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Total level: 1285
Attack 71Constitution 1Mining 72
Strength 78Agility 43Smithing 60
Defence 62Herblore 30Fishing 68
Ranged 66Thieving 43Cooking 70
Prayer 51Crafting 58Firemaking 56
Magic 70Fletching 34Woodcutting 58
Runecrafting 59Slayer 48Farming 43
Construction 53Hunter 59Summoning 28
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 92Quests 157
Music 399Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 08 October 2009
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About[edit | edit source]

Have A Spooktacular Halloween!

Hi, I play RuneScape as "Regabuh", and I've been playing RuneScape for over two years. I am currently a pay-to-play RuneScape member and editor on the RuneScape Wiki.

Current RS Goals/Training[edit | edit source]

Skill Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Melee
Currently training: Strength. Right now through Slayer.
* Strength to Level 80.
* Attack to Level 75.
* Defense to Level 70.
  • Ranged
Currently training on Ogres in the Combat Training Camp.
* Ranged to Level 70.
  • Slayer
Receiving assignments from Vannaka or Sumona. Currently working on earning a Slayer helmet.
  • Construction
See my eventual house plans here.
  • Agility
Currently training on the Agility Pyramid.
  • Farming
I run a tree, herb, and allotment path a couple times each day to train farming.
  • RuneCrafting
Crafting Law Runes using the Balloon transport system and the bank at Castle Wars. Currently my primary source of income.

Misc. Goals[edit | edit source]

After reaching 70+ in Defense and Ranged, I'm planning on finishing the last of the quests I need to access the God Wars Dungeon and the Trollheim Teleport, so that I can kill Aviansies in the dungeon. I plan on using a tanking method, using Bones to Peaches tablets as opposed to using prayer.