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Elven ranger helmet chathead.png
Release date 16 October 2005
Race Human
Members Yes
Quests All
Location Varies
Gender Male
Title [Name] the Master Farmer
Examine Did you know 'Salix' is Latin for 'Willow'?
Notable features Got 200,000,000 Farming experience with this route.
Total level: 2736 (3054)
Attack 106 Constitution 107 Mining 114
Strength 106 Agility 110 Smithing 110
Defence 112 Herblore 120 Fishing 120
Ranged 106 Thieving 120 Cooking 106
Prayer 108 Crafting 109 Firemaking 120
Magic 108 Fletching 106 Woodcutting 116
Runecrafting 107 Slayer 120 Farming 120
Construction 107 Hunter 107 Summoning 115
Dungeoneering 120 Divination 120 Invention 134
Attack style icon fixed.png 138 Quest.png 401 Music icon fixed.png 1,250
Task icon fixed.png 1,622 RuneScore.png 16,885
As of 24 January 2019

Hello, I'm Salix of Prifddinas. My favourite skill is Farming and I'm a big fan of Prifddinas and its districts. And while I'm not online (or AFK) I (try) to edit articles here on the wiki. The thing I like to do the most is edit/create navboxes and other templates. Currently I also like to obsess about the achievements as well as going for 120 in both Mining and Smithing because of the rework.

Brief history[edit | edit source]

Salix is the Latin word for Willow, which is my favourite tree in real life and in-game. I began playing RuneScape in 2005 when I was in the first class of Dutch high school. Over the course of years I was in and out of RuneScape and I took a break from RuneScape in 2012 skipping most of the year. I returned in December 2012 and I've been RS member since. While first becoming member in 2009. Although it was my first objective to get Fishing 99 that objective changed to Farming 99 when I liked Farming better. However I eventually maxed and got 120 in both skills. Three years later on 14 December 2016, the exact date that I got my first 99 (Farming), I achieved 200,000,000 experience in Farming and also got level 120 Invention! On 27 December 2016 I finally defeated Telos and thus I was able to claim the completionist cape! For goals I'm currently working on see goals.

Favourite quotes[edit | edit source]

And let me recognise Salix here, as a champion of Prifddinas.
Seren (without Eluned) chathead.pngSeren (The Light Within)
Salix you are indeed the champion of Prifddinas and as such are worthy of recognition.
Baxtorian chathead.pngBaxtorian (The Light Within)

Clans[edit | edit source]

  1. Cats and Kittens (disbanded)
  2. 7th Chamber (disbanded)
  3. New Order (still exists)
  4. Sky Falls (disbanded)
  5. Missfits (still exists)
  6. Become Legend (disbanded)
  7. Missfits (rejoined)

The first time I joined a clan (in early 2013) was because I was looking for a clan so I could complete a few Clan achievements (formerly part of the Falador achievements). This clan was "Cats and Kittens" a mainly Dutch clan lead by Rosemary Ann. I had fun in this clan, but it was disbanded when a chunk of members split off at the end of March 2013.

That chunk became "7th Chamber" who invited me to join them which I did. "7th Chamber" was lead by King Gangie. But this clan didn't last long so when this clan died out I didn't want to join another clan.

Months went by and then while I was farming at the wood tree patch in the Gnome Stronghold I met Seal. Seal invited me to join "New Order". This event occured 26 August 2013. "New Order" is lead by EmeraldCount (a.k.a. Count). After that I was invited to come to the Citadel for my interview with Count. After the interview I was assigned the Master Farmer position and as a Guide, because my highest skill level at that moment, and currently is farming. Afterwards the clan helt an event and I participated in it. It was a Hide-n-Seek event. No I'm not talking about the penguins, which was my first thought too, but a clan member went into hiding and the rest had to search for him/her. A week later I finally could help the clan by capping in the Citadel. Which I immediatly did and did every week ever since.

Then after some events a few people switched over from "New Order" to "Sky Falls". A few days later I joined "Sky Falls" too. "Sky Falls" was lead by Kanea (a.k.a. Kay/Cammi). This happened at the beginning of 2014.

Some months later on 7 June 2014 "Sky Falls" disbanded and most people joined "Missfits". "Missfits" is lead by Miss D Mena. A year later on 14 September 2015 we branched out of "Missfits" and formed "Become Legend" of which I am one of the founding members. "Become Legend" was initially lead by Ruserr and then was lead by Cammi. However "Become Legend" disbanded in October 2016 due to too many inactive members because of IRL. A while later on 20 November 2016, I rejoined "Missfits".

During my time in "Missfits" and "Become Legend", I became the clan wiki because I know stuff thanks to this wiki and by (trying) to be up-to-date with all the RuneScape news. However I do not know everything, specifically I don't know a lot about combat, because I'm a combat noob.

PetScape[edit | edit source]

Boss pets[edit | edit source]

Pet Date and time Killcount Details
Mega ducklings chathead.pngMega ducklings I don't remember N/A Got it during a mega duckling event just after their release if I remember correctly.
King Black Dragon chathead.pngKing Black Dragonling 8 May 2016 Sunday 07:13 CEST 812 Got it while trying to get last riders, which I got at 865 KC a day later.
Torag the Bobbled chathead.pngTorag the Bobbled 13 May 2018 Sunday 00:41 CEST 1 Gained enough money to buy 250 malevolent energies and a barrows set, and decided to make Torag the Bobbled.
Guthan the Bobbled chathead.pngGuthan the Bobbled 15 June 2018 Friday 22:29 CEST 1 Gained enough money to buy 250 malevolent energies and a barrows set, and decided to make Guthan the Bobbled.

Skilling pets[edit | edit source]

Pet Date and time XP[p 1] (XP since update[p 2]) Details
Ace.pngAce 25 September 2016 Sunday 20:04 CEST 15,651,301 (172,942) Got it randomly while trying to get a hunter strange rock at the falconry.
Rocky.pngRocky 21 October 2016 Friday 21:38 CEST 28,928,975 (2,836,462) Got it randomly while mining a salty crablet on an unclaimed uncharted isle.
Bubbles.pngBubbles 23 October 2016 Sunday 20:48 CEST 109,379,283 (1,611,046) Got it randomly while fishing wobbegong on an unclaimed uncharted isle.
Brains.pngBrains 25 October 2016 Tuesday 00:26 CEST 190,769,723 (15,543,370) Got it randomly while checking the health of the palm tree in the Herblore Habitat fruit tree patch.
Woody.pngWoody 28 November 2016 Monday 01:39 CET 44,487,541 (11,433,334) Got it randomly while cutting the crystal tree at the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Ralph.pngRalph 8 June 2017 Thursday 20:15 CEST 119,489,044 (12,286,723) Got it randomly while pickpocketing the gullible tourist in Menaphos trying to get the Waikonite gem. I eventually received the Waikonite gem ~2 hours later.
Willow (pet) icon.png Willow 7 December 2017 Thursday 20:22 CET 76,252,794 (58,193,070) Got it randomly while siphoning an ancestral energy on my claimed Uncharted Isle.
Ramsay.pngRamsay 1 January 2018 Monday 20:48 CET 20,108,012 (4,566,342) Got it randomly while slicing mushrooms on an unclaimed Uncharted Isle.
Dojo Mojo.pngDojo Mojo 26 February 2018 Monday 21:06 CET 38,365,243 (11,283,618) Got it randomly while doing serenity posts.
Herbert.pngHerbert 1 March 2018 Thursday 22:21 CET 100,408,838 (83,918,037) Got it while making an overload on a portable well in the Max Guild.
Shamini.pngShamini 2 September 2018 Sunday 19:32 CEST 61,849,085 (38,017,496) Got it randomly while making geyser titan pouches.
Morty.pngMorty 24 September 2018 Monday 22:51 CEST 30,345,707 (2,950,368) Got it randomly upon having killed Astellarn.
Gordie.pngGordie 24 September 2018 Monday 22:56 CEST 108,790,677 (4,071,035) Got it randomly upon killing a black dragon in the Dragonkin Laboratory between Astellarn and Verak Lith.
  1. ^ XP in that skill at the time of obtaining the pet
  2. ^ XP obtained between the release of the skill pets or the release of the combat skill pets and obtaining the pet

Skilling pets (not obtained yet)[edit | edit source]

Name XP dry XP in skill
Baby Yaga's House.pngBaby Yaga's House 10,564,116 30,031,191
Bernie.pngBernie 52,282,761 112,904,225
Crabbe.pngCrabbe 89,811,254 106,735,688
Flo.pngFlo 12,213,553 27,592,395
Gemi.pngGemi 9,343,125 36,548,149
Ghostly.pngGhostly 12,207,358 33,368,695
Kangali.pngKangali 9,259,549 26,930,325
Malcolm.pngMalcolm 85,144,811 128,003,248
Newton.pngNewton 4,191,203 33,601,618
Rue.pngRue 12,861,125 30,192,239
Sifu.pngSifu 9,365,286 26,953,917
Smithy.pngSmithy 22,775,256 39,144,600
Sparky.pngSparky 5,610,638 27,024,468
Wallace.pngWallace 5,686,776 47,527,797

Made with the skilling pets XP table template.

Bosses progress[edit | edit source]

Bosses kill count (total: 1,713)
Barry chathead.pngAraxxor & Araxxi Yes check.svg 2 Astellarn Yes check.svg 5 + 0 Ahrim the Blighted chathead.pngBarrows brothers Yes check.svg 7
Mask chathead.pngBarrows: Rise of the Six Yes check.svg 1 Black stone dragon Yes check.svg 4 + 0 Beastmaster Durzag chathead.pngBeastmaster Durzag Yes check.svg 3
Commander Zilyana chathead.pngCommander Zilyana Yes check.svg 141 + 0 Ellie chathead.pngChaos Elemental Yes check.svg 2 Corporeal Puppy chathead.pngCorporeal Beast Yes check.svg 4
Prime hatchling chathead.pngDagannoth Kings Yes check.svg 6 General Graardor chathead.pngGeneral Graardor Yes check.svg 8 + 0 Molly (pet) chathead.pngGiant mole Yes check.svg 5 + 15
Gregorovic chathead.pngGregorovic Yes check.svg 2 + 0 Shrimpy chathead.pngHar-Aken Yes check.svg 6 Helwyr chathead.pngHelwyr Yes check.svg 41 + 0
Kalphite King helm chathead.pngKalphite King Yes check.svg 53 Kalphite Grublet chathead.pngKalphite Queen Yes check.svg 2 King Black Dragon chathead.pngKing Black Dragon Yes check.svg 1,000
Kree'arra chathead.pngKree'arra Yes check.svg 94 + 0 K'ril Tsutsaroth chathead.pngK'ril Tsutsaroth Yes check.svg 84 + 0 Legio pet chathead.pngLegiones Yes check.svg 1
The Minister.pngThe Magister Yes check.svg 6 Masuta the Ascended Yes check.svg 12 + 0 Nex chathead.pngNex Yes check.svg 18
Nex chathead.pngNex: Angel of Death Yes check.svg 11 Queen Black Dragonling chathead.pngQueen Black Dragon Yes check.svg 71 The Sanctum Guardian Yes check.svg 4 + 0
Seiryu the Azure Serpent Yes check.svg 5 + 0 Solak chathead.pngSolak X mark.svg Tess.pngTelos, the Warden Yes check.svg 1
Avaryss chathead.pngTwin Furies Yes check.svg 2 + 0 TzTok-Jad chathead.pngTzTok-Jad Yes check.svg 55 Verak Lith Yes check.svg 4 + 0
Vindicta chathead.pngVindicta & Gorvek Yes check.svg 35 + 0 Vorago chathead.pngVorago Yes check.svg 2 Yakaminu chathead.pngYakamaru Yes check.svg 1
[Name] the Reaper title kill count: 35/36
Final Boss [Name] title
Bosses with 100+ kill count: 2/36
Total bosses kill count: 1,713/5,000

Made with the Bosses template. To quickly see your progress use the Bosses form.

Bosses collection logs progress[edit | edit source]

Boss collection logs
Barry chathead.pngAraxxor & Araxxi
(Feat: Friendly Neighbour)
0/15 Ahrim the Blighted chathead.pngBarrows brothers
(Feat: Barrowed Time)
1/38 Mask chathead.pngBarrows: Rise of the Six
(Feat: Family Affair)
Ellie chathead.pngChaos Elemental
(Feat: Chaos Theory)
0/30 Commander Zilyana chathead.pngCommander Zilyana
(Feat: Keeper of the Faith)
7/18 Corporeal Puppy chathead.pngCorporeal Beast
(Feat: Out of Body experience)
Prime hatchling chathead.pngDagannoth Kings
(Feat: Long live the Kings!)
0/10 Inert black stone crystal.pngDragonkin Laboratory
(Feat: Dragonkin Swag)
0/6 General Graardor chathead.pngGeneral Graardor
(Feat: Five-Star General)
Molly (pet) chathead.pngGiant mole
(Feat: Can You Dig It?)
0/3 Gregorovic chathead.pngGregorovic
(Feat: Game Over)
0/8 Helwyr chathead.pngHelwyr
(Feat: Once the hunter, now the hunted)
Kalphite King helm chathead.pngKalphite King
(Feat: Exiled)
0/8 Kalphite Grublet chathead.pngKalphite Queen
(Feat: Checkmate)
0/4 King Black Dragon chathead.pngKing Black Dragon
(Feat: How to Shame your Dragon)
Kree'arra chathead.pngKree'arra
(Feat: Light as a Feather)
7/18 K'ril Tsutsaroth chathead.pngK'ril Tsutsaroth
(Feat: Whale Food)
7/20 Legio pet chathead.pngLegiones
(Feat: We Are Legion)
Yakaminu chathead.pngLiberation of Mazcab
(Feat: Liberated)
0/19 The Minister.pngThe Magister
(Feat: Superior Successor)
5/8 Nex chathead.pngNex
(Feat: Prison Break)
Nex chathead.pngNex: Angel of Death
(Feat: Fallen Angel)
2/7 Queen Black Dragonling chathead.pngQueen Black Dragon
(Feat: Blackout)
5/12 Solak chathead.pngSolak
(Feat: So-lacking in drops)
Tess.pngTelos, the Warden
(Feat: Party Anima)
0/8 Ancient scale.pngTemple of Aminishi
(Feat: Raiders of the Lost Arc)
3/6 Avaryss chathead.pngTwin Furies
(Feat: Heart to Heart)
TzTok-Jad chathead.pngTzHaar
(Feat: First Rule of Fight Caves)
4/5 Vindicta chathead.pngVindicta & Gorvek
(Feat: Revenge Is Sweet)
0/8 Vorago chathead.pngVorago
(Feat: Hard as a Rock)

Made with the boss collection logs template. To quickly see your progress use the boss collection logs form.

Capes and XP achievements[edit | edit source]

It is tradition to get 99 and 120 at Falador Park as it was the place where I got my first 99, Farming. For skills not native to the Park I use portable items (e.g. divine locations) and items that grant experience. Exception is the quest point cape which you have to claim from Dissy in Draynor Village and the master quest cape which you have to claim from Curator Haig Halen at the Varrock Museum. For details see the table below, and for a quick overview see #CapeScape.

