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Starting off with a fresh new page, Hello, this is Fire0noob (Rsrealm on the wiki). I was once Pay-to-play until my members ran out. I am currently working on my 72-80 woodcutting goal. I got 1m experience ahead of me to earn.

When I joined Pay-to-play, it was a little bit scary, because I have to do easy quests before I could finish them, like I could do easy quests done, then do the harders one.
Since my member ran out in the mid-summer of 2010, I've been Free-to-play and inactive for a long time. I sometimes go in my favorite clan, and talk with other people. I joined the clan in December 2009, and still have the center of it, in my body.
I'm not gonna say much, because the page might get all cluttered up, and no one would want to read it. To learn more about my goal, just click the word "goal" in the 3rd sentence to learn more. Members Plan!