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Dailies Weeklies (Tuesday nights)
Reaper Aquarium
Treasure Hunter Tears of Guthix
Daily challenge Circus
Vis wax/Hood runes Meg
Crystal sandstone and Red sandstone Herbus werbus
Crystal tree Pingu
Make and harvest div locs Totems
10% XP Premier artefact Citadel (Friday nights)
Ports Monthlies
POF God Statues
Hat items: chronicles, clay, coal, pie shells Oyster
Ring alchs Troll Invasion
Herb shops: Prif and Taverley Effigy Incubator
Meat shop: Oo'glog Premier Club Vault
Berries Solomon's General Store free item
Money tree
Check Harmony pillars
Motherlode Maw
Potato cacti
Rune shops: Ali, Yanille, Lunar
Agil + Trees - Fal/Tav/Lum/Var/Tra/Gnome/Calquat
Mush + Herbs - Troll/Phas/Fal/Cath/Ard/Wild
Useful links:
To do: