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Images[edit | edit source]

Item screenshots that still need an article. Put here to escape the 'unused files' list. <!-- 130-ish items left --> {|class="wikitable sortable" !Image!!In-Game Name!!Examine!!Quest |- |[[File:A magic scroll.png|A magic scroll]]||A magic scroll||This scroll glows with an inner light.|| |- |[[File:A rock.png|A rock]]||A rock||A rock.||[[In Aid of the Myreque]] |- |[[File:Amulet of Ghostspeak enchanted.png|Amulet of Ghostspeak]]||Amulet of Ghostspeak||The amulet of ghostspeak glows green from the crone's enchantment.||[[Ghosts Ahoy]] |- |[[File:Augustes sapling.png|Auguste's sapling]]||Auguste's sapling||This sapling is ready to be replanted in a tree patch.||[[Enlightened Journey]] |- |[[File:Balloon structure.png|Balloon structure]]||Balloon structure||An incomplete origami balloon.||[[Enlightened Journey]] |- |[[File:Bronze key red.png|Bronze key red]]||Bronze key red||A bronze key with a blood-red painted eyelet.||[[Shades of Mort'ton]] |- |[[File:Chest.png|Chest]]||Chest||A dirty chest.||[[Making History]] |- |[[File:Crate.png|Crate]]||Crate||An old and musty crate.||[[In Aid of the Myreque]] |- |[[File:Crate with Zanik.png|Crate with Zanik]]||Crate with Zanik||It's got Zanik in it.|| |- |[[File:Cup of hot water.png|Cup of hot water]]||Cup of hot water||It's hot!|| |- |[[File:Cup of tea (ghosts ahoy).png|Cup of tea]]||Cup of tea||Some nettle tea in a porcelain cup.||[[Ghosts Ahoy]] |- |[[File:Cup of tea milky (ghosts ahoy).png|Cup of tea (milky)]]||Cup of tea||Some milky nettle tea in a porcelain cup.||[[Ghosts Ahoy]] |- |[[File:Diary.png|Diary]]||Diary||A daily journal.||Possibly [[Witch's House]]? |- |[[File:Herb mix tea 1.png|Herb mix tea]]||Herb mix tea||An unfinished herb tea made up of water and harralander.|| |- |[[File:Herb mix tea 2.png|Herb mix tea]]||Herb mix tea||An unfinished herb tea made up of water, 2 doses of guam and harralander.|| |- |[[File:Journal.png|Journal]]||Journal||Somebody's private journal|| |- |[[File:Journal HftD.png|Journal]]||Journal||A daily journal.||[[Horror from the Deep]] |- |[[File:Karamja rum banana sliced.png|Karamja rum]]||Karamja rum||The Karamja rum has slices of banana floating in it.||[[Tai Bwo Wannai Trio]] |- |[[File:Karamja rum banana whole.png|Karamja rum]]||Karamja rum||A banana has been stuffed into the neck of this bottle.|| |- |[[File:Key lost city.png|Key]]||Key||The key you stole from Sigmund.||[[The Lost Tribe]] |- |[[File:King's message.png|King's message]]||King's message||A summons from King Lathas.||[[Regicide]] |- |[[File:Magic ogre potion.png|Magic ogre potion]]||Magic ogre potion||A dangerous magical liquid.||[[Watchtower]] |- |[[File:Magic stone tears of guthix.png|Magic stone]]||Magic stone||Doesn't look very special.||Possibly [[Tears of Guthix]]? |- |[[File:Porcelain cup.png|Porcelain cup]]||Porcelain cup||A porcelain cup.||[[Ghosts Ahoy]] |- |[[File:A magic scroll.PNG|Hazelmere's scroll]]||Hazelmere's scroll||Hazelmere write something down on this scroll.||[[The Grand Tree]] |- |[[File:Sphinxs token.png|Sphinx's token]]||Sphinx's token||Miniature golden statue of a sphinx.||[[Icthlarin's Little Helper]] |- |[[File:Steel fire arrows 1.png|Steel fire arrows (1)]][[File:Steel fire arrows 2.png|Steel fire arrows (2)]][[File:Steel fire arrows 3.png|Steel fire arrows (3)]][[File:Steel fire arrows 4.png|Steel fire arrows (4)]][[File:Steel fire arrows 5.png|Steel fire arrows (5)]]||Steel fire arrows||Arrows with steel heads and oil-soaked cloth.||[[Underground Pass]] |- |[[File:Steel fire arrows lit 1.png|Steel fire arrows (1)]][[File:Steel fire arrows lit 2.png|Steel fire arrows (2)]][[File:Steel fire arrows lit 4.png|Steel fire arrows (4)]][[File:Steel fire arrows lit 5.png|Steel fire arrows (5)]]||Steel fire arrows||These steel-headed arrows are ablaze with fire.||[[Underground Pass]] |- |[[File:Tobans key.png|Toban's key]]||Toban's key||Formerly the property of the ogre, Toban.