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What follows is a list of sources where items can be retrieved. Through these sources, you can effectively deposit and withdraw items, and they do not disappear over time. Basically, if you're running out of bank spaces, this would be a place that you can store items to retrieve them later (or regain items that you've destroyed), similar to osrsw:Ultimate Ironman Guide/Item Management. Please add if you find anything, this is a rough draft

Items Storage method
Gideon Bede
Sprinkler MK1 Flower patch
POH costume room
Various quest items May's quest storage chest
Storm barn
Crystal seeds Lady Ithell
Treasure Trails emote equipment Hidey holes
Farming tools Tool_leprechaun
Big Game Hunter bait Bait box
Rope Rope rack
Metal bank
Archaeology materials Material storage container
Impetuous Impulses tools Elnock Inquisitor
Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta