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I am a casual but Long term player. I enjoy reading random articles to test and expand my knowledge of RuneScape.

I first started playing in Mid December 2002 with MikeEmmett (I was known as Mr42 at the time) I very quickly fell in love with RuneScape and became a member shortly after. Starting a few years later in 2006 I had a 2-3 year break from the game. Where I went to the Darkside and started playing World of Warcraft.

Around 2009 I returned to RuneScape Where I have been playing on-and-off ever since. Starting in 2019 I really focused on the game getting my first 99 and maxing in mid-2021.

I have always played "Ironman style" and the week after reaching Max, I finally decided to make that status permanent and started a new Hardcore Ironman Account "ImMikeEmmett" Where after reliving the quests of my childhood and starting my boss Journey I died on the 28th of Oct 2021 in a stupid way to K'ril Tsutsaroth, by purposefully dying with a sign of life... in my inventory... not equipped. Where my HCIM journey ended with a total level of 2225.

Total level: 2225
Attack 80Constitution 80Mining 88
Strength 81Agility 81Smithing 85
Defence 85Herblore 79Fishing 75
Ranged 78Thieving 95Cooking 74
Prayer 82Crafting 82Firemaking 84
Magic 83Fletching 76Woodcutting 81
Runecrafting 75Slayer 82Farming 81
Construction 83Hunter 83Summoning 80
Dungeoneering 77Divination 84Invention 37
Archaeology 74Combat 115Quests 402
Music ----Tasks ----RuneScore ----
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After that I continued on my journey getting my first IM 99 of thieving by the end of the year. not too long after that I was granted The Wikian title. Which I have worn proudly ever since.

Just before the end of September I managed of the great IM goal of getting full Masterwork armour.

Ironman Level Achievements
Skill Date Level
Thieving December 2021 99
Defence 12th July 2022 99
Mining September 2022 99
Smithing September 2022 99
Slayer November 2022 99
Divination December 2022 99
Farming 1st January 2022 99
Firemaking 1st January 2023 99
Prayer 2nd January 2023 99
Constitution 2nd February 2023 99