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Stats[edit | edit source]

Total level: 2894; virtual 3237

Total XP: > 2.5 billion

Combat level: 138 (p2p), 126 (f2p).

Quest points: 414 / 414 Quest point cape.png

Hardest quests IMHO: The Brink of Extinction, Mourning's Ends Part II and Summer's End (Good chance of death)

Links[edit | edit source]

Skill capes[edit | edit source]

# Skill When Notes
1 Cooking cape (t).png Cooking January 2007 Mostly monk fish (that I caught) from 90-99
2 Strength cape (t).png Strength January 2007 So glad to be done with dragon scimitar. Never used Dharoks.
3 Attack cape (t).png Attack February 2007 Abyssal whip makes this easy.
4 Constitution cape (t).png Hitpoints April 2007 Along for the ride
5 Firemaking cape (t).png Firemaking May 2007 Maples (from kingdom management)
6 Defence cape (t).png Defence May 2007 Whip again
7 Woodcutting cape (t).png Woodcutting July 2007 My first "slow xp" non-combat 99
8 Fletching cape (t).png Fletching July 2007 Cut my own yews and fletched
9 Fishing cape (t).png Fishing December 2007 Some say Shilo, but monk fish are better in the long run
10 Slayer cape (t).png Slayer March 2008 Currently ranked around 700
11 Farming cape (t).png Farming April 2008 200m achieved Feb 1, 2020
12 Thieving cape (t).png Thieving June 2008 Several scepters from doing Pyramid Plunder
13 Prayer cape (t).png Prayer August 2008 Gilded altar may cost more but is so much faster than Ecto
14 Magic cape (t).png Magic November 2008 Alching is so boring
15 Ranged cape (t).png Ranged December 2008 For 95-99, mostly slayer tasks suitable for ranged
16 Crafting cape (t).png Crafting April 2009 Green dragonhide
17 Smithing cape (t).png Smithing July 2009 Sc hammers ftw
18 Summoning cape (t).png Summoning February 2010 Bork helps
19 Herblore cape (t).png Herblore August 2010 Farmed most of my herbs
20 Construction cape (t).png Construction August 2010 Sacred clay hammers ftw
21 Agility cape (t).png Agility December 2010 Master penance horn
22 Mining cape (t).png Mining February 2011 Living rock caverns
23 Hunter cape (t).png Hunter June 2011 Draconic jadinkos
24 Runecrafting cape (t).png Runecrafting May 2012 Runespan
25 Dungeoneering cape (t).png Dungeoneering December 2012 This is NOT a true skill!!
26 Attack master cape.png Attack master cape ???
27 Slayer master cape.png Slayer master cape Jan 28, 2017
28 Invention master cape.png Invention master cape Aug 8, 2018
28 Herblore master cape.png Herblore master cape May 26, 2020
28 Archaeology cape (t).png Archaeology cape Oct 21, 2020

I have bought all capes except Fletching,, Magic, Ranged, and Crafting.

Blech[edit | edit source]

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