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You will usually see my carrying around this weapon

Hello! Welcome to my userpage. I started playing RuneScape Classic since 2002. Proud owner of a (non-tradable) scythe, obtained during the make-up day on November 2, 2003 because Jagex forgot about timezone difference and dropping scythes on Halloween while everyone in North America were asleep.

Total level: 2198 (2198)
Attack 88 Constitution 79 Mining 96
Strength 72 Agility 74 Smithing 97
Defence 70 Herblore 95 Fishing 91
Ranged 64 Thieving 64 Cooking 88
Prayer 79 Crafting 89 Firemaking 84
Magic 82 Fletching 78 Woodcutting 90
Runecrafting 73 Slayer 64 Farming 95
Construction 96 Hunter 82 Summoning 85
Dungeoneering 65 Divination 92 Invention 1
Archaeology 65 Attack style icon fixed.png 110 Quest.png 123
Music icon.png 613 Task icon.png 728 RuneScore.png 4,225
As of 21 April 2021

Personal tracker[edit | edit source]

Shop runs[edit | edit source]

Rune Shops
Edgeville wildy
Mage Arena
Port Sarim
Void Knight
Yanville Magic Guild
Lunar Isle
Feather Shops
Port Sarim
Al Kharid
Fishing Guild
Shio Village
Vix wax
Wicked hood runes
Bucket of sand from Yanville
Pineapple and seaweed from Catherby
Banana from Port Sarim
Construction materials from Wilderness Bandit Camp
POH aquarium
Nemi Forest
Rope and jug of water from Shanty Pass
Phoenix lair

Warbands[edit | edit source]

The next Warband begins in:


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