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I am currently on a wikibreak, sorry about the projects this is leaving temporarily orphaned, hope to be back soon, Serenity1137 17:21, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

Hi, just a bit about myself, I'm a 17 year old male, I have played runescape on and off for the past 6 years, though my current account is just a year old, I consider myself a mid level player at best (total lvl 900 -2009/05/24). At the moment I'm only really playing rs to gather data for the wiki, but I'm sure the phase will pass...

I'm f2p and intend to stay that way till my the following goals have been reached

Att 70 H.P  ? Mine 70

Str 70 Smth 70

Def 70 <>< 70

Rang 70 Cook 90

Pryr 45 Crft 70 F.M 70

Mage 85 W.C 70

R.C 55

Min total lvl 1129, min total worth 100mil, min GOP tokens 100k,

But I've reached my goals before and just made them higher, I am only going to p2p when I feel f2p has nothing significant left to offer.

As a wiki editor I suppose I prefer to try to improve old articles than make new ones. I usually make my opinions heard, but hopefully this won't be mistaken for stubbornness, I will change my mind when I see an argument that is convincing enough.

Currently I'm mainly working on the money making metric and the (f2p) runcrafting training page, but would be happy to help out with other stuff if people want the help. Recently I have come upon the marvelousness that is the code behind things such as templates (hence the sand box below) and I am pretty sure that it is the answer to the wikis only weakness (IMO) of not having decent calcs for anything. However I can't promise any amount of work as its exam season and so may go for long periods with no spare time.

Polls[edit | edit source]

Pick your UK politcal party, if its on wikipedia, it's on this list. If you want to find a party that isn't near the top, use search.

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Wow there are more than I thought...

Templates made[edit | edit source]

  • {{RCnumCalc}} subsiderary template, no use outside of other templates
  • {{NumCraft}} Enter in rune type,level and Yes/No for explorers ring, outputs number crafted of that rune (with explorers benifit taken as average)
  • {{CostCraft}} Same inputs as numcraft outputs cost/profit of using one of relevant essence for crafting runes of type mentioned
  • {{RunecraftingTableTemplate1}} Used in table on f2p runecrafting page, possibly could have use in p2p page, but not elsewhere
  • {{Log Table}} used to create easily read information out of raw drop data
  • {{Log Table Row}} used in log table no other use
  • {{SF}} Input a number followed by number of significant figures wanted, will output the number rounded to correct number of significant figures, useful in parser functions based on variables or templates

Template projects[edit | edit source]

  • Calculator with inputable variables, large project, not known if possible
  • Log Table V2, input more specific info to gain confidence intervals, requires the following sub templates
  • Multinomial distribution
  • Factorials
  • Newton Raphson polynomial solver
  • Log Table V1.5 (Table able to take in all info with presentable output, for use whilst other sub templates are being developed)
  • Multi string template - Can replicate string input as many times as asked for.

Practise with wiki tools[edit | edit source]

Please do not delete this, I use it for practicing with formula or other editing tools i am not familiar with. It doesn't take up much space, especially compared to what others have on their userpages.

{{#expr: (((1000000000/50000)-0.5)round-0)}}
 | 0 = 0
 | 1=1 
 | 2=2
 | 3=3
 | 4=3
 | 5=4
 | 6=4
 | 7=4
 | 8=4
 | 9=4
 | (>9) = 765
 | 5


Pre-Tab		Apres-Tab

{{GEPrice|Chef's hat}}

Potato above, numcraft below


numcraft above, costcraft below


! A !! B !! C
| 1 || 2 || 3



{{Log_Table | 1000
|Air rune|545
| Bucket | 3
| Steel bar | 59
| Rope | 39020



var ezHiscoresReminder = 24;
var ezHiscoresPlayer = 'Serenity1137';
var ezHiscoresPage = 'User:Serenity1137/Hiscores';

Air Talisman {{GEPrice|Air talisman}}

Beer {{GEPrice|Beer}}

Beer glass {{GEPrice|Beer glass}}

Body rune {{GEPrice|Body rune}}

Bronze sq shield {{GEPrice|Bronze sq shield}}

Chef's Hat {{GEPrice|Chef's hat}}

Earth rune {{GEPrice|Earth rune}}

Grapes {{GEPrice|Grapes}}

Goblin mail {{GEPrice|Goblin mail}}

Steel dagger {{GEPrice|Steel dagger}}

Water rune {{GEPrice|Water rune}}

! A !! B !! C
| 1 || 2 || 3