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Hi, sorry for making this really short, but I'll work on it later. (in a decade or two)

Simply wanted to present myself really quickly;

So I'm Proulxs (here and on runescape), I have done all quests and tasks. I'm maxed
I've had only 3x99 (cooking/magic and crafting) for such a long time because I never liked pure skilling/leveling. Working on my lowest skill is always what I prefer. I'm maxed since nov 3rd 2014 and comped in may 1st 2015.

I had an old project about a flash program that will help everyone to do Puzzle box as they seem to be really hard for some players (Mainly Monkey Madness' one as players are usually not familiar with thoses box when they do the quest...) You can get it on my website

I also worked to make a Celtic knot solver. You can get it on my website too.

As I saw none, here's a table of prayer training I made for me... From higher xp to lowest xp

Bone used Unit price G Altar + 2 Lit Burners Ectofuntus
Frost Dragon Bones 13,408 coins 21.3 coins/XP 18.6 coins/XP
Ourg Bones 17,019 coins 34.7 coins/XP 30.4 coins/XP
Dagannoth Bones 4,607 coins 10.5 coins/XP 9.2 coins/XP
Wyvern Bones 10,915 coins 62.4 coins/XP 54.6 coins/XP
Dragon Bones 1,642 coins 6.5 coins/XP 5.7 coins/XP
Infernal ashes 1,208 coins 5.5 coins/XP 4.8 coins/XP
Baby dragon Bones 1,980 coins 18.9 coins/XP 16.5 coins/XP
Big Bones 240 coins 4.6 coins/XP 4 coins/XP

Here's another table for me;

Thing made Raw cost Profit GP/XP
Phoenix Necklace 4,660 902 10
Games Necklaces 2,063 902 16.4
Ring of duelling 3,236 995 18.1
Water Battlestaves (Battlestaff from GE) 8,802 498 4.98
Water Battlestaves (Battlestaff from Zaff) 12,849 -3,549 -35.49
Fire Battlestaves (Battlestaff from Zaff) 10,998 -1,698 -13.6
Earth Battlestaves (Battlestaff from Zaff) 12,963 -3,663 -32.6
Air Battlestaves (Battlestaff from Zaff) 11,720 -2,420 -17.6
Forinthry brace 4,660 1,410 15.7
Fish fished Raw cost Assumed fish per hour GP/H
Monkfish 1,302 250 325,500
Sharks 1,956 125 244,500
Sharks 1,956 175 342,300
Cavefish 2,149 133 285,817
Rocktails 4,368 100 436,800