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Projects[edit | edit source]

Current[edit | edit source]

NPC maps[edit | edit source]

  • Standardise Category:NPC maps to use the updated world map and a consistent style. A guide on how to make these maps can be found here
  • Many NPCs do not currently have a map; their pages may be found in Category:Needs map.
    • Currently working on: W + Menaphos

Override categories[edit | edit source]

Infobox recipe[edit | edit source]

  • {{Infobox Recipe}} should be applied to every Make-X interface item. Additionally,
    {{uses material list}} should be added to the materials once the infobox has been added to the products.
  • List of pages that need this can be found here
  • List of Creation tables for all Make-X item(does not calculate non-skill reqs/tradeable vs. non-tradeable) can be found here
    • Done with A-B
    • Ensure all transmutations are done like Uncut diamond.

Treasure Hunter[edit | edit source]

  • Add {{TH Item}} and {{TH Promotion}} to respective pages
  • Add a Release history for promotions/rewards

Complete[edit | edit source]

Reorganise drop tables[edit | edit source]

  • A while back we decided that monster drops should be organised by 'drop slot' and not into arbitrary categories like 'herbs', 'armour', etc. - see Araxxi#Drops for an example of a correctly organised drop list. This is not yet applied to all monsters.

Werewolf drops[edit | edit source]

  • Untransformed werewolves in Canifis, e.g. Alexis, have their own drop table, but none of them have it on their page. It should be recorded and added to all of them.
  • You'll need wolfbane or the reforged sunspear. Probably fine to assume that they are all the same.

Remove store[1][edit | edit source]

  • A while back we disabled the 'store' (and the related 'currency' and 'seller') parameters of infobox item. These should be removed from existing infoboxes, and {{store locations list}} added to the page if it is not there already.
  • A list of pages can be found [[:Category:Pages that use Store|here]]

Infobox Bonuses cleanup[1][edit | edit source]

Several parameters of Template:Infobox Bonuses are now deprecated and should be removed/replaced. They are:

  • caption - no longer functions, remove all uses
  • mainAccuracy and offAccuracy - replaced with a single accuracy parameter
  • mainDamage and offDamage - replaced with a single damage parameter
  • List of pages can be found here.

Title Articles[edit | edit source]

*Create articles for all titles

  • Done
    • Solomon's General Store Titles
    • Quest Titles
    • Minigames and D&Ds
    • Gameplay
    • Holiday and seasonal
    • Other
  1. ^ a b Thanks to me sexy bot