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Nomad was my nemesis for a year, he stopped me from wearing the quest cape for exactly 365 days, right until I beat him this 11th of January 2011, a year day for day after he was released. I write this guide in hopes that it may help peopled defeat a common enemy. Don't get me wrong, I won't explain Nomad's fight at large. If you don't know the fight, go see both the pages Nomad (monster) and Nomad's Requiem. I will, however, try a different approach at explaining the fight, trying to point out things other guides seem to ignore.

Target audience[edit | edit source]

This guide is written with a specific target audience in mind. It is written from my point of view, which may differ greatly with yours, either in level, wealth or combat experience. If you are different from me in any point, don't sweat it! You can still read this guide which may give you different pointers than other guides. This guide was written for people who:

  • Are trying to kill Nomad (durr...)
  • Have a combat level of about 110, with all combat skills in the high seventies.
  • Have some decent startup cash. Atleast 20-30m, or have the recommended equipment and about 5m spare. Buying brews and restores in the hundreds should not be a monetary problem.
  • Are more skillers/questers than fighters.
  • Will fight Nomad using ranged.

Again, if don't meet these criteria or exceed them, it's ok! This guide will explain more how to fight him then bag on your lacking levels.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

This is the recommended armour to wear, taken directly from the Nomad (monster) page. Items in bold are those I was wearing when I fought Nomad.

If you do not have enough money for all of these items and don't know what to buy, consider these points:

  • An Armadyl helm only costs 4,140,942 and offers a good range bonus as well as a 5% magic soak bonus. It may be a wise choice to invest money in this item, as the damage soak does make a difference.
  • Unless you already own a fury, do not go and spend all your money on this item, as it will make little to no difference during the fight.
  • There is no shield that offers real good magic protection except maybe for spirit shields. For this reason, wearing a high melee defence shield may be good to protect you during Nomad's berserk phase.
  • The magic damage soak helps reduce a good amount of damage during the fight. Additionally, it will allow you to not heal fully before the Disintegrate attack, as a good 100-150 damage will be soaked.
  • Sides from that, I cannot really give advice on armour, as I am not a combat-oriented person. As such, I suck at judging what armour piece is better between two and judging what armour to spend 20m on. If you really seek equipment advice, I'd ask the people at the soul wars chest, your friends, or consult a different guide.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • First thing to go in your inventory are Diamond bolts (e). These will allow you to attack Nomad safely while he is charging Disintegrate and increase your damage in the berserk phase. Take at least a hundred to be on the safe side.
  • An optional thing to bring is a spare familiar. On my part, I brought a spirit kyatt and 100 ambush scrolls. This was literally what allowed me to beat Nomad and I probably wouldn't be writing this guide without it. Although, it does remove two brews which might also make a good difference.
  • Another optional thing to bring is a ranging pot (4). This will help increase your damage for a while. Although, as soon as you take a brew, your level will go down to about your normal one.
  • Last thing that I took (also optional) was a special attack weapon. I personally brought Korasi's sword, which allowed me to hit Nomad every cycle (after the illusions to be precise) for about 250 damage. This roughly helped me do 1000-1500 damage to the Majharrat.
  • The rest of your inventory should be filled with brews and super restores at a 3:1 ratio. If you have empty slots at the end, I recommend filling them with extra brews and counting how many you put extra, as you might add an extra restore or two in your familiar.

Familiar's inventory[edit | edit source]

Your familiar's inventory should just be straight up be filled with brews and super restores. I used a war tortoise for my fight. A pack yak will make this fight cake if you pay attention and a terrorbird will make it quite difficult, but quite possible if your DPS (damage per second) is high enough or you skip everyone of Nomad's attacks Lol. I usually placed them in the familiar following the order of 3 brews, 1 super restore, 3 brews, etc. This probably made no difference and was more of a psychological boost of some sort than anything, but I think it helped someway.

