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RuneFest is an real life event by Jagex that I attended six times, in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

2014[edit | edit source]

The Night Before 2014[edit | edit source]

I arrived at London Stansted in the evening, and I had to rush to check-in at the place I was staying and go to the Night Before. So I went through customs, found the bus to Liverpool Street, and after arrival there, I bought an Oyster card and went to the place I was staying at by bus. I dumped my stuff there, equipped the Farming cape and went off to Namco by bus. I arrived at Namco where I was on-time and had to wait to get in, so had some dinner at the McDonald's inside Namco. During the Night Before I saw/met some JMods for the first time and also met members from my clan at that time (Missfits), Mark, Antony, Dan, Silkey, and Ben (who wasn't member of that clan, but details). I also got my blue wristband for RuneFest from Mods Balance and Pips after they found my name on the list, because I forgot to bring my ticket with me, but they could search a list to register people. But I used my full name, and the list was ordered by the middle names first for some reason, so Mod Balance couldn't find me with my first- or last name. But eventually the problem was solved and I got my wristband. :) For the rest of the evening I roamed the venue with the rest of the Missfits (and Ben), and we drove in the bumper cars amongst other things.

RuneFest 2014[edit | edit source]

I woke up, ate some breakfast and walked to Tobacco Dock. There was a massive queue when I arrived there. So I had to wait to enter the venue. While waiting I saw that a lot of people were wearing capes and/or cosplay including Mod Mark who was dressed as Zaros. Inside everyone received a goody bag and had the possibility to store their coats and other stuff. Everywhere (ground floor) were elven decorations and big "windows" with the icons of the eight elven clans of Prifddinas. There were a lot of Jmods and players walking around. Downstairs the decorations were themed after Fate of the Gods. I attended a few of the presentations, looked for the penguins to get one of the skill chips, did some other tasks for the other chips, and tried to complete my mission of finding all 50 Jmods to sign my booklet. This however did not completely succeed because one of the Jmods listed was on a holiday and another one didn't work at Jagex anymore (in their stead their manager/team leader signed). I also bought some souvenirs at the shop (a mug, a box for the skill chips, a blue party hat, etc). I also met with the Missfits and Ben again and also played on the computer in the designated area. Afterwards we went to a Domino's, ate some pizza and we all went back to our own hotels/places we stayed at. It was a long day.

The Sunday after: Exploring London[edit | edit source]

Before going to the airport I decided to explore London a bit. So I went to the Tower Bridge and walked around that area for a little while after which I had to hurry up and go to the airport to catch my flight.

2015[edit | edit source]

The Friday before: Exploring London[edit | edit source]

I arrived at London Stansted around 08:10 BST, which was way too early for a flight, I recommend flying later. Anyways when I finally went through Customs I exited out of the airport and walked to the busses like last year. Found the docking station for the bus to Liverpool Street Station and not long after that the bus arrived.

Two hours later...

Arrived at Liverpool Street Station around 11:00, so I had 4 hours left before I was able to check-in. So I decided to explore London, I went to King's Cross Station, found platform 9 3/4, which is an actual shop selling Harry Potter stuff. You could even take your picture while running "through" the wall. Then I wondered off to Buckingham Palace, where there weren't a lot of guards (only 2 of them). But there were some heavily-armoured police officers. Then I drove on the bus back to Eastern London via Oxford Street where I saw a very yellow McDonald's and two (big) Primarks on the same street. Anyhow I found the place I was staying at, eventually I was able to enter the building, and then it was time to go the Night Before.

The Night Before 2015[edit | edit source]

After dropping my stuff in my room, and equipping the Farming cape :P, I went off to go to Namco FunScape. I arrived an hour late (thank you time zones), so I could walk right in. Inside I got a stamp from Mod Kelvin, and I wandered off inside. Eventually I found Ben and Liam, or technically they found me, because of my cape, but details. We did some stuff together, like the bumper cars, and some other stuff in the area. I also bowled with someone from Canada. Also available that evening was a clue hunt with which you could win something which I forgot >.<, I believe it was a one-year membership. During the evening I also went to the RuneFest registration to get my wristband. During the evening I also saw a few JMods, and even a RS YouTuber. When everyone had to leave, I said "see you tomorrow" to Ben and Liam, and I returned to place I was staying at.

RuneFest 2015[edit | edit source]

I didn't expect it would take that long of a walk to Tobacco Dock, so I was late (again) just by a few minutes though. So I walk right in after showing the wristband and the ticket a few times. Got a goodie bag, dumped my coat at the cloakroom, got a ticket, and wandered off inside. Inside I looked what the contents were of the goodie bag, and I found another Hunt the JMod booklet.

I also looked at the lanyard how to get this year's skill chips, which had God icons this year. So I went and did the tasks to get them, which included:

  • making a paper bobblehead of a god for the Bandos chip
  • taking a selfie with the Stone of Jas to get the Guthix chip
  • collecting 8 JMod signatures in the Hunt the JMod booklet for the Brassica Prime chip (actually got more signatures, but details)
  • finding all penguins and decypher the code word for the Armadyl chip (it was "inspiration" because Invention)
  • hooking a Vampyre duckling for the Tuska chip
  • finding the differences between the picture of Hero's Welcome and the actual setup for the V chip
  • going to the Broken Home mansion and putting my hand into holes in the wall to find the Zaros chip
  • eventually finding the assassin for the Zamorak chip

After collecting them all, I went to the bank and got my RuneFest chip. I put all of them in the display box I bought with Zemomarks. Also bought some other stuff, some more runes, a RF2015 pouch/bag, and another RF mug.

I also attended a few presentations, including the Ninja Q&A (you can see me in the video of it on YouTube, the guy in green with cap), the Quest 2016 Q&A, the RS 2016 reveals, and the Golden Gnomes. Inbetween presentations I collected the god chips, played RS on one of the 100 computers, looked at both Chronicle and the NXT client, but didn't play neither, because all PCs were taken. I also asked Mod Kelpie if they could make a Farming Guild, and also mentioned it if they could make the Farming Guild during the Ninja Q&A (at around 38:00 in the video). While getting the JMod signatures for the Hunt, I also approached Mod Osborne who recognised me from last year =D. Besides selfies with Mod Infinity and Mod Jester, I also took a picture with Mod Raven and Mod Mark. I also wrote my name on the board in the room with the artist JMods and the Occulist Rifts.

At the end I attended the party in the room where the main stage was and I actually got a balloon with a price :). It was 30 days membership, that's something :). Also saw Ben and Liam quite a few times, and also hung out with them a lot. At the end I wandered off to the computer room, and did some RS. And I stayed untill they kicked us all out :P. While getting my coat at the cloakroom, I met a fellow Dutch guy with a Master Farming cape, and I asked him how he made it. He told me his mother made it, and that the Farming icon was printed onto the cape, which in my opinion looked very nice. And some drunken player behind me noticed my Farming cape and his Master Farming cape, which he thought was amusing :P. Later I went to a close-by McDonald's, as it appears that all McDonald's I saw in London were open 24/7 (except the one at Namco). There I met someone I know from Twitter and another fellow Dutchman. After some chatting I left to return to my room, and started to pack, because my flight was leaving at 8am. R.I.P. sleep. So I left the room, and travelled to the airport via Liverpool Street Station. At around 11:00am Central European Summer Time I arrived back home in the Netherlands.

2016[edit | edit source]

The Friday before[edit | edit source]

So I woke up at 05:00 CEST, which is way too early for me to wake up, but details. By 06:00 I left my house and went to the airport. Around 07:00 I arrived at the airport where I learned to my shock that my flight was delayed by 3 hours! So I very slowly went through security and waited 3 hours untill the gate was announced and then waited and additional 1,5 hours untill I could go to the airplane. The delay was caused by bad weather in London and also a technical issue.

~45 minutes later...

I arrived at London Stansted and I had to go through a, not so massive as last year, queue at customs. Then I walked to the bus terminal and stood in line for the bus to London Victoria. After an half hour I could finally board the bus towards London. :)

~2 hours later...

