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Hi[edit | edit source]


Making a Fishing Guide[edit | edit source]

Image Fish Start
Number Of
Fish Required
Profit per
Raw Fish (coins)
Total Profit
Raw crayfish.png Crayfish 1 10 116 502 58,232
Raw herring.png Herring 10 20 111 751 83,361
Raw trout.png Trout 20 30 178 486 86,508
Raw trout.pngRaw salmon.png Trout and Salmon 30 99 130,211 Trout
93,008 Salmon
Trout - 486
Salmon - 561
Note: When fly fishing for Trout and Salmon approximately 60% will be Trout and 40% Salmon. Total Fish 223,624 Total profit 115,601,627

Goals[edit | edit source]

Music icon.png 73%
131 songs

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

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