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Welcome, <insert name here>

Dark Mist
Total level: 2,898
Attack 99 Constitution 99 Mining 99
Strength 99 Agility 99 Smithing 99
Defence 99 Herblore 120 Fishing 99
Ranged 99 Thieving 99 Cooking 99
Prayer 99 Crafting 99 Firemaking 99
Magic 99 Fletching 99 Woodcutting 99
Runecrafting 99 Slayer 120 Farming 120
Construction 99 Hunter 99 Summoning 99
Dungeoneering 120 Divination 99 Invention N/A
Attack style icon fixed.png 138 Quest icon fixed.png 357 Task icon fixed.png 603
Music icon fixed.png 1026

Hi! I'm Mistydarkness, also know as Dark Mist in the game. I'm a Medical student in my rl. I've been in the wiki clan for a while before I decided to make a wiki account. Besides Runescape, I like watching anime.I don't play any games other than Runescape though.I don't have a lot of friends though, most of them are from the wiki cc.

Skill Achievments

I got my first cape Summoning on 6th April, 2014, which was soon followed by Dungeoneering on 16th April, 2014 and Constitution on 29th April, 2014.

  • My Fourth skillcape was Prayer, which i got on 14th June, 2014.
  • The Fifth skillcape I got was Defence, on 7th Aug, 2014
  • My Sixth skillcape was Magic, on 14th August, 2014
  • Next I got two capes together,Herblore and Smithing on August 18th 2014
  • After that, my ninth skillcape was Ranged on 5th September 2014
  • My Tenth and Eleventh capes were Fletching and Construction which i got on 1st November during the bonus xp weekend.
  • My twelfth skillcape was Crafting which I got on 11th November 2014.
  • My thirteent skillcape was Farming which I got on 15th November 2014.
  • Fourteenth skillcape being Slayer, obtained on 17th November 2014
  • My Fifteenth and Sixteenth skillcapes wereAttack and Strength which i got on 20th November 2014.
  • My Seventeenth skillcape was Agility which I got on 28th November 2014
  • Next I got my Eighteenth skillcape Cooking on 13th December 2014
  • Followed by Thieving on 20th december, 2014
  • My Twentieth Skillcape wasDivination on 27th December 2014
  • After which I got Hunter on 4th January, 2015
  • Followed by Mining on 10th January 2015
  • My Twenty third skillcape was Fishing Which i got on 23rd January 2015.
  • My next two capes were Firemaking and Woodcutting which i got on 27th January 2015.
  • Finally, I maxed, getting Runecrafting on 29th January, 2015.
  • Following the released of Invention, I got 99 in it on 6th March, 2016.
Dungeoneering 100%
0 levels

I got 120 Dungeoneering, and subsequently comped on 19th February, 2015.

Final Boss

I got Final Boss title on 15th May, 2015 These were my boss killcounts at that time 0DOCNBT.png

My highest herb run is 91 herbs, Highest coconuts run is 70 coconuts.

Why Have Thou Betrayed Me :'(


Two Black Iblis pieces in two consecutive runs, BEST DAY EVER!


Rip my core


Post max Dg grind



Why I cant pvm


Maybe I can


Sailing confirmed


They're taking over everything :(


Gotta love the buff bar


Onslaughting the comp throne