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Menaphite Pantheon

Original video

What could you want with an old woman like me? I've heard that you're a witch. Yes it does seem to be getting fairly common knowledge. I fear I may get a visit from the witch hunters of Falador before long. I'm in search of a quest. Hmmm...Maybe I can think of something for you. Would you like to become more proficient in the dark arts? Yes, help me become one with my darker side. The witch sighs. Yes, improve your magic...Do you have no sense of drama? Show me the mysteries of the dark arts... The witch smiles mysteriously. No, I'm not interested. Many aren't, at first. The witch smiles mysteriously. But I think you'll be drawn back to this place. Ok, I'm going to make a potion to help bring out your darker self. You will need certain ingredients. What do you need? You need an eye of new, a rat's tail, an onion...Oh, and a piece of burnt meat. Great, I'll go and get them.

What, you mean improve my magic? No, I have my principles and honour. Suit yourself, but you're missing out.

So have you found the things for the potion? Yes I have everything! Excellent, can I have them then? You pass the ingredients to Hetty and she puts them all into her cauldron. Hetty closes her eyes and begins to chant. The cauldron bubbles mysteriously. Well, is it ready? Ok, now drink from the cauldron. You drink from the cauldron, it tastes horrible. You feel yourself imbued with power. How's your magic coming along? I'm practicing and slowly getting better. Good, good.

Ralno, u must help me! I have been turned into a frog by a well-meaning wizard who suffers from an unfortunate obsession with frogs. The only thing that will restore my form is a kiss. What, no flowers? No chocolate? Oh, very well...

Thank you so much, Ralnon. I must return to my fairy tale kingdom now, but I will leave you a reward for your kindness.

Since time immemorial, Guthix has decreed that the Grim Reaper's role involve a particular aesthetic. The scythe! The hood! The bones! The Grim Reaper must have these things! The decor of his house is similarly prescribed. it must be dark. It must be ominous. It must be spooky. And it must have spider-webs! But the Grim Reaper has cleaned his house and removed all the spider-webs. At Hallowe'en, the most spooky of seasons! I take this as an insult! The bath spider will remain until the Grim Reaper's house is full of its proper cobwebs.

the omni-tiara grants entry to the air, water, fire and earth altars in free-play worlds.

RuneScape Game Content: 1. Can random events occur in any location, on any plane or world? If so, or if not so, could you please list them, (i.e. Zanaris, Puro-Puro, Abyss, Land of Snow)? 2. How many gods are there in Gielinor? 3. How strong are the Elves in terms of magic in comparison with the other magical races, such as the fairies and the Mahjarrat? Are they at least superior to humans? Do they use power directly given by Seren, or use Guthix's runestones, or use both? 4. Is Zanaris another dimension separate from RuneScape, or just an enchanted city beneath its surface? 5. Does using fairy rings involve going through the Abyss? 6. How strong are the gods of Gielinor, exactly? The Bandos Avatar was Level 125, and the desert deities were only Level 75, while Hazeel of the Mahjarrat was Level 296. 7. Is Jas an 'elder god'? 8. Is Silverlight made of steel or silver? Is it because of Guthix's power that it can harm vampyres? 9. Is Seren allies with Guthix, as both are deities of nature? 10. Is Seren truly the embodiment of Gielinor's life force, or just a goddess of the Elves? 11. Is Zaros affected by the Edicts of Guthix? 12. Will there be a second God Wars in RuneScape which players can actually take part in? 13. Are vampires of Morytania affected by garlic as well as holy symbols, and if so, do the weakening effects stack against them? If not, why so? 14. Are vampires and vampyres the same species?

Membership: 1. Do the pre-paid membership cards ever expire?

Thank you very much for your time.

Here is is the delivery. Thank you very much for your time. There are a lot of important things in here. Why do you celebrate Easter anyway? To us, this is a season of rebirth, of communing with nature and of understanding the spirit of the world. We celebrate by having crystal eggs grown. These shine with a beautiful light, reminding us where we came from and of our ties to the world. It is one of our most important celebrations. I have completed all of my deliveries, now. Well done, I think you should return to the Easter Bunny now.

Hello again. Hello. I'll soon be on my way to complete delivery. Many thanks to you, kind human.

The Explorer's ring is a reward from the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary. There are three forms of ring: Bronze (the first ring), Silver (second ring) and Gold (final and best ring). Each ring offers a slight bonus to Magic attack and Prayer, as well as the extra bonuses described below. The silver and the gold rings are both upgrades of the previous version(s) of the ring, not new and separate items.