Capes and XP achievements
# Cape Date & time Action Note
1 Farming cape.png 14 December 2013 Saturday 18:00 CET Health checked a magic tree. Got it with my Farming Route. I also got 120 see below (cape 24) and entry #40 for 200,000,000.
2 Woodcut. cape (t).png 12 January 2014 Sunday 19:49 CET Cut magic logs from the farmed tree. Got it with ivy, farming, elder and crystal trees.
3 Firemaking cape (t).png 13 April 2014 Sunday 03:59 CEST Burned some logs from the farmed tree. Got it by burning all kind of logs and then Jadinko Lair with curly roots.
4 Quest point cape.png 3 June 2014 Tuesday 20:03 CEST Talking with the Wise Old Man after the Mighty Fall. On the 1st of June 2014 I started my last quest left to do, Birthright of the Dwarves. But then one day later The Mighty Fall quest was released. I claimed my Quest Point Cape from the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village after finishing the Mighty Fall.
5 Fletching cape (t).png 22 June 2014 Sunday 04:49 CEST Fletched a magic shieldbow. Fletched magic shieldbows, from self cut magic logs and self strung bowstrings.
6 Cooking cape (t).png 27 July 2014 Sunday 03:22 CEST Cooked a shark at a bonfire made from logs of the farmed tree. Cooked at the cooking plot at the Clan Citadel and cooking alot of fish (monkfish, shark, rocktail).
7 Mining cape (t).png 28 September 2014 Sunday 23:48 CEST Mined an divine adamantite rock. Mined alot at Lava Flow Mine and when Prifddinas came out I lived at the Seren stones.
8 Divination cape (t).png 2 November 2014 Sunday 09:52 CET Siphoned a divine simulacrum II. Got it during Double XP weekend November 2014 by doing Guthixian Cache (almost) every three hours during that weekend and also doing regular divination training at the divination colonies when I got the levels to move on to the next colony.
9 Crafting cape (t).png 23 November 2014 Sunday 22:29 CET Cut a dragonstone gem. Capped at loom in the Citadel from 80 until 98 and from 96 I also played an harp at the Ithell Clan in Prifddinas.
10 Magic cape (t).png 16 February 2015 Monday 13:45 CET High-alched a magic shieldbow Alot of teleporting early on, then alot of low/high alching, and finished it off with combat.
11 Thieving cape (t).png 21 February 2015 Saturday 09:05 CET Pickpocketed a Falador guard, which was lured into Falador park next to the tree patch by Ruserr. Alot of pickpocketing and stalls in Ardougne, Pyramid Plunder and finished it with pickpocketing Prifddinian workers during Bonus XP Weekend February 2015.
12 Prayer cape (t).png 22 February 2015 Sunday 08:32 CET Buried the bones of Hreidmar, who's one of the two quest bosses of Birthright of the Dwarves, see cape #4. QPC. Got it together with Bryce (currently known as PerseusHD) who got 99 Fletching. Buried alot of bones, then used alot of bones on my gilded altar in my POH and finally cleansed alot at the Hefin Cathedral during Bonus XP Weekend February 2015.
13 Herblore cape (t).png 28 February 2015 Saturday 21:14 CET Made an Overload potion on a portable well. Made a lot of potions (duh!) and then started with making extremes and overloads during Bonus XP Weekend February 2015. And a week later I made a second batch of 1,000 overloads and I got 99.
14 Fishing cape (t).png 22 March 2015 Sunday 06:07 CET Teleported a decorated fishing urn. Fished alot of fish, later on sharks and monkfish and ended with rocktails.
15 Runecrafting cape (t).png 25 March 2015 Wednesday 04:45 CET Used the Supreme reward book from the Supreme Jack of Trades aura. Crafted a lot of runes, laws, bloods and then played a lot of RuneSpan.
16 Summoning cape (t).png 29 March 2015 Sunday 04:31 CEST Summoned a pack yak. Crafted a lot of pouches and at the end dropped alot of lamps on it.
17 Smithing cape (t).png 17 April 2015 Friday 02:12 CEST Superheated a gold ore into a gold bar with my Explorer's ring 4. Smithed alot at the Citadel and did a little bit of work at the Artisan's workshop.
18 Agility cape (t).png 17 April 2015 Friday 02:12 CEST Used a Small Agility XP lamp which I got at the Hefin Agility Course while the Voice of Seren illuminated the Hefin Clan district. At first I did alot of running around at the Agility place in Brimhaven and after that alot of laps at alot of courses, e.g. Ape Atoll, Wilderness, Gnome Stronghold, Barbarian and finally the Hefin Agility Course. I also stood on the Serenity posts each day since release with the exception of two days.
19 Hunter cape (t).png 19 April 2015 Sunday 19:21 CEST Hunted a self made divine box trap. Hunter alot of birds, jadinkos, various chinchompas, pawyas, and finally collected some quotum tickets from the Big Chinchompa minigame. So I hunted some grenwalls from 97 till 99. Also the easter imps were very helpfull from 92 till 96.
20 Gatherer's cape.png 19 April 2015 Sunday 19:38 CEST After getting 99 Hunter I got its shard and made the cape. See comments of the related skills.
21 Construction cape (t).png 2 May 2015 Saturday 04:31 CEST Used the Supreme reward book from the Supreme Jack of Trades aura. Got it together with Zach (Zachary17). We both used the JoT reward to get 99 Construction. Made a lot of Mahogany Toy Boxes and also just build my house and stuff. Also helped Copernicus alot with his God Statues and the 2nd World Event (Armadyl versus Bandos) helped a lot too :).
22 Artisan's cape.png 2 May 2015 Saturday 04:43 CEST After getting 99 Construction I got its shard and made the cape. See comments of the related skills.
