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Code Template
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/BronzeRusher}}
Bronze claws.png This player owns a pair of BRONZE CLAWS, stay out of his way!
RCCook.png This user follows Cook Me Plox, god of RC spam.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/Custurdian}}
The symbol of users entrusted with the wiki-custard . This user is a custurdian on the RuneScape Wiki. They have the ability to handle custard and move files.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/Gay}}
This user supports same-sex marriage.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/GreenGod}}
Green hallowe'en mask.png
This user follows Stelercus, god of all things green.
Jagex is trolling u.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/Loser}}
X mark.svg This user thinks he is funny. He isnt.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/RollbackNinja}}
The symbol of users with trusted rollback rights. This user has rollback rights. This means he is more important than everyone, especially <insert name here>
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/UserboxPrick}}
Pie.png This user will create userboxes for free if you ask him!
For YOU however, he will demand PIE for his very valuable services.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/Vandal!|more detail}}
banhammer2.png This user wants to vandalise the Wiki.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/Vandal!(Sentra246)|more detail}}
banhammer2.png This user constantly vandalises the wiki.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/WarnSarcasm}}
Nuvola apps important yellow.svg

This player uses extreme amounts of sarcasm at all times. Prolonged exposure to this user may cause cynicism and an irrational hatred for all living beings.
{{User:Pharos 5/Userboxes/WikiNinja}}
Hartwin chathead.png This user is a WikiNinja! (whatever that is...)