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Hi I am Ms L00t Man , I currently spend my days on Runescape is the world 1 F2P clan wars

I talk in my home Clan chat "Chat Central", but spend most of my time at cwars in "Ice Foreverr"

I am a member, my favourite skill is Slayer

I Think slayer was hard for me when I first started out, I am still trying to figure out how summoning works o.o ( not too keen on the skill)

Looking forward to the new skill coming out in Summer! (Northern Hemisphere). I have heard rumours that it might be sailing.

If it is sailing I have no clue why people who use it, it would probably be a member skill and if available to F2P it would still be very tightened in use of ability.

I hate the skill prayer it takes so long to level, not to mention the amount of money recquired!

I have been playing Runescape since I was 9, been slacking a bit lately but I am good.

My Goal at the moment is to get my attack level to 99 (currently 94) and then wish to lvl my Magic and Ranging skills to 99. Gradually building my account up until I quit.

I have lots of great friends from runescape and in real life who play runescape :D some I would really like to meet ( like R psp and Mr l00t man).

I have not always been that great on Runescape getting into strife with accounts everynow and then, but this year has been great so far no fouls to be seen.