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Hi! Im range kingrj, now known as VERPA217, onrunescape i like to drift from skill to skill, i would like to say that i can consentrate on one particular skill for a great length of time, that I am the owner of several 99's and that i am deputy owner of one of the most popular clans on runescape... But i am none of those.. I am infact a player who can consentrate on one thing for about 3 days max., my highest level is 83 fishing , and I am in the clan [Velacians] (i thought of the name (Y)) and i am infact deputy owner.

I like to meet up with friends in runescape, I like to invite them over to my POH , or visit thiers.

Theres not much else to me, I do have a life outside of runescape contrary to popular belief... Its called runescape wiki .