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The symbol of trusted users with bot scripts. This account is a RuneScape Wiki bot.
Bot crown.svg This bot is controlled by Sactage.

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This was a RuneScape wiki bot that acted in the Special:Chat. It was created when "Forum:A Bot for Chat" was passed. This bot is hosted by Sactage using his custom chat client. However, TyA has full access to the account as well. Ultimately it was retired after Forum:Not so chatty decided that Special:Chat should be closed.

For more information the original script used to log the chat and how it works, contact Joeytje50.

Current Tasks[edit | edit source]

Chat Logger
Logs detail.png This bot keeps a log of the actions.
Task Run time Frequency
Chat Logger Indefinite 1 Hour

This task performs the following:

  1. Records the wiki's chat conversations.
  2. Logs it on "RuneScape:Chat/Logs" for the correct day; if the day's page is unavailable, it will create a new page.