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About me[edit | edit source]

I am a RuneScape 3 dataminer and a retired wiki editor. My main focus was on RuneScape's preservation. My past projects included documenting RS3 in immense detail. I am also the founder of the RuneScape Preservation Unit and co-founder of the RuneScape Archive. If you have any questions or wish to contact me, you can find me in the RuneScape Archive discord server.

My past contributions include:

  • Archival of RuneScape HD (2009-2012 era) soundtrack.
  • Gathered information that led to the creation of a tool to convert Jagex music sequence to the MIDI format.
  • Sprite ripping.
  • 3D Model and texture dumping via memory.
  • Preservation of DarkScape's Cache.
  • Preservation of build 912 Cache (last Java version).
  • Preservation of RuneScape Classic.
  • Creation of the RuneScape Preservation Unit.
  • Archiving of 67 unique caches.

Archive[edit | edit source]

My archives can be found here.

How to contact me[edit | edit source]

I am very unlikely to see message left on my talk page. The only reliable way to contact me is by using Discord. You can easily find me in the RuneScape Archive discord server.

Random facts[edit | edit source]

  • I am the player who suggested the recolor of the Prifddinas lodestone.
  • At some point, there was a sound clip of a Jmod dropping paper and his microphone in the cache.
  • There exist a clotheless Guthix/Naragi model in the cache, likely used as a model base.
  • The interior of the mansion in Broken Home is way bigger in the inside.
  • During the first few version of RuneScape 3, the old sequenced soundtrack was still left in the cache despite not being used.
  • During late 2012, the "orchestral" music track was pretty much sequenced music, but with very long "instruments" that was just a wave of the track split into multiple parts.
  • Andrew Gower composed the jingle that plays when you enter a Player Owned House.
  • A bugged scenery examine in the Fate of the Gods quest, was left in game (and maybe still is?). A dial is descripted as: "tpr_sanctum_door_puzzle2_piece_c2_west." TPR means "The Purple Rose" and is the quest codename.
  • If an object has an empty examine on Jagex servers, it will return as "This is a [Object name]." This was confirmed to be the case by Mods Ash when a player noticed that an anvil had the examine "This is a anvil." on r/2007scape. After an unknown update (RSHD?), the default examine was changed to "This is an [Object name].".
  • There is 14 080 individuals tree in RuneScape's gameworld (data from april 6th 2018).
  • When doing inconventional structures, each model need to be its own objects. For instance the entirety of Drakan Castle is a bunch of objects mashed together.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Snipe.png
  • Dazing Shot.png
  • Fragmentation Shot.png
  • Piercing Shot.png
  • Binding Shot.png
  • Death's Swiftness.png
  • Bombardment.png
  • Incendiary Shot.png
  • Monkfish.png
  • Surge.png
  • Deflect Magic.png
  • Deflect Missiles.png
  • Deflect Melee.png
  • Soul Split.png

  • Combust.png
  • Sonic Wave.png
  • Wrack.png
  • Concentrated Blast.png
  • Impact.png
  • Deep Impact.png
  • Omnipower.png
  • Dragon Breath.png
  • Monkfish.png
  • Surge.png
  • Deflect Magic.png
  • Deflect Missiles.png
  • Deflect Melee.png
  • Soul Split.png

  • Dismember.png
  • Slice.png
  • Sever.png
  • Flurry.png
  • Devotion.png
  • Blood Tendrils.png
  • Hurricane.png
  • Quake.png
  • Monkfish.png
  • Surge.png
  • Deflect Magic.png
  • Deflect Missiles.png
  • Deflect Melee.png
  • Soul Split.png

List of achivements[edit | edit source]

  • Unlocked Prifddinas for the first time. (2015-12-04)
  • Unlocked Prifddinas for the second time. (2016-02-29)
  • First 1000 edit on this wiki. (2017-03-08)
  • Finished Cook's bestiary project.(2017-03-08)
  • Impressing Cook (apparently its a big feat) (2017-03-08)
  • Managed to put a wfs on rswiki front page. (2017-04-01)
  • Got 99 ranged (2017-09-16 0:05 UTC)
  • Managed to extract RS3 models from memory (2017-08-13)
  • Completed Sliske's Endgame quest (2021-08-30)

RuneScape 2011 Music[edit | edit source]

A playlist with all music track can be found here (listed track only).

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