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Hello there, <insert name here>. These are my userboxes. Don't vandalize here or I will kill you.

E7MvWlG.png This user is crazy about userboxes (see below). If you can be bothered to go all the way down the page, then well done!
The symbol of users trusted with rollback tools. This user has rollback rights on the RuneScape Wiki. (Verify)
Wiki.png This user creates userboxes.
Up.svgUp.svgUp.svgThis userbox thinks it's way better than the others, that's why it's up here.
Spirit cobra.png Thissss ussser thinksss that ssssnakesss are cute and cuddly.
Azzanadra (skeletal) chathead.png
This user's favourite Mahjarrat is Azzanadra, the champion of Zaros.
Strange Old Man chathead.png
This user thinks the Strange Old Man is actually Sliske!
Wiki.png This user edits the RuneScape Wiki when bored.
Air Guitar emote icon.png This user is male.
Wiki.png This user creates userboxes.
Magic This user's highest skill is Magic, with a level of 87.
The Fremennik Isles icon.png This user has received a Helm of neitiznot from Mawnis Burowgar in The Fremennik Isles quest.
Dragon Slayer icon.png This user has slayed Elvarg and completed Dragon Slayer.
M'speak amulet.png This user has tracked down the 10th Squad in the Monkey Madness quest.
Guthix symbol.png This user followed Guthix.
Balance is power.
Coins 1000 detail.png This user is RICH.
he has 1 gp!
Varrock Herald.png This user buys the newspaper for 79m.

Logs detail.png This user owns a LOG!
Book of knowledge.png Nowlege iz powar!
Pie.png GIMMIE PIE!!
Coins 10000.png
This user hates it when people refer to coins as "GP".
Coins 10000.png
This user finds the argument between "coins" and "GP" tiring.
This user can summon up to evil turnip.
50px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png This user resides in the United Kingdom, where Jagex Headquarters are.
en This user speaks English.
Pet rock.png This user has a pet rock
and is proud of it.
Giant mole.png This user kills the Giant mole
when bored.
King Black Dragon.png This user kills the King Black Dragon
when bored.
Blue dragon (3).png This user sometimes kills Blue Dragons if bored.
Agility.png This user is currently inactive on the RuneScape Wiki.
Smile emoticon.gif
This user loves Emoticons!


This user will delightedly convert American spelling to British spelling upon seeing it.
This user believes that the Rich Text Editor is for NUBS!
Minigame map icon.png
This user's favourite activity is "dropping Ancient Warriors' equipment".
Scammers This user hates scammers, and will report such criminals on sight.
Macroers This user hates macroers and hunts them for fun.
Nitroglycerine.png This user uses nitroglycerine as a form of transportation.
Magnifying glass.png This user examines everything!
The rarer, the better.
Empty box.png This user keeps useless items.
Category sword.png This user's battlecry is "Hail Guthix!"
Chaos Elemental.png tHIs UsEr hAS... elEmENtaL DEFeAtEd TimEs CHaOs 7 tHe
Blue dye.png This user's favourite colour is blue, the colour of peace.
The Game This user plays "The Game".

If you know what that means, you just lost it!

Sysop crown.svg This user always needs help from administrators.
Memorial plaque.png This user will bless (or repair) every Gravestone that needs it.
Training shield.png This user is a newb and is proud of it.
Recruit clan rank.png This user is a recruit in the clan RSW.
Pat of butter detail.png This user can believe it's not butter.
Corporeal Beast.png This user says the Corporeal Beast's life points is OVER 9000!
Blue partyhat.png This user has a partyhat... in his dreams.
Wet pipe.pngMonkey nuts detail.pngMilky mixture.png This user finds wet pipes, monkey nuts, and milky mixtures hilarious and will share their interest in them with everyone at any and every opportunity.
Cabbage.png Cabbage Raid!
Cape of Validation detail.png
This user plays RuneScape
as of Neitiznot.
P2P icon.png This user is a member.
2010 This user has been playing RuneScape since 2010.
Octagon-warning.svg This user voted "No" on the Wilderness and Free Trade Vote.
Private chat button.png This user has private chat set to friends.
This user gladly accepts
new friends.
Ice Barrage icon.png This user is a Farcaster and finds joy in freezing their foes.
This user can't find a single Champion scroll, even though he kills every monster he sees.
Wooden shield.png This user uses a Wooden Shield, and is proud of it.
Bronze platebody.png This user owns full Bronze armour, and is proud of it.
😠 This User has ANGER ISSUES!!!
Stone basic.png This user Pwns.
Just random text. Hi.

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Dark blue afro.png This user hates junk like afros in the Party Room drop chest.
Worlds Icon.png This user's home world is World 83.
Assist icon.png
This user helps to
welcome new contributors!
Pet cat (white) chathead.png This user loves cats.
Phoenix crossbow.png This user is a member of the Phoenix Gang.
Pyrefiend icon.png This user is a Grammar Fiend.