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Pages I created

If you need a task botted with my AWB account, let me know on my talk page or Discord @manhattan#9049 and I'll try to help out the best I can.

To Disable A Bot, or DAB on my bot, click the Angel of DAB then press Save page.

67 kc vitalismanhattan'Ironman btw <rss></rss>

Ironman badge.png Iconic drops
Rue (pet).png(Skilling pets)
Vitalis (pet).png(Vitalis)
Superior Statius's warhammer detail.png(Statius's warhammer)
Praesul codex detail.png(Praesul codex) wand)
Seismic singularity detail.png(Seismic singularity)
Noxious longbow detail.png(Noxious longbow)
Total level: 28
Attack 1Constitution 1Mining 1
Strength 1Agility 1Smithing 1
Defence 1Herblore 1Fishing 1
Ranged 1Thieving 1Cooking 1
Prayer 1Crafting 1Firemaking 1
Magic 1Fletching 1Woodcutting 1
Runecrafting 1Slayer 1Farming 1
Construction 1Hunter 1Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 1.15Quests 326
Music 1,003Tasks 370RuneScore 6,470
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