Rings[edit | edit source]

Explorer's ring 1: Bronze - Beginner tasks[edit | edit source]

When all of the beginner tasks are completed, players can talk to Explorer Jack to obtain the Explorer's ring and an antique lamp, which grants 500 experience in a selected skill upon activation. This ring provides 1 charge to restore 50% of the player's Run energy, and recharges every 24 hours at 0000 (UTC).

Explorer's ring 2: Silver - Easy tasks[edit | edit source]

A player getting replenished in running energy by the Explorer's Ring.

Once all the easy tasks have been completed, players may talk to Bob the Axe Seller in Lumbridge to upgrade the Explorer's ring, as well as receive an antique lamp that grants 1,000 experience in a selected skill. This gives the ring 2 charges to restore run energy, as well as the ability to cast Low Level Alchemy 30 times per day without the use of runes. Casting the spell gives Magic experience and requires level 21 magic. The ring also gives the wearer a 10% chance (per rune essence, not per rune created) of receiving extra runes when crafting fire, earth, air or water runes. The additional runes grant the normal amount of experience for crafting that type of rune, although the effect of runecrafting gloves will not work on those additional runes. For example, crafting 28 rune essence into air runes plus getting 2 additional runes grants 28×5 + 2×5 = 150 Runecrafting experience. Note that it is not usable in the Mage Training Arena Alchemists Playground.

Explorer's ring 3: Gold - Medium tasks[edit | edit source]

Finally, after completing all of the medium tasks in the diary, players may talk to Ned in Draynor Village to receive the final version of the ring, as well as an experience lamp that grants 1,500 experience in a selected skill. This ring provides the same bonuses as the previous rings, as well as providing the user with 3 run recharges, and also acts as a free teleport to the cabbage field south of Falador. (This is described by Ned as travelling on the dual cabbageway, commonly referred to as the "cabbage-port" by players.) The teleport has unlimited charges (though giving no experience in any skill), while the run recharges and low alchemy charges reset every 24 hours at 0000 (UTC).

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • The teleport spell is useful for free-to-play fishing on Karamja island. When they are done fishing, players may use the ring to teleport to the cabbage field, bank in Draynor Village and use the ring to teleport back near Port Sarim. This saves 30 coins, an extra space for fish (assuming only 30 coins are brought to Port Sarim), as well as a fair amount of time. Optionally, players may teleport to Falador, bank at the West Falador Bank and use the ring to teleport back near Port Sarim. This saves more time at the cost of a law rune, a water rune and two inventory spaces. In addition, the ring is useful for killing Green Dragons north of the Goblin Village (for members), as the teleport transports the player close to Falador, which is just south of the Village and thus fairly close to the Wilderness.
  • As Explorer Jack says when giving you the first version of the ring, "this is more than any old ring. Aside from looking good, it also has magical properties giving you a small but useful boost to your Magic and Prayer."
  • When combined with the altar teleports obtained from The Great Orb Project, it can be one of the faster ways to train runecrafting in free-to-play, by withdrawing the rune essence (with tiara equipped and teletab in inventory), teleporting to the altar, crafting the runes, teleporting to the cabbage field, running back to Draynor bank, then repeating. However, note that quite recently, the Air Altar has been moved to Varrock, thus severely limiting the use of this method.
  • The ring can be used in the Fist of Guthix minigame to recharge the wearer's run energy. This is helpful when they need to run or attack their opponent depending on their current role (hunter or hunted) in-game.
  • The ring is the only ring with a Prayer bonus, and the only free-to-play ring with any bonuses. This makes it a staple for all free players who have earned it and would like the prayer boost.
  • Players gain the normal experience for casting Low Level Alchemy with the ring (31 experience). Due to the fact that a Nature Rune is not required, the ring's Low Level Alchemy is more economical than casting High Level Alchemy on items with a high alch value of less than three times the current nature rune price (3*294=882). Some items can be purchased for less than the low alchemy value (e.g. Steel claws), thus generating a small profit from this.

A player teleporting with the Explorer's ring 3.
  • When runecrafting at an elemental altar (i.e. air, water, earth, or fire) while wearing the ring, the ring "sparkles to life" and creates extra runes for the wearer. According to Jagex, the ring gives you a 10% chance of crafting an extra rune per essence. This means that one should expect, on average, 2 to 3 extra runes per trip, if each trip consists of 28 rune essence. This function is perfectly compatible with the experience-doubling powers of any of the Runecrafting gloves from the Fist of Guthix, with neither preventing or disrupting the other's function, and can be used any number of times. Also, when crafting extra runes using the ring, the user will receive a bit more experience (it is still unknown how much extra exp is gained).