Additional things[edit | edit source]

If you never fought Nomad before, I strongly recommended getting used to Nomad. To do so, I suggest doing everything recommended in the later parts of the guide but with less expensive food, such as monkfish. Losing 350k every time you die is frustrating, especially if you don't understand what happened. This adaptation period will make you comfortable around Nomad, make you used with his special attacks and allow you to avoid beginner's mistakes.

Last minute preparation[edit | edit source]

So, you read everything until here and you feel ready? Well, here are a few last-minute things to do before heading to Nomad (in chronological order):

  • Equip yourself.
  • Fill your inventory and your familiar's inventory correctly. Leave a few slots (5 should do) left for last minute teleports.
  • Head to where you normally boost your Constitution (Ooglog spas, Nardah statue).
  • Check your attack style and put auto-retaliate on/off depending on how you like it (I recommend to leave it on since you will be healing so much).
  • Check your quick prayers. I personally used eagle eye and steel skin. I recommend using rigour if you have unlocked it though. If you have 80 prayer, leech magic, leech ranged and leech defence are the way to go.
  • Check your familiar's left-click option. Make sure it's at take bob.
  • Head to the nearest bank.
    • Drink boosts for the skills you want. (Do not forget attack and strength if you have a special attack weapon.)
    • Fill your inventory if you have a charge glory equipped. If not, leave one in your inventory.
  • If you're in ooglog, restore your prayer (if it needs recharging) then get into the energy-restoring pool.
  • Boost your life points
  • Teleport to edgeville using your glory, head to soul wars and bank your glory if you need to.
  • Go fight Nomad!

The fight[edit | edit source]

First of all, here is a list of Nomad's special attacks if you forgot or like having only one page opened:

  1. Landmine - A formation of "Flame Vortex" 'mines' will drop around the player. (damage avoidable)
  2. Soul Blast - Nomad charges the 750-damage attack (damage avoidable)
  3. Mirror Image - Nomad creates 3 illusions of himself (damage from clones avoidable)
  4. Disintegrate - Nomad teleports the player to the centre and freezes them for 15 seconds - followed by an attack which deals the player's maximum life points minus one (damage not avoidable)
  5. Berserk - When reduced to 25% health for the second time, Nomad will attack inaccurately with the speed of throwing darts in rapid mode and run at the speed of the player. This attack only hits within melee range, making it possible to use the pillars to safespot by shooting him 2-3 times, then stepping up to him to get hit by his attack once, then stepping back and repeating this cycle.

The beginning[edit | edit source]

Just before entering, equip your special attack weapon, put the best melee prayers your can and click on the special attack bar. Also, since I never checked the compass in the boss room, I will assume that the throne is north during all mentions to any cardinal point.

When you get in, skip the chit-chat (or don't, it's pretty funny and relaxes you if you are stressed about the fight =D). After this, right-click Nomad and attack him as soon as you can and pray to whatever diety you believe in (or don't believe in) that your special attack will do decent damage. After that, switch back to your ranged weapon and click on the quick prayers button. Press F5 to make sure your attack style wasn't changed by your special attack weapon then press F3 to make sure your correct prayers are turned on. Eat as required, making sure drink at a 3:1 ratio. That is, for every three doses of brew, drink one of super restore.

Land mines!!![edit | edit source]

When Nomad places the land mines, I usually placed myself between the two southern mines. At this range, you are at the maximum range for the accurate (and probably rapid) stance. If you are in long-ranged, I'd place myself out of the mine circle, a bit to the east so that the pillars are close. Continue the fight, eating as necessary and keep your eyes on your chat window until Nomad says: "You cannot hide from my wrath".

Soul Blast[edit | edit source]

As soon as Nomad says this, run! But, don't run like a headless chicken, those mines were placed there for a reason... If you placed yourself where I told you to be, run exactly one square south. Then, click to the south-east side of the second pillar from the north on the east side (lots of cardinal points I know. To put this simple, look at the 3 pillars on the east side. Count the from the top. Hide on the south-east side of the second one). Then, eat if you need. After Nomad sends the Blast, don't move, it just wastes precious attack time. He will come to you and you will be able to attack him from where you are located, until he splits in four.

