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OMFG IT'S MIDGET!! hey guys it is midget, it is indeed and I'm workin on 99 wc, more updates on that later.

No, it's no joke I am actually here and talking .. I know I know .. you love me .. I'll just have to get used to that.

Now I know you may want to touch the santa hat but please ... DONT!!!

Let's all remember who the noob is here ok lol.


- Midget_35 is teh coolest player on earth

- Midget_35 is awesome at animating

- Midget_35 was ganged by Jesus, Zezima and Chuck Norris and came out ontop

- J mods fear Midget_35

- If Midget_35 and the wise old man faced off then a supernova would destroy runescape.

- Midget_35 has Andrew Gower locked in his closet.