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Bits about me[edit | edit source]

As you can see my name IS Joseph but I won't reveal my full name or age. I'm an Australian player and I usually play in world 111 (I avoided the Falador Massacre since I was doing a quest) and makes nice potato toppings and foods. I do random things in game but mostly doing clues and hanging about. On thw wiki i usually keep an eye out for familiar dialogues to edit.

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

  • I play Castle Wars in world 111 (Currently stopped)
  • I play Pest Control in world 144 (Quit altogether)
  • Treasure trails (I'm a clue hunter =P)

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • I have close-knot combat stats (beware pures cause i will get you!)
  • I don't care if a famous person logged in (such as Zezima or Skychi)
  • I was using a female charecter for one month (sheesh)
  • Apparently I talk/type too much

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Note that it doesn't include mini game related deaths.

  • Scorpion (lvl 14) when i was a newb (lol)(lvl 12)
  • Tribesman (poison)(I felt sad{lol})(lvl 32)
  • Chicken (I was poisoned) (lvl 73)
  • Shade (I hit the wall after that) (lvl 65)
  • Green Dragon (without anti-dragonfire sheild {28 damage}) (lvl 82)
  • KBD (I wanted to see him in person) (lvl 57)
  • Fire giant (decided to do suicide in wildy) (lvl 69)
  • Myself (repeatedly failed a trap)(lvl 76)
  • Lag (I HATE YOU LAAAAAAGGGG!!!!1one)(lvl 7)
  • To a abyss pker (He was near death)(lvl 94)
  • Kebab (I had to be low on health)(lvl 89) Note: this was before the kebab update
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth (Experimenting with something guides didn't cover) (lvl 95)
  • Bronze Dragon (Chaos Tunnels going to Bork, Lost 2 mil) (lvl 107)

History[edit | edit source]

  • ??/09/04 - Started playing Runescape
  • 25/12/04 - Got my Runescape membership at level 36
  • 26/12/04 - Learned not to go unprepared in the jungle (died)
  • ??/01/05 - Finally did dragon slayer at level 47 (lucky)
  • ??/06/05 - 12/07/05 - Stopped playing RS
  • 11/07/07 - Got a Void knight's mace!
  • 12/08/07 - Did Desert Treasure at level 92 (too lazy to do it earlier)
  • 08/09/07 - Best birthday present! (Not) - Completed Legend's Quest after I was not bothered to do it
  • 01/10/07 - Decreased amount of Runescape played per week
  • 01/01/08 - On request I will be female till the end of month
  • 12/01/08 - Soloed the KBD and won at lvl 98
  • 21/03/08 - Obtained the air guitar emote and died at the same time (lol) at lvl 106
  • ??/??/?? - Now formally know as a quest master as I have the max amount of QPs (lots of quests to be done when they come out)

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