||[[Watchtower]] |- |[[File:Unholy symbol icthlarins little helper.png|Unholy symbol]]||Unholy symbol||Sign of the devourer.||[[Icthlarin's Little Helper]] |- |[[File:Vial watchtower.png|Vial]]||Vial||A mixture of jangerberries and a guam leaf in a vial.||[[Watchtower]] |- | [[File:Zanik dead.png|Zanik]] ||Zanik||She's dead, but the mark on her forehead is glowing brightly.||[[Death to the Dorgeshuun]] |- |[[File:Balloon toad.png|Balloon toad]]||Balloon toad||An inflated toad tied to a rock like a balloon||RFD |- |[[File:Banana stew.png|Banana stew]]||Banana stew||It's a bowl full of mushy banana||Ape Atoll |- |||Blessed pot||A blessed silver pot filled with blood and garlic||DT |- |||Blessed pot||A blessed silver pot filled with bloos, garlic and spices||DT |- |||Blessed pot||A blessed silver pot made by Ruantun filled with your blood||DT |- |||Blessed pot||A silver pot made by Ruantun and blessed on Entrana||DT |- |[[File:Broken cannon.png|Broken cannon]]||Broken cannon||Not likely to work again||CF |- |[[File:Broken pole.png|Broken pole]]||Broken pole||Splintered into pieces, it has become completey useless to you||MD |- |||Brulee||A pot of brulle mix - needs egg||RFD |- |||Brulee||It's just missing a sprinkling of cinnamon||RFD |- |||Brulee||Perfect, it just needs flambeing||RFD |- |||Brulee supreme||A pot of brulee supreme||RFD |- |[[File:Canister.png|Canister]]||Canister||A canister holding shrapnel||CF |- |||Cannon ball||A heavy metal ball||CF |- |||Cannon barrel||A working cannon barrel||CF |- |||Catspeak amulet (e)||It's an amulet of cat speak. It makes vague purring noises||AToTC |- |[[File:Chores.png|Chores]]||Chores||A list of chores that Bob gave you to do||AToTC |- |[[File:Clean necklace.png|Clean necklace]]||Clean necklace||A recently-cleaned necklace||varrock museum |- |[[File:Coffin.png|Coffin]]||Coffin||Filled with items. Like a bank, but spookier!||random |- |||Consecration seed||This consecration seed glows with a warm light||RE |- |||Consecration seed||This consecration seed looks grey and dead||RE |- |[[File:Cornflour mixture.png|Cornflour mixture]]||Cornflour mixture||A mixture of milk, cream and cornflour||RFD |- |[[File:Crystal pendant.png|Crystal pendant]]||Crystal pendant||Lord Iorwerth's crystal pendant||R |- |[[File:Cured yak-hide.gif|Cured yak hide]]||Cured yak hide||Ready to be cut and sewn into armour||FI |- |||Decapitated head||The head of the Troll King...nice!||FI |- |||Door key||A key to some door||DoH |- |[[File:Dragon token.png|Dragon token]]||Dragon token||It's got a dragon on it||RFD |- |||Emerald lantern||A mystical lantern||LD |- |||Emerald lantern (lit)||A mystical lantern||LD |- |[[File:Emerald lens.png|Emerald lens]]||Emerald lens||A roughly circular disc of glass||LD |- |[[File:Empty tax bag.png|Empty tax bag]]||Empty tax bag||An empty tax bag||FI |- |[[File:Dreamvial.png|Empty vial]]||Empty vial||A vessel for holding liquid||LD |- |[[File:Enchanted egg.png|Enchanted egg]]||Enchanted egg||Egg containing knowledge||RFD |- |[[File:Enchanted flour.png|Enchanted flour]]||Enchanted flour||A pot of special flour||RFD |- |[[File:Enchanted milk.png]]||Enchanted milk||Guiding milk||RFD |- |||Fresh monkfish||Freshly caught and cooked - perfect for storing. Not so good for eating||SS |- |||Fresh monkfish||Freshly caught. Needs cooking||SS |- |[[File:Fuse.png|Fuse]]||Fuse||Burns very well||CF |- |[[File:Garlic powder.png|Garlic powder]]||Garlic powder||Finely ground garlic powder||DT |- |[[File:Glowing dagger.png|Glowing dagger]]||Glowing dagger||A black obsidian dagger, it has a strange aura about it - it seems to be glowing||LQ |- |[[File:Gold bowl.png|Gold bowl]]||Gold bowl||A specially made bowl constructed out of pure gold||LG |- |||Golden bowl||A blessed golden bowl. It has pure sacred water in it||LQ) .png |- |[[File:Ground mud runes.png|Ground mud runes]]||Ground mud runes||Mud runes ground into a powder||EoG |- |[[File:Guam vial.png|Guam vial]]||Guam vial||A vessel with water and Guam inside||LD |- |[[File:Guam-marr vial.png|Guam-marr vial]]||Guam-marr