23 Slayer cape (t).png 31 May 2015 Sunday 21:20 CEST Used the Supreme reward book from the Supreme Jack of Trades aura. Slayed a lot and when I unlocked Morvran I did slay alot of Abyssal Demons, Dark Beasts and Elves among others. My assignment while I got 99 was to defeat Elves which was assigned to me by Morvran.
24 Farming master cape.png 12 July 2015 Sunday 21:02 CEST Checked the health of my magic tree in Falador Park. Farmed alot, thousands of trees, herbs, bushes, etc. were farmed. I was the 833rd person to achieve this cape (according to the Hiscores). A year and a half later I achieved 200,000,000 XP, see entry #40.
25 Ranged cape (t).png 13 July 2015 Monday 01:22 CEST Destroyed a ranging dummy. Ranged alot, e.g. Dark Beasts and other slayer assignments.
26 Defence cape (t).png 30 July 2015 Thursday 23:13 CEST Destroyed a melee dummy. Fought alot, e.g. slayer assignments and also farmed prickly pears every day.
27 Constitution cape (t).png 24 August 2015 Monday 08:15 CEST Destroyed a melee dummy. Fought alot, e.g. slayer assignments.
28 Strength cape (t).png 1 September 2015 Tuesday 15:34 CEST Accidently got it while killing abyssal creatures at the Abyss (instead of getting it at Falador Park; only 99 not in Falador Park) Fought alot, e.g. slayer assignments.
29 Attack cape (t).png 8 September 2015 Tuesday 04:51 CEST Destroyed Zach's melee dummies. Fought alot, e.g. slayer assignments.
30 Dungeoneering cape (t).png 9 September 2015 Wednesday 03:20 CEST Used the reward from the supreme jack of trades aura. Floors, floors, and some more floors and Juna helped a little :P.
31 Max cape.png 9 September 2015 Wednesday 03:20 CEST Got 99 in all skills (and dungeoneering). See above.
32 Combatant's cape.png 15 September 2015 Tuesday 02:28 CEST After getting maxed I got the Attack shard a week later and made the cape. See comments of the related skills.
33 Support cape.png 18 September 2015 Friday 07:38 CEST After getting maxed I got the Daemonheim shard 3 days after the attack shard and I made the cape. See comments of the related skills.
34 Thieving master cape.png 8 October 2015 Thursday 03:04 CEST Used the Supreme reward book from the Supreme Jack of Trades aura. Alot of pickpocketing Prifddinian workers.
35 Veteran cape (10 year).png 15 October 2015 Thursday 00:41 CEST Bought the cape from Hans, 79 minutes before reset, so technically still 14 October game time. Just played the game.
36 Dungeoneering master cape.png 29 February 2016 Monday 02:01 CEST Used a Large dungeoneering lamp from Sinkholes. Did alot of floors solo, just did my daily challenge, a few sinkholes each day depending on wether or not I had daily D&D reset tokens. And finally during Double XP Weekend in February 2016, I did some floors with Speady Miner and a team, and later I went to world 77 and did a lot of floors with a player I found there, Jerzhucka, and random people who joined us in our effort to get 120 Dungeoneering.
37 Master quest cape.png 3 June 2016 Friday 20:03 CEST Bought it from Curator Haig Halen after getting the diary of Jebediah Omnis after having killed 942 Ripper Demons! This is also exactly 2 years after obtaining the quest point cape (see #4 on the list). Completed all required achievements!
38 Fishing master cape.png 16 July 2016 Saturday 03:07 CEST Used the reward from the legendary jack of trades aura. Spend a long time fishing at the Prifddinas Waterfall after it was released when I already had 99 Fishing.
39 Invention cape (t).png 24 July 2016 Sunday 20:10 CEST Disassembled my final augmented crystal fishing rod. First 27 levels I trained it through disassembling random stuff. After that I did some fighting at the Heart, but mainly trained Invention through Fishing at the Prifddinas Waterfall ever since that was made available. Getting this also meant remaxing.
40 Farming 200m XP 14 December 2016 Wednesday 19:17 CET Checked the health of the magic tree in the patch in Falador Park. Farmed a lot of trees, fruit trees, calquats, elders, some spirit trees, herbs, cactii, morchella mushrooms, and with the additional of the Arc, I also foraged mushrooms and berries there. This day was also the third anniversary of getting the first 99 which was also Farming! At the time of achievement I was rank 553.
41 Invention master cape.png 14 December 2016 Wednesday 19:18 CET Siphoned my augmented noxious staff just after getting 200m Farming XP. Siphoned a lot of augmented crystal fishing rods, crystal hatchets, crystal pickaxes, and a few weapons.
42 Completionist cape.png 27 December 2016 Tuesday 18:01 CET Claimed the cape! Done all the requirements and finally defeated Telos, thus being able to claim it!
43 Firemaking master cape.png 23 February 2017 Thursday 00:13 CET Thrown magic logs at the bonfire in the Max Guild in Prifddinas. Burned a lot of logs, varying from maple to magic to protean logs.
44 Slayer master cape.png 23 September 2017 Saturday 21:11 CET Slayed a Slayer skill training dummy at RuneFest 2017. Slayed stuff.
45 Divination master cape.png 30 January 2018 Tuesday 00:33 CET Send the chronicle fragments with the Memorial to Guthix perk. Siphoned a lot of energies, mostly ancestral energies on Uncharted Isles.
46 Herblore master cape.png 2 March 2018 Friday 00:58 CET Made an overload on a portable well. Made a boat load of overloads, of which most experience was gained during Double XP Weekend of 23-26 February 2018.

Other memorable events[edit | edit source]

Other memorable events
Date & time Event
26 December 2014 Friday 01:08-04:54 CET Defeated the following bosses for the first time (solo and ever): Chaos Elemental (01:08 CET), Kree'arra (01:15 CET), Kalphite Queen (04:32 CET), and Queen Black Dragon (04:54 CET).
31 December 2014 Wednesday 20:00 CET Got 50,000,000 Farming experience!
4 January 2015 Sunday 19:28 CET I defeated TzTok-Jad and claimed my fire cape for the first time!
13 February 2015 Friday 05:35 CET Mauled Vorago during my first ever Vorago kill with a group of clanmates!
14 February 2015 Saturday 06:02 CET Defeated the Barrows Brothers during Rise of the Six for the first (and only) time ever with a group of clanmates!
20-23 February 2015 Friday 13:00 CET - Monday 13:00 CET Got 99 Thieving, 99 Prayer, 96 Fishing, 96 Summoning, 94 Herblore (after DXPW ended I got 95) and some other levels!
1 March 2015 Sunday 15:13 CET Pickpocketed a Crwys symbol piece from a Crwys worker and finally completed my Seren's symbol!
8 March 2015 Sunday 21:34 CET Got level 90 in Dungeoneering, which means I now have atleast level 90 in all skills. :)
17 April 2015 Friday 02:12 CEST Got level 99 in both Smithing and Agility at the same time!
25 May 2015 Sunday 01:44 CEST After helping Pauline enough, I unlocked the fourth Livid Farm spell, Remote Farming!
21 June 2015 Sunday 01:16 CEST After getting 95 Dungeoneering I finally accessed the Gorajo resource dungeon, one out of three places in Prifddinas I did not visit yet.
28 June 2015 Sunday 03:52 CEST Finally looted a crystal acorn from an Amlodd worker and I was finally able to grow my own Crystal tree and unlock the title [Name] of the Naragi. This was the only patch on Gielinor I had not farmed yet!
6 July 2015 Monday 21:49 CEST Got 100,000,000 Farming experience!
12 July 2015 Sunday 17:01 CEST Got 500,000,000 total experience!
31 July 2015 Friday 04:03 CEST Got 50,000,000 Thieving experience!
11 August 2015 Tuesday 22:45 CEST Got max combat level: 138! I got this together with 98 Constitution.
9 September 2015 Tuesday 03:30 CEST Finally accessed the Max Guild and received a free crystal acorn! This was one out of two places in Prifddinas I did not visit yet, the remaining one being the Edimmu resource dungeon.
27 September 2015 Sunday 05:53 CEST Finally won something at Balthazar's Big Raffle: Golden Verac the Defiled's equipment!
12 October 2015 Monday 01:12 CEST Killed Beastmaster Durzag with my clan!
20 November 2015 Friday 00:20 CET Bought the last piece of attuned crystal armour!
22 November 2015 Sunday 20:14 CET Finally managed to kill Har-Aken at the third Kiln attempt! After ripping up my second fire cape that I got earlier on the day just to sacrifice at Kiln after 3 attempts at Fight Caves. Also finally learned how to pray against Jad :P. Because the combat style I used most was Magic, I got a TokHaar-Kal-Mej! During the final and successful attempt, while fighting with Har-Aken, my obsidian equipment crumbled to dust... But I managed to stay alive with left-over constitution crystals.
28 December 2015 Monday 20:48 CET Received the Crown of Loyalty for being member for 3 years.
15 January 2016 Friday 19:26 CET Finally got 115 Dungeoneering and accessed the edimmu resource dungeon, the last place in Prifddinas that I did not visit yet.
9 February 2016 Tuesday 02:26 CET Finally managed to survive Yakamaru with the help of penit1, Dat Noble, and penit1's team. Also unlocked Yakamaru II earlier that night during a failed attempt.
6 March 2016 Sunday 05:53 CET Finally managed to clear 20 waves (even managed to clear the 21st wave) on the Platinum difficulty of Rush of Blood!
17 April 2016 Sunday 20:15 CEST Got 150,000,000 Farming experience!
17 April 2016 Sunday 22:20 CEST Obtained 5,000 Reputation for the Seren faction at the Heart of Gielinor.
30 April 2016 Saturday 18:30 CEST Together with Mandachu I duo'd Araxxor and Araxxi and I got my first kill! With this kill I also unlocked the Reaper title!
8 May 2016 Sunday 18:48 CEST Unlocked the Portmaster title.
15 June 2016 Wednesday 19:36 CEST Obtained 5,000 Reputation for the Zaros faction at the Heart of Gielinor. Only Zamorak and Sliske reputation left.
15 June 2016 Wednesday 20:30 CEST Obtained mask of gu from the player-owned port, completing the gu outfit!
2 November 2016 Wednesday 22:50 CET Obtained final scroll piece from the player-owned port, thus completing the whole activity!
16 November 2016 Wednesday 00:48 CET Unlocked the Voyager title for completing the Arc Journal.
22 November 2016 Tuesday 23:57 CET Unlocked the Salty title for completing everything in the Arc.
14 December 2016 Wednesday 20:06 CET I received [Name] the Wikian title after successfully being nominated. On the same day as I also achieved 200m Farming XP and level 120 Invention!
27 December 2016 Tuesday 17:19 CET Finally defeated Telos, regained the Reaper title and was finally able to claim the completionist cape!
16-17 April 2017 Sunday-Monday 20:30-02:00 CEST Obtained mithril, adamant, rune, and dragon defender. Then went to Barrows and got the corruption sigil after looting the chest 6 times. Then got the ancient emblem in 11 kills. Followed by an attempt to get the perfect chitin, but did not get it within the 42 kills I tried. Going to try again some other day.
5 January 2018 Thursday 00:38 CET Got 1,500,000,000 total experience!
30 January 2018 Tuesday 23:09 CET Replayed Sliske's Endgame with the Story Maze option and not skipping the rest unlocking the Agent of the Eldest outfit.
6 March 2018 Tuesday 21:54 CET Got virtual total level 3,000 by getting virtual level 114 Woodcutting, preceded by virtual level 106 Hunter.
19 July 2018 Thursday 23:00 CEST Unlocked the Archivist title by completing The Archivist achievement for The Archivist NPC at the Hall of Memories.
24 September 2018 Monday 22:51-22:56 CEST Got both Morty (Astellarn) and Gordie (black dragon) 5 minutes apart in the Dragonkin Laboratory.
10 December 2018 Monday 08:04 CET Got the Master Farmer title (as well as 3 other titles) by purchasing the package from the Farmers' Market for 250,000 beans!

