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Mister Frossa is a Runescape player usually found in the worlds 121 or 99, where he plays the minigame Stealing Creation. When not playing this minigame he may be found at all different kinds of places, as long as he finds them interesting. He is rarely killed despite his decent drops, among them the Bandos hilt and the Bandos godsword.

History[edit | edit source]

Mister Frossa, known as Mistr Frossa in the game (due to the limited amount of characters in the name) started playing RuneScape in late 2006. He was at that time known by the name Mr Frossa4, but changed to Mistr Frossa along with the display name updates in late 2009. He bought membership in RuneScape in April 2007, and in November 2008 he decided to achieve his first skillcape, Woodcutting cape. He accomplished this goal February 26 the next year, and have since obtained Fletching and Fishing cape. His currently only known goal is Crafting cape, which he is slowly getting closer to.

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