While the bus was driving through London to Victoria Coach Station (yes that's a thing) I noticed it drove near Tobacco Dock and near the London Eye (which is close to Namco). I finally arrived at Victoria Coach Station and had to walk to Victoria Station where I bought myself a meal at McDonald's and then contacted Rian (the person I was sharing a room with) about his whereabouts. He told me that he was at Battersea Park for the picnic with some other RuneFesters that were also staying at the same hotel, Craig, Austin, Jono, and Chris. They told me how to go there, but it could've been faster if I knew that I could just take the overground from Victoria to Battersea Park... Anyway I bought an Oyster Card and went the way they told me, via Waterloo, Clapham Junction and finally Battersea Park. When I arrived there Rian messaged me that were going to the hotel, so I went there too, because there was a bus driving from Battersea Park Station straight to the hotel.

The Night Before 2016[edit | edit source]

At the hotel I finally met the group IRL and I went to check in, where I discovered that I booked the wrong nights apparently... But we were lucky and Rian and I could still get a room there that night. It did cost us extra :(. After sorting that out, we dumped our stuff in our room, I freshed myself up and we went to The Night Before with a group of 6 (myself, Rian and the others mentioned before). We walked from the hotel to Clapham Junction and took an overground then an underground train to Waterloo and walked to Namco from there. We arrived there around 19:00 (if I remember correctly) and we could walk straight into the venue after letting some security guards check the ticket and put a stamp on our hands and let the Jmods scan the tickets before going downstairs. Inside we went our seperate ways and I saw Mark and Antony again, also saw Ben again and ofcourse some Jmods. Amongst the activities that I did were driving a bumper car, bowling with Antony and Mark, bowling with Gyromancy, VodkaB, and someone else (sorry didn't hear/ask his name), also met PlushieTum and AnselaJonla, received Zoee's nametag from Rian which is why people recognised me :P, also left the venue a few times, because Mark wanted to smoke and I wanted to eat some McDonald's :P. And ofcourse I also pre-registered for RuneFest.

After the Night Before was ended, I was looking for Rian and eventually found him and then we went looking for Jono and Chris who were apparently drunk and Jono was sick because of that. Eventually Craig ubered Rian and me a ride back home while they (Craig and Austin) took care of Jono and during all of that Chris disappeared to only later reappear at their hotel room. I finally fell asleep before 03:00 BST while the others arrived back at the hotel at 03:15.

RuneFest 2016[edit | edit source]

The following morning I showered, dressed, and went downstairs for a breakfast box for me and Rian. We ate breakfast and checked how the other room was doing, some of them were still asleep, so Rian and I went to RuneFest by ourselves although there were others at the hotel that also went to RuneFest so we went with a small group with bus 44 to Battersea Park. We arrived at the bus stop and walked towards the Park and entered it. Then we followed someone who knew the directions and arrived at the Battersea Evolution area within the Park where there were security guards checking the contents of our bags. Then we walked a little further and joined the queue where I equipped my Master Farming cape, later we were notified there was actually another queue for people who already pre-registered, so we switched queues. Behind us were some players that made a lot of cakes for the Jmods and were calling some Jmods, including Mod Moltare, to come and get them. The Jmods accepted the gift and carried it away. We were let into the venue a few minutes later and were greeted by a lot of Jmods who were scanning the tickets, giving the goody bags, and also giving a luai (if that is what it is called) after which we were inside the venue. To the left of the entrance was the Waiko trading shop where all the merchandise was sold and where I met Mod Cake and I saw Ben again. I checked the contents of the goody bag, but I was missing the Hunt the Jmods booklet. A few minutes later while I stood in the queue for the shop, a Jmod walked by while distributing the Hunt the Jmod booklets, at the shop I bought a few items like a t-shirt with the RuneScape logo on it and other stuff. I also could pay with my debet card, which I liked very much. :) After putting the bought items in my goody bag I started hunting Jmods and collecting the skill chips while looking around the new venue. During the day I met and saw people from Twitter, Gaz with a group of other RS Wiki editors (Star, Christine, and Arble), a lot of Jmods, including but not limited to Mods Manti, Deg, and Chelle. I attended the following talks: Rest of 2016, Future of Skilling, Lore Corner, 2017 Reveals, and the Golden Gnomes. In between those talks I collected my skill chips, talked with a group of 3 Italian players and hunted down some more Jmods bringing my total to 14 out of 42 Jmods for this year. After the Golden Gnomes I went to the gaming area and did my Farming runs and stuff during which I missed the balloon drop and also missed the barbecue, woops. Later on I wandered around the venue some more, took a selfie with the Stone of Jas, met Prezleek, got a baroo button from her and at the end I wandered into the gaming area where I spotted Mod Raven talking with a group of players at the second stage. I joined that group and listened to the discussion while also asking a question about why Ritual of the Mahjarrat was not required anymore for the newer quests and I got the reply that it would make new content simply less accessible, but however RotM is recommended, so it makes sense lorewise, although not being required. Mod Raven was being requested to join the other Jmods on the bus, so he had to leave, not much longer Rian, Jono, Chris, and I left back to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel I decided to leave again to find some food. I left the hotel, went down the street and found a pizzeria where I bought a pizza and can of Coca-Cola (or so it appears Coke as you all call it, which is kinda weird to me, but details). I returned to the hotel with my food and drink, consumed them, and I went to bed.

