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Projects[edit | edit source]

War's Retreat - 27th Jan 2020[edit | edit source]

To do:

  • Pages for new cheevos
  • Mark of war currency page updating
  • page of the locs so the portals, etc
  • New model uploaded of War for his NPC page
  • Boss portal general page likely needs updating
  • Template created for War's Retreat split into sections
  • Reaper page updated to include the portal change
  • Aura pages updated to remove the Solomon prices for the five auras in the update (and a trivia note to mention they were on Solomons)
  • Life refresher page updated with marks of war
  • Aura refresher page updated with marks of war
  • Oak, willow logs, etc need mentioning about the campfire upgrade
  • Dummies page should mention they can be found in War's retreat now