum avatars that normal players can't, such as having a picture of themselves as a monkey. There are possibly several other forum related abilities which are still unknown. Jagex Moderators could also quote from other posts, or even build upon quotes with no known limit. However, players now have this ability after an update.
  • During RuneFest, Jagex made it possible to attack and kill all Jagex Moderators in Clan Wars.
  • Jagex Moderators have the ability to change their Life Points, including infinite Life Points. (Confirmed at Zombie Outbreak by Mod Valkyrie.)
  • Jagex Moderators have the ability to teleport to any player.
  • Jagex Moderators retained the ability to switch worlds without any delay when the 30-second timer existed.
  • Jagex Moderators have the ability to teleport short distances by clicking on their minimap. They can also teleport long distances by using the world map.
  • Jagex Moderators can access member areas while in a free player world.
  • Jagex Moderators can also summon the White Knights of the Party Room. This was confirmed by Mod Turtle at the Banish the Revenants event, and Mod Mark H during one of the 10th Anniversary parties.
  • They can also spawn NPC's like during the Rise of the Zombie Monkeys! event or the week before the Vorago update where Scopulus was summoned by Mod Chris L and Mod Pi.
  • Jagex Mods never appear on Hiscores under any circumstances. This is to prevent them abusing their power of changing skill levels to be ranked first. Jagex moderators have appeared on the hiscores on a few occasions, and as recent as 2013, but they have been removed.
  • All Jagex Moderator logs are set to private.
  • Jagex Mods can remove the 'Search for Player's Profile' feature from accounts on the Forums.
  • Jagex Mods have a unique item named rotten potato. This has multiple uses such as healing to full health and allowing access to the bank from anywhere.
  • Jagex Mods can use the Developer console to do lots of different commands that normal players cannot use, such as spawning items and changing stats.
  • Jagex Mods have their own special costume: the Jagex Moderator outfit.
  • Jagex Moderators can mute other Jagex Moderators. This was proved at Runefest 2011 on the Dominion Tower test server, all the accounts had Jagex Moderator status and players using the accounts muted each other. Jagex Moderators can also be muted by Player Moderators, and ChatWatch.
  • Jagex Moderators could still get random events while they existed.
  • Jagex Moderators can permanently ban or mute any player if they break the rules of the game (mostly Botting and Real World Trading or Cheating).
  • Jagex Moderators combat level appear on red no matter what your combat level is.
  • Jagex Moderators can view chat records that have been pushed out of the chatbox by other messages.
  • Jagex Moderators have an option known as "Insta kill", which can kill Bots instantly and can ban them permanently.
  • Jagex Moderators cannot sit on the Throne of Fame.[8]
  • Jagex Moderators can private message players even if their online status is set to 'friends' or 'off'.
  • Jagex Moderators can place down a unique "J-Mod Event" lodestone which allows any player on the same world to teleport to it by clicking the icon on the Lodestone Network screen.

How to become a Jagex Moderator[edit | edit source]

Jagex Moderators are per definition employees of Jagex. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard had this advice for prospective Jagex employees: "Being bright, passionate, creative, hard working and living in the UK (which is where the offices are based) is a distinct advantage... Typically, maths and science are the most sought after skills for our developers... Working for Jagex is not just about your degree but more about identifying with the Jagex culture, which is all about excellence, hard work, passion for games and having fun... we tend to look for bright, hard working people with a passion for games... We tend to employ a lot of people as they leave university, so around 21~22, I would say."[7]

MOVE THIS TO TRIVIA ===Mod Paupersen=== Mod Paupersen (anagram for 'Made up Person') was a fake Jagex Moderator that was featured in the 2010 April fools joke. See the 2010 April Fools article for more information.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

{{Jagex Moderators}}

References[edit | edit source]

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