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Hi, I'm Martin Bridges and I'm 14. My current display name is iiTz Splash (prev. Splash_PwNz, Splash_RaWr) and I pwn.

Beenz haxed Cry. The irony is, after this slayer task I'll be richer before I was hacked =D

"Online gaming and the internet, the places where anyone worse than you is a noob, whereas anyone better than you has no life..."

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SpLaSh_PwNz is thinking of a skill to train...

For my use, but feel free to look, it may help

Good reason ^

I think we could build a new world. All we need is plenty of rock, water, and grass. Oh, and sellotape. How else would you put it together? The main problem is finding somewhere to put it...
— Splash

Yes, I am too epic at BTD4 for you. Play it here.

Most of my edits now come from welcoming new users (which I do alot of Lol) and through stalking recent changes. I also sometimes just go on *mumble* and see if anything needs changing. So yea. Thats me.

Attack: 76Strength: 76Defence: 77Ranged: 70Prayer: 56Magic: 75Runecrafting: 52Construction: 54Dungeoneering: 47Constitution: 76Agility: 59Herblore: 55Thieving: 56Crafting: 61Fletching: 60Slayer: 66Hunter: 66Mining: 61Smithing: 56Fishing: 64Cooking: 66Firemaking: 66Woodcutting: 78Farming: 55Summoning: 58256 quest pointsCombat: 101
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Family [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!

WTF? Funny screen Concerned

SplâshTâlkSîgn hêrê

Bunnyz rule!!!