  • The ring is useful for farmers because the teleport spot is a cabbage patch just south from an Allotment, Herb, and Flower patch. Use of the ring is especially popular among farmers using the Chain Farming technique, as it is the quickest teleport to the Falador patch. Unlike the Amulet of Glory, the explorer's ring does not require periodic recharging. Players are also close to the belladonna patch after using the teleport, with the agility shortcut through the broken railing providing even less walking distance to the patch.
  • If you are a member, and you have obtained the Falador shield 1 and the Ring, you can Low Alchemy the Shield over and over again, getting 30 Magic Experience and 40 coins each time. This would preferably be done near Port Sarim, where Redbeard Frank can be found, with the aid of the Cabbage-port function, as the shield can be returned over and over again. A maximum of 1200 coins daily can be gotten using this method, without any cost but time. Other methods to make money quickly yet without any monetary cost include using the 30 Low Alchemy charges on ore you mine, or even bought if deemed worth the cost, especially Gold ore, which grants a player 60 coins per ore, though requiring Level 40 Mining to acquire.
  • If you seek to use the ring for merely the Magic experience daily, several methods exist to obtain the items capable of being Low-Alchemied: Some of Diango's Holiday items is susceptible to such magic, and can nonetheless still be easily replaced in Draynor Village; Ashes are fairly easily obtainable items and can be gathered in large numbers, banked, and Low Alchemied; Rune essence can be mined without stopping and Low Alchemied for one coin each. The spawns in guilds and Lumbridge Castle are also ideal choices, as are the free sample items obtainable from Lowe and Aubury and the bones found everywhere. The house of the Sorceress also possesses an unlimited supply of beer glasses, whilst Morgan's house contains an unlimited supply of garlic.
  • The Ring is extremely useful in many quests; for example, its run energy-restoring ability can be put to excellent effectiveness in The Fremennik Trials.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As shown in the official RuneScape forums, the Explorer's ring is considered among even members as a highly valued, commonly utilized and excellent item to use, its powers compatible with a wide variety of skills. Among RuneScape circles, free or member, it is currently one of the most frequently used and popular items.
  • When the recharge timer is up and the Explorer's Ring 3 is fully recharged, you used to be forcefully logged out with no prior notification. This was changed in one of Jagex's hidden updates.
  • If a player dies while wielding the ring (if they have more than three items upon their person), they will not be able to get it back from his or her gravestone. However, regardless of how many times it is lost or removed, it can be easily replaced, free of charge. You simply have to speak with the NPC that corresponds with the proper ring to get it back.
  • For some reason, possibly to prevent easy law rune crafting, the ring cannot be taken to Entrana. The monks of Entrana say something about its magic disrupting the flow of that on the island. This could be connected to the fact that the ring has a Magic bonus of +1.
  • While it is possible to take the ring into the Alchemist's Playground, it can not be used there.
  • The ring can be used to teleport to the Falador cabbage patch up to level 20 Wilderness ground. If you attempt to activate a cabbage-port above level 20, you will receive the message: "A mysterious force blocks your teleport spell! You can't use that above level 20 Wilderness. You can't use that here."
  • It would take 38 years, 4 months, and 24 days to reach Level 99 Magic using only the Explorer's ring 2's Low Level Alchemy ability. This is partly due to the fact that the ring is limited to 30 charges each day, thus allowing a maximum of only 930 Magic experience per day. Nonetheless, such a reward is not inconsiderable, especially for non-members: For example, the two free Quests that offer direct Magic experience,Witch's Potion and Imp Catcher, both offer Magic experience lesser than that of the maximum experience attainable through the ring's magic daily, 325 and 875, respectively.
  • On the 19 August 2008, an unannounced change was made to the name of all of the explorer's rings: the parentheses were removed.
  • A player can use Cabbage Port while in combat. The easiest way to do this is to right click the ring and select Cabbage Port with the ring in your inventory.
  • When fighting or being attacked, while using Cabbage Port, either the cabbage disappears, or the cabbage continues its animation but the player changed his/her animation. The teleport process is not interrupted, unlike Home teleports
  • If a player attempts to restore their run energy when it is already at 100%, it will give a message saying "You are fully rested. You do not need to use the ring's power for the moment." But run energy will be wasted if the player tries to restore run energy at 51-99% run energy level.
  • If a player is sitting in a chair and Cabbage Ports, the cabbage does its animation but the player stays in the chair.‎ However, the player will still be teleported.
  • Although you can not log out when you enter the cabbage port animation, you can log out the second you enter the cabbage farm when you are finishing the animation.
  • Attempting to use the ring's low alchemy spell on the ring itself produces the text: "The ring refuses to cast the spell on itself." This can be attempted any number of times to no avail and without the use of a charge.
  • When attempting to use the ring's low alchemy spell in the Free for all, Clan Wars minigame; the text shows "Please go somewhere else if you want to do that."
  • When using the ring to restore run energy while wielding an Abyssal Whip, the weapon stays completely straight.
  • This teleport can be used as much as you like and uses no runes.
  • Like most teleports (with the exception of the Home Teleport spell) once cast, you can not stop it from teleporting you.
  • Destroying the ring and asking Ned for it back will not affect the number of charges in the ring at all, either positively or negatively.
  • The Explorer's Ring 3 is currently the only free-to-play jewellery that has teleportation, though certain other F2P items, such as the Skull sceptre and the Tele-orb, also possess the power of teleportation. Nonetheless, the ring is valued as a highly useful item, as it is one of only five teleportation items in the entire game, free-to-play or member, which has unlimited teleports (the others are the Ardougne Cloak, Karamja Gloves 3, Ectophial, and Broomstick).
  • When you teleport using the explorer's ring the character will crouch down to fit inside the cabbage.
  • A recent bug means that players who complete the Beginner level of the diary are unable to obtain the ring from Explorer Jack. This bug has been fixed.
  • There's a glitch that when you use the new rest option, and then you use the teleport of the ring you can walk after you respawn in the field with the animation running. This too is the case if one teleports from a POH, as with all teleports out of a house.
  • There was a glitch when the ring recharges every day at 00:00 GMT. If a player is logged in at that time, the ring will not be recharged until the next log in, which is now patched.
  • There is a glitch that while one decides to teleport when running, run energy will still be deducted as if the player was still running, but in fact the player is actually in the cabbage field, not moving at all.
  • You can use the Ring's cabbage-port function immediately after you teleport to the cabbage patch; in other words, you can use it from the teleport destination over and over again, teleporting into the exact same spot.
  • Formerly, Ned, after you have completed the entire Lumbridge/Draynor Achievement Diary, will explain that the Farming patch spirit had enchanted the ring, and by operating the teleport and waiting, one can actually meet the spirit herself. This has since been removed.
  • It is impossible for one to pass through the Abyss through the Lost and Found random event using this item, like all the other teleport items.
  • While it is possible to use the Explorer's Ring to teleport back to RuneScape from certain worlds, planes and dimensions, most of the Random Events teleport the player to an unknown location even the Ring is incapable of returning the player from. For instance, on ScapeRune, if one attempts to use the Ring to teleport oneself back to Gielinor, a message will come up and say: "The teleport spell seems to fizzle out before you can cast it. Apparently you can't use these to get from ScapeRune to RuneScape." However, at the Runecrafting Altars, which are, according to Elriss, "pocket dimensions unto themselves: areas of folded space created by the energy of the rune altar", and "not exactly in RuneScape", the ring is fully functional in teleporting the player back to Gielinor. The ring can also be used in the Abyss, which is described as "the dimension that exists between other more developed dimensions - the ‘glue’ that keeps each dimension together yet separate", a direct link to the Runecrafting Altars. During the Leo the Gravedigger random event, while other teleports, such as the Lumbridge Home Teleport, are negated with the message, "You cannot leave until the coffins have been sorted.", attempts to cabbage-port away merely elicit the message, "You can't do that here." and attempts to Low Alchemy result in, "You can't use that spell in here." During the Maze random event, efforts to activate the ring's Low Alchemy function will fail in "You didn't come here to do that!" and attempts to cabbage-port out of the Maze will result in "You can't use that here." Uses of teleports such as the Lumbridge Home Teleport will result in: "You have to reach the center of the maze!" You can use the ring in the Land of Snow.
  • Previously, while wearing the ring, the only right-click option available would be to "Operate" it, opening a screen with two or more options. However, after the 07-Oct-2009 - High-level Herblore Potions Update, like certain other items, F2P or P2P, such as the Amulet of Glory, right-clicking it when worn will display the options without having to operate it and then select the desired options.
  • Some untradeable Items show their price when they are shown in the Items Kept on Death menu. The Explorer's ring is one of these unique items, and is shown to be worth 350 coins on the menu.

Glitches:[edit | edit source]

While in combat you can teleport and it will look like a cabbage is growing under you.