vial||A vessel with water, Guam and Marrentil inside||LD |- |[[File:Guilded cross.png|Guilded cross]]||Guilded cross||An old and strangely shaped metal cross||DT |- |[[File:Gunpowder.png|Gumpowder]]||Gunpowder||Best keep this away from naked flames||CF |- |[[File:Hefty tax bag.png|Hefty tax bag]]||Hefty tax bag||A hefty tax bag||FI |- |[[File:Iorwerths message.png|Iorwerth's message]]||Iorwerth's message||A letter for King Lathas from Lord Iorwerth||R |- |[[File:Iron sheet.png|Iron sheet]]||Iron sheet||A sturdy sheet of iron||SS |- |[[File:Kindling.png|Kindling]]||Kindling||Small bits of wood from the first magic tree!||LD |- |[[File:Large ornate key.png|Large_ornate_key]]||Large ornate key||A key to some large, strange door||DoH |- |||Large pouch (orb)||||DM.png |- |||Lunar staff - pt 1||A staff enchanted b yair||LD |- |||Lunar staff - pt 2||A staff enchanted by air and fire||LD |- |||Lunar staff - pt 3||A staff enchanted by air, fire and water||LD |- |[[File:Message.png|Message]]||Message||A message found behind a loose tile||DoH |- |[[File:Milky mixture.png|Milky mixture]]||Milky mixture||It's a bucket of milk and cream||RFD |- |||Mission report||Lumbridge penguin's report||CW |- |||Mission report||My fake report||CW |- |||Mission report||Zoo penguin's report||CW |- |||Monkey bones||These are medium sized monkey bones|| |- |||Monkey bones||These are quite large monkey bones|| |- |||Monkey bones||These are smallish monkey bones. They smell extremely nauseating|| |- |[[File:Muddy rock.png|Muddy rock]]||Muddy rock||A muddy rock||MD |- |[[File:Naphtha mix.png|Naphtha mix]]||Naphtha mix||A barrel full of naphtha and quicklime||R |- |[[File:Plunder.png|Plunder]]||Plunder||Looks valuable||CF |- |[[File:Pot of cornflour.png|Pot of cornflour]]||Pot of cornflour||It's cornflour in a pot||RFD |- |[[File:Potted root.png|Potted root]]||Potted root||A potted root||BTMR |- |||Pottery||Bits of ancient pottery||varrock museum |- |[[File:Present.png|Present]]||Present||Thanks for all your help! Love, Bob & Neite||AToTC |- |[[File:Ramrod.png|Ramrod]]||Ramrod||For cleaning and packing the cannon||CF |- |[[File:Raw guide cake.png|Raw guide cake]]||Raw guide cake||Now all I need to do is cook it||RFD |- |[[File:Raw stuffed snake.png|Raw stuffed snake]]||Raw stuffed snake||This snake is stuffed right up||RFD |- |[[File:Repair plank.png|Repair plank]]||Repair plank||A plank of wood to repair the hull with||CF |- |[[File:Root cutting.png|root cutting]]||Root cutting||A root cutting||BTMR |- |[[File:Royal decree.png|Royal decree]]||Royal decree||The document is stamped with King Gjuki Sorvott IV's royal seal||FI |- |[[File:Scrawled note.png|Scrawled note]]||Scrawled note||A scrawled not with spidery writing on it||LQ |- |||Scroll||An official-looking scroll||RT |- |[[File:Servants skull.PNG|Servant's skull]]||Servant's skull||What possesses me to carry these things around?||halloween07 |- |||Silver pot||A silver pot made by Ruantun||DT |- |[[File:Skewered chompy.png|Skewered chompy]]||Skewered chompy||A skewered chompy bird||RFD |- |||Sled||A waxed sled||TR s |- |||Sled||A waxed sled||TR |- |||Sled||It needs waxing before I can use it||TR |- |[[File:Sliced red banana.png|Sliced red banana]]||Sliced red banana||Perfect for stuffing snakes||RFD |- |[[File:Small crystal seed.png|Small crystal seed]]||Small crystal seed||This small crystal seed looks grey and dead||EoG |- |[[File:Soaked kindling.png|Soaked kindling]]||Soaked kindling||Magic wood soaked with a potion of waking sleep. Groovy||LD |- |[[File:Stuffed snake.png|Stuffed snake]]||Stuffed snake||Fit for a Monkey King||RFD |- |[[File:Tchiki monkey nuts.png|Tchiki monkey nuts]]||Tchiki monkey nuts||Like Monkey Nuts only Tchikier||RFD |- |[[File:Tchiki nut paste.png|Tchiki nut paste]]||Tchiki nut paste||Mixing this with jam would just be wrong||RFD |- |[[File:Waking sleep vial.png|Waking sleep vial]]||Waking sleep vial||A vessel for dreaming while awake!||LD |- |[[File:Wax.png|Wax]]||Wax||I can use this to wax my sled||TR |}