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My name is Sam and I started playing RuneScape during the summer of 2005 but did not join RuneScape Wiki until March 9th, 2008. I was introduced to Runescape at Friends Technology Camp. It was the game that everyone played during their free time. Now they play Armagetron Advanced which is also a great game but of a completely different genre. When I first started playing Runescape I made it my goal to finish all of the quests in the game, and later on, when I learned that it was impossible, I decided that my new goal is to attain and maintain a Quest Cape. The original account I created was Layolaprep. I had just heard one of my friends making fun of the other saying that he went to Loyola so he must be a prep. The name flowed, and I didn't know how Loyola was spelled. Later, when people were calling me Lay and I found out that Loyola was a Christain school, I changed my account to my name. I am currently a sophomore at Beth Tfiloh (high school). I intend on becoming a programmer. I use Runescape Wiki often, and I joined it to create the plans for my player owned house, and when I am a free player I use the forum as I am unable to access the official RuneScape forums.
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SamRosenfeld is training Prayer competitively.
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as Samrosenfeld.

2005 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2005.

Hunter This user's highest skill is Hunter, with a level of 63.
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ע המשתמש הזה מדבר עברית
Total level: 955
Attack 44 Constitution 47 Mining 55
Strength 46 Agility 25 Smithing 37
Defence 48 Herblore 17 Fishing 53
Ranged 42 Thieving 25 Cooking 40
Prayer 40 Crafting 31 Firemaking 31
Magic 35 Fletching 7 Woodcutting 61
Runecrafting 30 Slayer 9 Farming 13
Construction 21 Hunter 63 Summoning 4
Dungeoneering 30 Divination 1 Invention 1
Archaeology 1 Attack style icon fixed.png 58 Quest.png 98
Music icon.png 229 Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png -1
As of 01/04/09