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I'm Morian Smith. I've been editing the Wiki for more than 2 years, and I have a reputation around here for being pretty good with RuneScape history. If this page looks old, it probably is. I've only re-written this thing a couple of times, so don't take it too seriously. =P

I've contributed significantly to a decent amount of featured articles, including Varrock, the God Wars, Paterdomus, History of Varrock, Hazelmere, Baxtorian, Lucien, Ullek, and Lord Drakan. I hope to eventually fix up the Wiki's huge stub collection, and until then I contribute any way I can.

I am a player moderator, and play RuneScape as bsalt1. As of March 2009, I am no longer a member and am not extremely active on RuneScape. I'm not happy with the way Jagex is handling the game, but I still like to edit the Wiki occasionally. A lot of my old achievements, like completing every quest diary, are now outdated. If ever I come back, I'm going to have to catch up.

I used to work quite a bit on the Pay to Pk Riot article. It has since been trimmed back significantly, although I've kept a larger copy saved both for myself and anyone that wants a more detailed account of the event. For a more thorough explanation of the Pay to Pk Riot, click here.

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