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Total level: 1346
Attack 85Constitution 1Mining 70
Strength 86Agility 53Smithing 59
Defence 85Herblore 47Fishing 80
Ranged 70Thieving 50Cooking 73
Prayer 53Crafting 63Firemaking 60
Magic 68Fletching 48Woodcutting 66
Runecrafting 43Slayer 54Farming 41
Construction 45Hunter 41Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 109+5Quests 191
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A little about yours truly[edit | edit source]

As a guardian it is my duty

to make strong the weak
mend the broken
destroy those who abuse the frail
and make way for all

This is a guardians way

This user doth guardeth yon "newbs".

I finally have a sandbox!
My Gear
Me at the highscores! Marcus Gord

I'm a little obsessive when it comes to proper spelling, and often find myself looking at random pages searching through quest guides for wrong or out of date information.

I despise the word noob when it's used to describe a new player, and I used to be primarliy a miner and a blacksmith in game, I made my own armour too, so if I died I could just make it again, but I gave up with that after steel and bought rune. I live in what I call the Falador triangle when I mine or smith something, which is the members mine to the west, the furnace, and Doric's anvils. But if I am mining coal for money, I'll be near the coal trucks.

I have my house in Rimmington, and currently have a maid and a cat, a white wiley cat who I named Laura after an in game friend who suggested the name. I did have a white cat, called Purrcy, but I got killed while she was with me, and I lost her :( You can find me world 42.Private chat is always on friends to stop beggars, so send me a message here or try to find me in game if you want a chat

Goals[edit | edit source]

110 combat without summoner

Level 86 attack and defence

More to come

My templates and userboxes[edit | edit source]

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Strength through Wisdom.

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