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Welcome to StRaTo X97's page <insert name here>!

Hey I'm StRaTo, thanks for coming to my userpage. I'm from Scotland, in the UK, but I was born in England. I've known about the wiki for about 3 months now.

I found out about it through the clan chat, when I was looking around after finding that "Runescape" was closed. I ventured into the realm of noob-occupied chats, until, out of the darkness, there was light and now, I'm on here every time I play Runescape, and I'm P2P.

My Skills[edit | edit source]

General Skills: [edit | edit source]

Total Level: 781 | Combat Level: 73

Combat Skills[edit | edit source]

Attack: 60 | Strength: 56 (Goal 60) | Defence: 60 | Ranged: 54 (Goal: 60) | Magic: 37 (Goal 55) | Prayer: 40

Skilling Skills[edit | edit source]

Fletching: 49 (Goal 99) | Mining: 51 (Goal 85) | Woodcutting: 40 (Goal 45) | Smithing: 41 | Crafting: 31 (Goal 35)

New Sig Dragon platebody.png xMookie StratxDragon longsword.png