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Welcome to Salix' Quest Project. This page contains a few lists of quest, miniquest and tutorial navbox templates; quest articles, quest series articles, and pretty much anything related to quests that needs to be worked on. Also see Scuzzy's page about template sprucing.

New update release guide[edit | edit source]

Improve quest navboxes[edit | edit source]

Check if they're complete, e.g. have all relevant NPCs, items, rewards, locations, music tracks, and other related articles. Also some quest navboxes have alot of items, it could help to group some of the items together. Check this awesome page for articles not having the navbox, naxbox not having the link to an article, and articles only having the category.

Make navbox for Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Make a navbox for Tutorials without one.

Make quest navbox for miniquests[edit | edit source]

A list of the following miniquests possibly need a quest navbox.

How to make a quest navbox[edit | edit source]


  • The parameters name should be the name of the quest properly capitalised.
  • If the quest is part of series then fill the series parameter with a link to the quest series. Also add the number of the quest in the series.
  • For Characters and Enemies (a.k.a. NPC's) without a chathead use a normal link [[NPC]] and place them at the end of the list.
  • Same goes for items (and rewards) without an image, also use a normal link as above.
  • Locations: try to add only quest-specific location, e.g. Ancient Guthix Temple for While Guthix Sleeps. Don't add general locations, such as Varrock, etc.
  • Related: add stuff related to the quest that is not an NPC, item, or reward, and if it's something unlocked by the quest, e.g. Dorgesh-Kaan–Keldagrim Train System for Another Slice of H.A.M..
  • The last group "Former version/Replaced by" is only for special cases like Doric's Quest and its replacement What's Mine is Yours.
{{Quest navbox
|name = Quest name
|series = [[quest series]]
|series number = number in series
|npcs =
 * {{chatl|npc}}
|enemies =
 * {{chatl|enemy}}
|items =
 * {{plink|item}}
|rewards =
 * {{plink|reward}}
|locations =
 * [[location]]
|music =
 * [[songname]]
|related =
 * [[related article]]
|historic =
 * {{QuestIcon|Former/current quest}}
|former or replacement = former/replacement

How to make a quest series navbox[edit | edit source]

|name = Quest series
|title = [[Quest series]]
|style1 = text-align:center;<!--when there are no related quests-->
|gtitle1 = Main series<!--when there are related quests-->
|group1 = 
 * {{QuestIcon|Quest}}
|gtitle2 = Related
|group2 = 
 * {{QuestIcon|Related quest}}
}}{{Ctg|Quest series}}{{Template only|[[Category:Quest series templates]]}}