The Sunday after[edit | edit source]

I woke up, stayed in bed, and eventually actually woke up. I freshened up and stuffed the contents of the goody bag and the empty goody bag itself into my backpack. Eventually Rian was packed as well and we left the room before noon. We checked out and we left with the hotel group (Craig, Jono, Chris, and Austin) and went to Clapham Junction there I left the group and went to Victoria by overground, while the rest went to Waterloo. From Victoria I walked to Victoria Coach Station and left to Stansted by bus. I arrived at Stansted, went through baggage control, walked through the very long shops area, and rushed to the toilet. :P Afterwards I went to Burger King, bought a meal and met some Dutch RuneFesters who were also going home. We went our seperate ways and eventually went to the terminal where in the queue I met a Dutch OSRS player that also went to RuneFest. Later it turned out the OSRS player and I sat on opposite sides of the aisle. When I arrived back in the Netherlands I met the other RuneFesters again and one of them suggested that they could drive me home, which I accepted. I arrived at the train station where my bicycle was waiting for me and I rode my bike home. At the train station it appeared that the trains were not working at that moment, so I was lucky that they could drive me home. :)

2017[edit | edit source]

The Friday before[edit | edit source]

I woke up too early at 05:30. My sister drove to the train station, but trains weren't driving, so I returned to sister's car who was still waiting as I expected something like this could happen. Luckily she agreed to drive to the airport so arrived at the airport even earlier than I would by train and bus. Went through security, went through border security, and boarded the plane, but there was fog at Stansted Airport, so we were not allowed to leave Eindhoven yet. 45 minutes later the plane finally took off. Approximately 50 minutes later the plane arrived at Stansted Airport. Then it took ages to go through the border security as usual. Then I exited the Airport to the train station beneath it where I took the train to London Liverpool Street Station. From Liverpool Street I took the underground to Victoria where I switched to the overground to Battersea Park. Left the station and walked to the park and eventually I found the Band Stand where the Day Before Picknick was organised. There I sat down on the Band Stand's stairs and eventually saw some familiar faces and spoke with them. Which include but are not limited to Dvarin, Mauds, AnselaJonla, PlushieTum, Gamebugio, Angelsscapes, and others. Also looked at the pins book that Gamebugio got from Angelsscapes. SpecialEffect was also represented at the Picnic by a man whose name I forgot. >.< A beach ball was being kicked around as well during the picnic, but eventually the ball was stung and it perished. RIP Beach Ball. In the band stand also an auction occured of which all proceeds where going to SpecialEffects. Because I was standing where I was standing in the Band Stand, I got handed some of the items that were being aunctioned to show them off. A lot of the aunctioned stuff were donated by one JMod (I believe Mod Dolan?). Afterwards there was an activity you could do for which you needed to explore Battersea Park, but after finding like half of the stuff, most of the people went back to their hotels to get ready for The Night Before as did I. So I travelled to the Battersea Travelodge and checked in and left to go to The Night Before at Namco Funscape.

The Night Before 2017[edit | edit source]

Same as the years before I went inside, ate something at McDonald's, went inside Namco, got my RuneFest wristband, collected my RuneFest 2017 t-shirt with my RSN on it as well, rode the bumper cars, done some arcade games, including air hockey (which I lost massively :P) and saw some familiar faces from previous years. At the end I went back to my hotel and ate some food from a nearby fast food place.

