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Hello, I'm Shauneepeak! I've only recently created my account, so my userpage isn't finished yet.

Here is some basic information about myself!

  • My character name is Rune King886 please do not spam me with PMs I am more than glad to help anyone who needs it though.
  • My combat level is I believe 183 atm
  • I am mostly a Jack of all trades I guess. I am currently in possession of the quest point cape so as you would most likely assume I enjoy questing. I am also very in to PVM though I seem to never have the time to really dedicate myself to it I quite enjoy PVP but not the risks involved so if you ever see me in the wilderness I probably won't be risking more than 500k. I generally despise skilling but have gotten most of my skills fairly high due to questing I still can not be bothered to get a 99 lmao but my highest skill is currently 97 Herblore.
  • Outside of Runescape My greatest passion in life is skiing I can easily spend a whole day on the mountain only stopping to eat lunch. I love video games and besides my pc my current generation system is a PS3. I am fairly into cars and my current vehicle is a piece of crap 2000 Ford Excursion, Ford Excursions are beasts just my truck particularly is a piece of crap. I now own a 2006 Saab 9-3 as well =D. I live in the state of Maine in the United States I am about 3 hours from the Canadian border and only about 15 minutes from the ocean. I am currently in my 3rd semester of college studying to be a history major with the hope of one day being a University professor.