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Hey, I'm Newbie856! I have been playing Runescape since about 2003/2004 and I have joined the wiki in mid-2009 (I think). I try to help whenever I can. I often do small corrections, making me a wikignome but I sometimes to big improvements (such as the walkthrough and maps in the Fremennik Province Diary article).

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Note that the fact that I am a quest master might not be accurate. Visit my quest log to verify if I am a liar!

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Adventurer's Log {{Node-count limit exceeded}}

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  • Obtained 1900 total level by leveling 85 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Firemaking}} on Tuesday the 14th of September 2010.
  • Obtained 1950 total level by leveling 79 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Smithing}} on Saturday the of 27th November 2010.
  • Killed Nomad, effectively reclaiming my quest cape, a year day for day after he stole it from me, on Tuesday the 11th of January 2011.
  • All skills are over level 70, {{Node-count limit exceeded|Dungeoneering}} being my last one, on Sunday the 24th of July 2011.
  • Obtained 2000 total level by leveling 88 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Cooking}} on Monday the 25th of July 2011.
  • Obtained level 99 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Cooking}} on Monday the 1st of August 2011. (one minute before the second of August, lol)
  • Passed the 100 million Coins 10000.png mark for the first time on the 5th of September 2011.
  • Obtained 2050 total level by leveling 83 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Magic}} on Sunday the 25th of September 2011.
  • Obtained 2100 total level by leveling 82 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Summoning}} on Sunday the 2nd of September 2012.
  • Obtained 2150 total level by leveling 42 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Divination}} on Wednesday the 21st of August 2013.
  • Obtained 2200 total level by leveling 82 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Attack}} on Friday the 4th of October 2013.
  • Obtained 175 combat level by leveling 91 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Summoning}} on Thursday 24th of October 2013.
  • All skills are once again over level 70, {{Node-count limit exceeded|Divination}} being the last one, on Wednesday the 30th of October 2013.
  • Obtained 2250 total level by leveling 96 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Dungeoneering}} on Saturday the 11th of January 2014.
  • All my skills are over level 80!!! {{Node-count limit exceeded|Divination}} was the last one. This was done on Wednesday the 15th of January 2014.
  • Obtained level 99 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Dungeoneering}} on Friday the 31st of January 2014. (I never thought this would be my second 99!)
  • Got level 99 in {{Node-count limit exceeded|Construction}} (aka money wasting) on Saturday the 29th of March 2014.
  • Reached 2300 total level by leveling 88 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Divination}} on Monday the 7th of April 2014.
  • Reached 2350 total level by leveling 92 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Smithing}} on Tuesday the 28th of October 2014.
  • Reached 2400 total level by leveling 97 {{Node-count limit exceeded|Firemaking}} on Sunday the 7th of December 2014.
  • Reached level 99 in {{Node-count limit exceeded|Summoning}} on Saturday the 31st of January 2015.

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 |Goal      = 71
 |Xp        = {{Node-count limit exceeded|{{Node-count limit exceeded}}|slayer|2}}


I {{Node-count limit exceeded|also}} [{{Node-count limit exceeded}}{{Node-count limit exceeded}}] have a goal to level one of my skills to either level 70,80,90 or 99 each month. Here are the skills I have leveled for each month:

Note: months in red are months that I have not accomplished my objective.

Please note that I use Eastern Times for the dates, so it may or may not match with my adventure log. Also, a ? means that I am not sure about the skill/date.

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  • Finish every achievement diary (including elites).
  • Finished every hard achievement diary on 29/07/2010.
  • Finished seer's elite diary on 15/09/2011
  • Finished Ardougne's elite diary on 18/11/2013
  • Achieve 2k total level.
  • Have a GS.
  • Kill every cabagge on Gielinor! Because cabagges are mean!
  • Make cabagge stew with the dead cabagges.

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Daily Tasks
Jack of trades
Farm Run
Dell Monti
Daily Challenge
Bork (Don't forget ROW)
Divine Location
Weekly Tasks
Tears of Guthix
Monthly Task
Toll invasion
God statues

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Items to wield:

  • Falador Shield 2+
  • Explorer's ring
  • Ardougne's Cloak
  • Hatchet
  • Spottier Cape
  • Boots of Lightness
Order Area Patch Type Teleportation Method Bank stop? Items to take
1 Lumbridge Tree Home Teleport Yes
  • 1 Willow Sapling
  • 1 Basket of Apples
  • Spade
  • Falador Teleport
2 Falador Tree Tele Yes
  • 2 Willow Sapling
  • 2 Basket of Apples
  • Varrock Teleport
3 Taverly Tree Walk No Na
4 Varrock Tree Tele Yes
  • 2 Willow Sapling
  • 2 Orange Sapling
  • 2 Basket of Apples
  • 6 Baskets of Strawberries
5 Gnome Village Fruit Tree Spirit Tree No Na
6 Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree & Tree Spirit Tree Yes
  • 1 Orange Sapling
  • 3 Baskets of Strawberries
  • Teleport Crystal
7 Lletya Fruit Tree Elf Crystal Yes
  • 1 Whiteberry Seed
  • 1 Orange Sapling
  • 3 Baskets of Strawberries
  • Coins
8 Ardougne Bush Ardougne Cloak No Na
9 Brimhaven Fruit Tree Boat No Na
10 Catherby Fruit Tree & Allotment Boat Yes
  • 24 Tomato Seeds
  • 4 Limpwurt Seeds
  • 4 Kwuarm Seeds
  • Ectophial
11 Morytania Allotment & Fungi Ectophial Yes
  • Mushroom Spore
  • Cactus Seed
  • Ring of Duelling
12 Al-kharid Cactus Ring of Duelling Yes
  • Buckets to restore Leprechaun (if needed)
13 Falador Allotment Cabagge Port No Na
14 Ardougne Allotment Ardougne Cloak No Na