RuneFest 2017[edit | edit source]

Ate some breakfast in the hotel and went to Battersea Park. At the RuneFest venue I waited in the queue and eventually went inside the venue. The venue looked very nice, the theme was good (back to our roots) with Lumbridge, Al Kharid and Varrock represented in some form. The first thing I did was standing in line of the merchandise shop and buying some merch, including but not limited to the skill chip box, a hoodie, a t-shirt, and some other stuff. As is tradition I of course collected all of the skill chips throughout the day and collected half of the Hunt the JMod signatures. Attended the introduction session, skilling session, lore session, RuneScape reveals, and I saw some of the Golden Gnomes, but I didn't see everything. I also met Gaz, Star, and Isobel and I hung out with them for a while. I also spoke with some Dutch OldSchool RuneScape players about their experience with the OSRS Wiki and also told them some stuff about how information is collected (at least for RuneScape, wasn't sure for stuff specifically from OSRS, but most likely the same). We four (Gaz, Isobel, Star and I) also spoke with Mod Balance briefly. I also did the Runefest 2017 task list in-game in the computer area. In the evening I also got level 120 Slayer during the Achievements Party and got my certificate for it signed by Mod Raven. =D Try to attend the balloon drop, but people were already under the balloons since 30 minutes before the drop and trying to get in during the drop is basically not safe because everyone wants to get stuff. One of the JMods for Hunt the JMods was Mod Stu, and his task was to anwser the question: "Which quest series to you want to see continued?" To which I replied the gnome series so I could visit Arposandra, but then he asked why I wanted to visit it, what would be a reason to go there. Which was a really good question. So after thinking about it for a little while, I realised there could be something for Cooking and potentially Invention if the gnome series would go to the Sixth Age. But I do wonder what Arposandra could add to RuneScape, so it wouldn't become death content upon release. I also met and spoke with JMods and players during the day, which include but are not limited to: Mod Scorpio, Mod Tink, now former Mod Mikey, Rumym8, and Rainy.

The Sunday after: Exploring London[edit | edit source]

I slept in and didn't really do much, besides some sight seeing of London by going to the London Eye and made some nice photographs from inside it.

The Monday after[edit | edit source]

I packed my stuff, checked out in the hotel, and went back towards Victoria to go back Liverpool Street station, but while in the Tube, I saw that a few stops passed Liverpool Street, is King's Cross, so I went there and visited the Platform 9 and 3/4 Harry Potter store again and bought some souvernirs. :) After that I went back to Liverpool Street, took the train back to the airport, and I flew back to the Netherlands.

2018[edit | edit source]

Forkfest[edit | edit source]

I arrived in Cambridge the Saturday before RuneFest to launch the fork (this wiki you're currently reading with 11 other admins from the Old School RuneScape wiki and this wiki. They are Cook, Gaz, Fetus, Spine, Isobel, Star, Kitty, Riblet, Kelsey, and Ciph. Jayden was also present at Forkfest, but he arrived after I left. While walking through Cambridge to the place we were staying I encountered and photographed some willow trees. I was the first person to arrive and as such was able to claim a room first. During wikifest we did some final touches to the wiki. For instance, I aided Fetus by converting all infoboxes on the RSW as well as on the OSRSW to the new style. There was also a podcast featuring the wiki represented by Cook and others. We also played some games on Jackbox. I left on Monday before RuneFest back to the Netherlands as I had to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The wiki was launched on Tuesday while I was attending a compulsory company-wide presentation at work, yay timing. :( After work I helped in promoting the fork any way I could, through twitter on the RuneScape Wiki account interacting with other people, in-game, etc. There was a small hiccup when Mod Shauny announced it in-game, temporarily making the wiki unavailable, but this was swiftly solved by our awesome sysadmins, Jayden and Kitty.

The Friday before[edit | edit source]

Friday I flew to the UK (again) and travelled from Stansted Airport through London to Farnborough. To be continued...

RuneScape Live 2018[edit | edit source]

To be written...

RuneFest 2018[edit | edit source]

To be written...

The Sunday after: Exploring London[edit | edit source]

To be written...

The Monday after[edit | edit source]

To be written...

2019[edit | edit source]

Wikifest 2019[edit | edit source]

To be written...

The Night Before: Golden Gnome Awards[edit | edit source]

To be written...

RuneFest[edit | edit source]

To be written...

The Sunday after[edit | edit source]

To be written...