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Hi, I'm Negaveck. I started playing Runescape in Jan '05, became a member about 5 months after that and joined this wiki 4/20/07. I usually play with my private on so if you can see me feel free to message me (but be forewarned - I'm not the talkative type so if it's just a conversation you're looking for you probably want to try somewhere else)

I do offer free crafting and can craft anything in the game so if you need something made just ask.

I'm still new to the wiki format so if I make a style or etiquette mistake just let me know so I can avoid it in the future.

Update - As it appears that some people have been impersonating me on other sites let me clear a few things up. I made this name up in 1996 for my first ISP. I play Runescape using this name, I also have this name on Youtube, AOL and Yahoo. I do not play on Xbox or Xbox live.

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