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What are you doing in RunEscape?

Running and escaping from real life

What are you doing in RuneScape Wiki?

Nothing, sometimes something - (edit, cunt)

I've been playing RuneScape since the end of 2003 with an on/off relationship.
I was a mage tank pre-EoC and I did a lot of PvP, PvM, minigames, staking, e-dating and bankstanding, usually with my clannies.
Clan died alongside eoc, surprising isn't it?
Started to actually skill somewhere around 2013. Now I mostly do everything non-PvP related, solo stuff, skilling mostly.

Real life:
I'm young adult human being from northern Europe.
I like people sometimes.
I like silence, noise, music, and art.
I regret nothing.

Mol is a massive noob, and sexy, and I wish I were him.