Goals[edit | edit source]

Goal Progress ETA
Master quest cape.pngMaster quest cape Need to get both books from Dragonkin Laboratory Soon™
Completionist cape.pngCompletionist cape Need to defeat Solak Soon™
Mining master cape.pngMining master cape 62,539,082 / 104,273,167 XP (level 114/120) During RuneFest 2019
Smithing master cape.pngSmithing master cape 39,144,600 / 104,273,167 XP (level 110/120) During RuneFest 2019
Completionist cape (t).pngTrimmed completionist cape See #Trimmed completionist cape progress Eventually
120 in all skills 9/27 Eventually

CapeScape[edit | edit source]

Veteran cape (5 year).png Veteran cape (10 year).png Max cape.png Artisan's cape.png Combatant's cape.png Gatherer's cape.png Support cape.png Quest point cape.png
Attack Attack cape.png 26m XPConstitution Constitution cape.png 30m XPMining Mining cape.png 62m XP
Strength Strength cape.png 26m XPAgility Agility cape.png 41m XPSmithing Smithing cape.png 39m XP
Defence Defence cape.png 47m XPHerblore Herblore cape.png Herblore master cape.png 106m XPFishing Fishing cape.png Fishing master cape.png 129m XP
Ranged Ranged cape.png 27m XPThieving Thieving cape.png Thieving master cape.png 123m XPCooking Cooking cape.png 27m XP
Prayer Prayer cape.png 33m XPCrafting Crafting cape.png 36m XPFiremaking Firemaking cape.png Firemaking master cape.png 112m XP
Magic Magic cape.png 33m XPFletching Fletching cape.png 27m XPWoodcutting Woodcutting cape.png 72m XP
Runecrafting Runecrafting cape.png 30m XPSlayer Slayer cape.png Slayer master cape.png 106m XPFarming Farming cape.png Farming master cape.png 200m XP
Construction Construction cape.png 30m XPHunter Hunter cape.png 29m XPSummoning Summoning cape.png 64m XP
Dungeoneering Dungeoneering cape.png Dungeoneering master cape.png 108m XPDivination Divination cape.png Divination master cape.png 108m XPInvention Invention cape.png Invention master cape.png 128m XP
Total level: 2736 — Combat level: 138
Amount of skills with level 99: 27
Amount of skills with (virtual) level 120: 9
Amount of skills with 200m XP: 1

Made with the Skill Achievement Table template. Use Quick SAT to immediately see someone's skill achievements.

