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This is the userpage of a defunct bot. It is kept here for historical purposes.

Bot crown.svg This bot is controlled by A proofreader.

Emergency Stop

Sysops may click the above link to block this bot if it should malfunction. In that case, please contact its operator to resolve the problem.

What is this?[edit | edit source]

This bot is an image maintenance bot that can move batches of images to new names as well as update references to the old names so that they point to the new ones.

How do I use this?[edit | edit source]

You need to put a request on this bot's request page, which it should honour in under an hour. You must be a custodian to do this.

When the bot has tried to move all the images in your request, it will place a success or error message on your talk page unless you put " (no talk page)" at the end of the edit summary before publishing the request.

The format of requests is described in more detail on the bot's request page.

Talk page reports[edit | edit source]

This section will explain what this bot posts on your talk page when it is done with a request of yours.

What are these?[edit | edit source]

Reports posted to talk pages by this bot are for failures to move images, or to update references to images in pages, or both. A report will contain a list of files whose moves failed, and for reference updates, there will be a list of pages that need to be updated manually. A reason will be specified for each of those; see the sections below for an explanation.

Sample talk page report[edit | edit source]

Some references towards images could not be edited on pages. Below is a list of these pages, as well as an explanation for each failure.

  • File:Super_special_awesome_example.png not fixed to point to File:Example.png on: Forum:Some archived discussion (protected), User talk:Example/Archive 15 (protected)
  • File:Sliske as strange man.png not fixed to point to File:Sliske.png on: User:Insert vandal (protected), User:Strange man (MediaWikiException: Database error (

RSW image renamer <date>

Reasons for failure[edit | edit source]

The bot may use the following reasons for failure to rename an image in a page:

  • protected - The page is protected and the bot has insufficient rights to edit it. This usually means that the reference to renamed images in that page have become red links.
  • IOException - When the page can't be edited because of a persistent network error. References to images are still red links in the page.
  • PermissionException - When the bot has lost the right to edit pages. This should occur infrequently.
  • RestrictionException - When the entire wiki is read-only and cannot be edited. If a lot of these pop up in a talk page report, it may be worth redoing your image-rename request with the |NoMove flag to retry updating references in bulk. See the request page for more information on this.
  • MediaWikiException - When an error with the database occurs, or some other unknown condition. References to images are still red links in the page.

Erroneous posts[edit | edit source]

The bot may erroneously post to your talk page when the image to be moved was referenced in a template transcluded in a template. This is currently handled incorrectly.

The bot should use the "protected" reason for protected pages. If many pages are protected, or some moves failed because the target file names existed but were deleted, you may repost your talk page report on RuneScape:Administrator requests for sysops to handle. Only sysops may overwrite deleted files during a move.

You can also update references found on nested templates if they are not protected.

How do I run this?[edit | edit source]

Some documentation and the source code are provided in /Source, should another user need to run this bot.

Users of other wikis can also use this code and adapt it to their wiki. No attribution is required, though the copyright notice must remain.