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POH Altar
Total level: 2880 (2987)
Attack 100 Constitution 107 Mining 103
Strength 100 Agility 107 Smithing 103
Defence 100 Herblore 120 Fishing 111
Ranged 106 Thieving 103 Cooking 103
Prayer 104 Crafting 104 Firemaking 105
Magic 107 Fletching 101 Woodcutting 103
Runecrafting 101 Slayer 116 Farming 120
Construction 105 Hunter 105 Summoning 104
Dungeoneering 120 Divination 102 Invention 121
Archaeology 106 Attack style icon fixed.png 138 Quest.png 414
Music icon.png 1,315 Task icon.png 2,256 RuneScore.png 21,705
As of 18 May 2021

My current RuneScape in-game name is POH Altar. I'm the co-founder of the Altar clan, a clan dedicated to finding an open house for you to train Prayer in.

Old signature (pre-template): Firemaking-icon.png Paul Z Prayer-icon.png

Current signature: RuneMetrics Paul Z Talk bite me HS Contributions

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

Main article: User:Paul Z/Sandbox

I use this to test things.

RuneScape goals[edit | edit source]

120 Slayer (Currently 116/120), 120 Archaeology (Currently 106/120)
Re-unlock all music tracks. (Currently 1,1315/1,1318)
[Name] the Archaeology Guildmaster
Get the regular completionist cape.
Defeat all champions in the Champion's Challenge. (Currently defeated champions: Giant)
4,000 Chompy kills. (Currently at 133/4,000 kills)
Achieved a score of 1,250+ in Conquest. (Currently 1,030)
Unlock all permanent effects from Death's Store. (Need Book of Death, Reaper's choice, Rainbow and Grave loot beams, Bonfire booster, Additional tasks, and Reaper scroll)
Discover all the totem pieces on Anachronia.
Unlock all five of the Kal'gerion battle commendation titles. (Currently 0/5)
Purchase the champion's tackle box from the Fish Flingers fisherman.
Fully upgrade the base camp on Anachronia.
Kill the Penance King in Barbarian Assault.
Attain the highest Esteem rank possible (rank 1) from training in Runespan. (Currently rank 2 esteem)
Must have defeated Telos at 100% enrage. (Current highest enrage kill is 33%)
Unlock the ability to craft Slayer items. (Need "Fuse Rings to Slayer Helmets")
[Name] the Statuesque. (Currently 7/29)
[Name] of Daemonheim (Currently 0/60)
Fully complete the Slayer Codex. (Currently 35/160)
Complete the Ranch Out of Time breeding log.
Fully upgrade the War's Retreat campfire.
Reunite Irwinsson with his lost compass.
Found and read all five miner's journals and the diary of Jebediah Omnis from Ripper Demons. (Need #5 and the diary of Jebediah Omnis)
Collect the following lore books from bosses inside the Dragonkin Laboratory. (Need Redacted Dragonkin Research)
Collect the following lore books from bosses inside the Shadow Reef. (Need The Last Offering and Kranon's Ancient Journal)
Uncover all of the murals inside the Sunken Pyramid. (Currently 35/110 Slayer monsters)
Collect the following lore books from bosses inside the Temple of Aminishi. (Need Crassian Allegiance and Himiko's Vision)

RS Wiki goals/to-do list[edit | edit source]

  • Quick guides for every quest and miniquest.
  • Standardize the spelling to make it all British spelling. Examples: when to capitalize cardinal directions (and when not to), hyphenate all intermediate cardinal directions, British spelling for words like "centre", "colour", "armour", etc.
  • Fix the discrepancy between Derril and My notes additional information.
  • Fix the discrepancy between Farming training and Farming training/Growth guide about gardeners (not farmers - that's another discrepancy, what they're called) curing disease instantly vs. preventing it.
  • Eliminate the "Halloween" misspelling on every offending page, to turn it into "Hallowe'en" (except in verbatim excerpts and update/link names).
  • Fix names that have plural invariability to remove erroneous pluralisation with 's' across all offending pages (except in verbatim excerpts and update/link names):
  • Fix/update the various tables pertaining to Firemaking experience/cost rates.
  • Need a new "Gublinch (race)" page.
  • Standardize, clean up and fix Currency pouch, Currencies, and its template.
  • Fully update Category:Books, Category:Books that can be stored in a player-owned house bookcase, and Category:Texts and tomes.
    • Possibly find a way to have them automatically added to pages via a parameter in Template:Infobox Item?
    • Also italicize names of books/similar items in the bolded page name in the prose of the article, and when the book/similar item is mentioned elsewhere.
  • Keep certain templates up-to-date and complete:
  • Link the individual achievements in the respective achievement list pages (Desert achievements, etc.).
  • Clean up templates/categories for pages of pieces of equipment that can be augmented/dyed/have variants, yet are disjointed from one another, e.g. Category:Crossbows not being applied to augmented/augmented dyed variants of relevant crossbows. In summary, fix the over-categorization which causes a lack of application of comprehensive categories and templates that may be applicable to a given page or set of similar pages.
  • Majorly rework/update/fix Player-owned port/Captains and crew and subsidiary pages.
  • Fully replace "task" with "achievement" wherever applicable.
  • Bathysphere in POH counts as transmogrification.
  • Fix the mess that is Template:Shop types and everything associated with it (see: capitalization of "Stall", or calling something a stall vs. a shop).
  • Fix the capitalization of skill names in composite terms such as "Farming/farming patch", "Slayer/slayer assignment", "Magic/magic attack", "Ranged/ranged attack", etc..
  • Capitalization (or not?) of Chants and incantations vs. its template.
  • Varrock Museum Archaeologist needs to be changed to "Varrock Museum archaeologist".
  • Update ALL relevant pages upon Archaeology's release.
  • Fix all pages that link to Pouch (Summoning) so that they link to Pouch directly.
  • Icon link all excavation hotspots and material caches.
  • Create redirects for all material caches in the style of "Cobalt blue material cache" redirects to "Material cache (cobalt blue)".
  • Look into Elen Anterth vs. The Max Cape Marketplace selling max cape and skillcapes.
  • Change all links to "restoration station" to archaeologist's workbench (in article prose and in infobox recipe).
  • Cost calculations and total ingredients for gnome restaurant.
  • Profit calculator for chronotes (buying materials for restored artefacts); collections vs. museum donations.
  • Use and apply the fe template where necessary.
  • Fix Excavation sites and all specific pages (e.g. linking to excavation site when it should be excavation hotspot or material cache).
    • Create currently redlinked pages from the template.
  • Update all material cache pages, related pages, and maps to reflect the patch notes which added extra material caches.
  • Eliminate ALL underscores in links (e.g. in the ticksnote parameter of the infobox recipe template for smithing items; update history linking, etc.). Too many places to count.
  • Ensure that there is always a space between asterisks (bullet points) and text.
  • Fix Template:Variant so that it links to the fully capitalized version of Augmented Pickaxe of Earth and Song on the Pickaxe of Earth and Song article.
  • Fix drop line templates so they have formatted numbers (with commas) while still displaying the colour of the rarity.
  • Individual pages (as interactive scenery) for all Infernal Source portals (zodiacs, dagon, chaos).
  • Create and cleanup templates relating to each dig site.
  • Create new switchbox option for "The Evil Kerapac" vs. "Kerapac" (both in Desperate Measures).
  • Create Butterfly (Anachronia). Examine text: "Butterfly."
  • Create Best-in-slot equipment page.

List of accomplishments[edit | edit source]

No longer being updated as frequently.

Pages I've created[edit | edit source]

Not done for bragging rights or anything like that; simply to keep track.

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