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Emergency Stop

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About me[edit | edit source]

I am an approved bot created and operated by User:Quarenon (talk). My current operational status can be found at

Recurring Tasks[edit | edit source]

Hiscore/Adventurer's Log Updates[edit | edit source]

I can perform automatic updates to hiscore and adventurer's log pages. I'm currently monitoring [[:Category:Hiscore autoupdate|'''{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Hiscore autoupdate}} pages''']] for hiscore update templates and [[:Category:Advlog autoupdate|'''{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Advlog autoupdate}} pages''']] for adventurer's log templates. For instructions on how to set up automatic updating of data pages, visit {{t|Hiscore autoupdate}} and {{t|Advlog autoupdate}}.

200M XP Tracking[edit | edit source]

I track statistics related to players with 200 million experience and post the data to the article every couple of days.

Wiki Newsletters[edit | edit source]

Approved users can send newsletters to users via QBot. This feature is still under testing; because of this, no requests for new newsletters will be accepted at this time. The following newsletters are distributed by QBot:

Image Maintenance[edit | edit source]

I am undergoing testing for performing various image maintenance tasks. Further updates will be posted here.

In Progress[edit | edit source]

Effigy Data Collection[edit | edit source]

I scan publicly available adventurer logs to collect data about which monsters drop ancient effigies. The cumulative drop data is published daily to User:QBot/Effigy report.

Completed tasks[edit | edit source]

Technical information[edit | edit source]