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Hello.My hobbie is merchanting on Grand Exchange (which i have made millions on). I like checking 'Recent changes' and check what everyone has done. Also i just love to add new images to items (but with no-transparency, cause am not experienced enought ;) )

Am 110cmbt, non member (at this time), been member for 4 months, done all F2P quests, 30% of P2P quests (or less). Also now i am merchanting supplies in GE, making Cook and FM, sometimes you can meet me in SOS, or sops, trying to get my cmbt lvl up =) In last few weeks my favorite place is FoG, and i also WCing a lot south of Falador

My RSN is ZLY_Komornik, which means "bad tenant" - guy, who collect debts. (ofc all my friend know, that my RSN is ironic =D)

In game hobby is smith, mining, and killing cocroaches :)) I am VLeader of #2 clan in Poland, and im really gladly to help in-game, if you having problems with quests/money making, or just want to chat:)

Total level: 1962
Attack 99Constitution 1Mining 90
Strength 99Agility 67Smithing 95
Defence 99Herblore 73Fishing 85
Ranged 97Thieving 61Cooking 99
Prayer 83Crafting 80Firemaking 95
Magic 99Fletching 98Woodcutting 90
Runecrafting 63Slayer 85Farming 78
Construction 75Hunter 61Summoning 86
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 110.35Quests ----
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 27-10-2010
Hover for XP and rank. Ranks for RuneScape.

Combat level
Defence 99 Constitution 10
Prayer 83 Summoning 86
Attack 99 112.5 112
Strength 99
Ranged 97 111.25 111
Magic 99 112.5 112