Master quest cape progress[edit | edit source]

On 3 June 2016 at 20:03 CEST I obtained the Master quest cape.pngmaster quest cape! This is exactly 2 years after obtaining the quest point cape. :)

The requirements for the master quest cape (204/205)
Collect the lore books, 'Diary of an Overzealous Gnome' and 'Redacted Dragonkin Research', from bosses inside the Dragonkin Laboratory.

Made with the Master Quest Cape Reqs template.

Completionist cape progress[edit | edit source]

Since 27 December 2016 at 18:01 CET, I am the proud owner of the Completionist cape.pngcompletionist cape. Underneath are the requirements that are not completed yet. The completed requirements have been hidden.

The requirements for the completionist cape (67/69)
Music Maestro Unlock all music tracks. (X/1252) Note: Missing 2 tracks from Solak; already got the first one though.
Reaper Crew Defeat every boss at least once to earn the title 'the Reaper'. Note: Still need to defeat Solak for the first time.

Made with the completionist cape requirements template.

Trimmed completionist cape progress[edit | edit source]

Someday in the very very very distant future (I'm looking at you, Castle Wars, Chompies, etc.) I would like to be the proud owner of the Completionist cape (t).pngtrimmed completionist cape. Underneath are the requirements that are not completed yet. The completed requirements have been hidden.

The requirements for the trimmed completionist cape (50/65)
Completionist Cape Complete all these to be able to obtain the completionist cape. Note: Not anymore thanks to Solak.
Champions. What Champions? Defeat all champions in the Champions' Challenge. Note: Only defeated one champion so far, the Skeleton Champion.
Chompy Massacre Kill 4,000 chompy birds. Note: Killed 30/4,000 chompy birds so far.
Conquest Adore Achieve 1,250+ Conquest rank. Note: Haven't started with this one yet.
Death Effect Unlock all permanent effects from Death's Store. Note: bought the rainbow and grave lootbeams, the Additional tasks, and the Reaper's Choice permanent effects; Reaper points at the moment: 5; need: 1,495 more to unlock the rest of the effects
Hard as Daemons Earn the right to wear the title 'of Daemonheim'. Note: Completed 19/60 floors: 1-14, 16, 29-32.
How Many Games? Show a full set of profound armour to Lanthus. Note: Got 3 gold tickets so far.
Kal'gerion Commander Unlock the following Kal'gerion battle commendation titles: Note: Got 1/5 titles: the Bloodchiller
Master Angler Purchase the champion's tackle box from the Fish Flingers fisherman. Note: Got the beginner's tackle box (and also the full Fishing outfit). 77 medals and 118 tokens (already spent 110 on beginner's tackle box).
Master of Assault Achieve maximum rank in each Barbarian Assault role.
Penance to the King Kill the penance king in Barbarian Assault.
Special Slayer Delivery Unlock the ability to craft all Slayer items.
Telos If You're Angry II Defeat Telos at 100% enrage. Note: Defeated him only once yet, I'll worry about this req whenever I decide to go for trimmed...
To Be a Master Fully complete the slayer codex. Note: Got 112/151 souls.
Work on Your Artisan Unlock all rewards from the Artisans' Workshop. Note: Unlocked: Quick Repairs (5%), Repair Expert (15%), Quick Learner (20%), Budding Student (40%), Master Student (60%), Golden Cannon (50%), and Ceremonial Sword I-II (60%; 30% each); Left to unlock: Ceremonial Sword III-V (90%; 30% each), Royale Cannon (100%), Restocking cannon (100%), and Ceremonial Sword Orders (50%); Does not include the following because those are consumables: Sword Polishing Kit (10%), and Bonus Package (100%)

Made with the trimmed completionist cape requirements template.

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Guthix symbol.png This user still follows Guthix however dead he may be. Power through balance.
The symbol of administrators. This user is a RuneScape Wiki administrator. (Verify)
Wikian book detail.png This user has earned the title: the Wikian.
This user is from the Netherlands.

This user is from Poland.

Version[edit | edit source]

The reason why I don't refer to RuneScape as RS3:

  • RuneScape is the name of the game since it was initially released as what we now refer to as RuneScape Classic.
  • The current version might be the 3rd one, but it still is RuneScape, although it was branded as RuneScape 3 initially, it is not anymore.
  • Old School RuneScape is a spin-off of RuneScape as it was in August 2007, therefor getting the prefix Old School.
  • The current RuneScape is still RuneScape, a spin-off doesn't change that.
  • You could compare it to the TV series NCIS:
    • NCIS was initially on its own, but in their 7th season they were joined by the spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles.
    • NCIS is still called NCIS to this day, it wasn't renamed NCIS: DC, or NCIS: Season 7, it is still called NCIS.
    • Other examples that can be used are CSI and Law & Order.
  • So concluding, I don't see a reason to call the original game something else.

Trivia[edit | edit source]