Illusions[edit | edit source]

When he splits in four, do not waste your precious lifepoints on finding the real Nomad, instead, head one square north, rendering you impervious to all attacks. Now, for the next thirty seconds or so you will have sweet piece of mind, so now is that time to scratch your nose that was bugging you for the last 2 minutes. After the scratching, I recommend doing the following steps:

  • Heal to full life and restore your lower stats.
  • Drop all vials you may have on you.
  • Take BOB from your familiar.
  • Equip your special attack weapon and turn off your quick prayers. Turn on your best melee prayers available. Make sure your attack style is set at stab, which is Nomad's biggest weakness.
  • Breathe and relax for 10 seconds or so.

Note: If you are low on supplies and are sure that you will not be able to kill Nomad, this phase is your moment of escape. Simply log out when hiding behind the pillar and log back in. You will appear outside Nomad's tent, with every item which might not be saved when you die (Familiar's inventory, ava's alerter, korasi's sword, etc.)

As soon as the illusions disappear, head to the middle. DO NOT REMAIN TOO LONG BEHIND THE PILLARS OR NOMAD WILL RESET. Hit nomad with your special attack weapon as many times as you can. Then, switch back to ranged (don't forget to change weapon, prayers and attack style). While I was waiting for Nomad to teleport me to the middle, I usually tried to avoid healing, as you will lose ranged levels and if you boost back, the Disintegrate attack will force you to boost even more (not sure if you follow me, just try not to heal as it will save super restores, though heal if you fall under 400-450).

Then comes Nomad's most devastating attack: Disintegrate.

Disintegrate[edit | edit source]

The first and most important thing to do while Nomad is charging his attack is to heal to max health or over it without restoring lost levels. Then, equip your diamond bolts (e) and attack Nomad for what will usually be 2-3 attacks. After he hits you, heal to max health, this time restoring lost levels.

After this, it's pretty much rinse and repeat until Nomad goes berserk. Don't forget to take out your secondary familiar (if you brought one) when your BOB is empty. This will most likely happen behind the pillars, during the illusion phase, allowing you to do this easily. Make sure you change your familiar's left-click option to it's scroll attack. After your familiar is out, the fight becomes a juggle between eating, using the familiar's special attack and attacking nomad if auto-retaliate is off (I strongly suggest to leave it on btw). At 1/4 health, Nomad will heal for 2500 life points, bringing his lp to 5000. When you reach 1/4 for a second time, he will go berserk.

Berserk[edit | edit source]

At this point, add protect from melee to your prayers, as it does remove a part of the damage done. Also, switch to your diamond bolts, as their special attack is now better than the rubies'. This phase of Nomad's attack does not include any of his previous special attacks. It is often regarded as easier by most people because of this. Be warned though, Nomad's attacks are very quick and very accurate and may easily KO or double-KO you, make sure to keep your health above 500 if possible. During the Berserk stance, I personally just spammed my kyatt's special attack and healing. After much trouble, I managed to kill Nomad with no food and 210 lp left!

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

If you get the chance of defeating Nomad as well, give yourself a pat in the back. If you want to, take a screenshot of his death. When you get out of the tent, say thank you to all the high-alchers and fletchers that will congratulate you for succeeding. After this, speak with Zimberfizz for the final cutscene and find out that... you'll have to find out for yourself!!

If you weren't as lucky though, do not cry! Nomad is a very though foe and you'll get the best out of him one day. Make sure to pick up all your items from your grave and take a small break to take your mind off things. Think about the mistakes you might have made and what you could have done to render the fight easier. If you wish to attempt Nomad again, make sure you get back those items which don't appear in your grave (Ava's alerter for example) and then head to the last minute prep section of this guide.

I hope this guide can help many achieve a dream which may have seemed impossible before. If you have any comments on how I can improve this guide, spelling mistakes or simply constructive feedback, leave a post on my talk page.

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