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An Armadyl rune is a type of rune released with the Grandmaster questRitual of the Mahjarrat. It can be crafted with a Runecrafting level of 72 afterthe quest is completed, giving the player 10 experience. This amount cannot be increased with Air runecrafting gloves. The rune is required to cast the spell Storm of Armadyl and is made from pure essence and Dust of Armadyl, which itself is made from grinding Armadyl shards, dropped only by Glacors. Players must bring the component items to the air altar in order to craft the runes. The amount of runes per essence is the same as for an air rune, meaning that a minimum of 7 per essence are made due to the level requirement. The rune also resembles a green air rune

Runecrafting Value Analysis[edit | edit source]

The value per dust depends on how many runes the player is able to craft per Dust of Armadyl based on their runecrafting level. The minimum level to craft these is 72, so the minimum runes possible per dust is 7; The maximum at 99 runecrafting is 10. The Grand Exchange market values per shard if made into runes are as follows:

RunecraftingLevel Runes made per

dust of armadyl

Value of armadyl runes Profit
72 - 76 7 2,996 -2,686
77 - 87 8 3,424 -2,258
88 - 98 9 3,852 -1,830
99 10 4,280 -1,402

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