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One Small Wiki Favour[edit | edit source]

Archaeology data collection - Task active

Below is a list of hotspots that need to have their data checked and possibly revised. Be sure to place your wiki username beside a hotspot to mark that you are doing it! When finished with it, leave your username and cross off the name hotspot from the list when you have done it.

For each hotspot, list or confirm a hotspot's:

  • Archaeology XP (success): Experience gained from gathering a material. Roughly 21% chance.
  • Archaeology XP (fail): Experience gained when you don't get artefacts nor materials. Usually a pretty low value.
  • Archaeology XP (artefact): Experience gained when your progress bar fills all the way up and you discover an artefact.

To add data to a hotspot site, press the "Edit source" button on the top right, and there will be places in purple text to input these values. Additionally, do not chase the timesprite while gathering xp data! This project is to calculate the base experience of these values without any experience boosts.

Here is the full list of hotspots:[edit | edit source]

Centurion remains Name (Example)

Venator remains Sir Veylantz

Legionary remains Sir Veylantz

Castra debris Sir Veylantz

Lodge bar storage Sir Veylantz

Lodge art storage Sir Veylantz

Administratum debris Sir Veylantz

Cultist footlocker Sir Veylantz

Sacrificial altar Sir Veylantz

Prodromoi remains Oshtur

Dis dungeon debris Sir Veylantz

Praesidio remains Oshtur

Monoceros remains Oshtur

Amphitheatre debris Oshtur

Ceramics studio debris Oshtur

Carcerem debris Oshtur

Stadio debris Oshtur

Infernal art Sir Veylantz

Shakroth remains Sir Veylantz

Dominion Games podium Oshtur

Ikovian memorial Sir Veylantz

Oikos studio debris Oshtur

Kharid-et chapel debris Oshtur

Gladiatorial goblin remains Oshtur

Keshik ger Oshtur

Animal trophies

Pontifex remains

Crucible stands debris

Tailory debris

Goblin dorm debris

Oikos fishing hut remnants

Weapons research debris

Orcus altar

Dis overspill

Big High War God shrine

Gravitron research debris

Acropolis debris

Armarium debris

Yu'biusk animal pen SausageThrow

Keshik tower debris

Goblin trainee remains

Byzroth remains

Destroyed golem

Icyene weapon rack

Culinarum debris

Kyzaj champion's boudoir

Keshik weapon rack

Hellfire forge

Warforge scrap pile

Stockpiled art

Ancient magick munitions

Bibliotheke debris

Chthonian trophies

Warforge weapon rack

Flight research debris

Aetherium forge

Praetorian remains

Bandos's sanctum debris

Tsutsaroth remains

Optimatoi remains

War table debris

Howl's workshop debris

Makeshift pie oven