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Hi, I'm Mac5130. I switch on and off of membership, but do enjoy P2P worlds quite a bit. I completely support Jagex and do my best to help in their forums and games and will also try to help as much as I can in this wiki. I have used Runecape.wikia for a long time, but only made this account in December of 2009. Thank you Jagex and Runescape.wikia for making the game so great!

--Law rune.png Mac5130 Fire rune.png 00:07, December 7, 2009 (UTC)

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Other accounts: Im wax Larry, my f2p noob:) Mr Skillby, my f2p skiller.

Total level: 2050
Attack 91Constitution 94Mining 76
Strength 92Agility 71Smithing 74
Defence 93Herblore 70Fishing 99
Ranged 86Thieving 74Cooking 99
Prayer 82Crafting 76Firemaking 99
Magic 94Fletching 83Woodcutting 83
Runecrafting 65Slayer 72Farming 83
Construction 71Hunter 70Summoning 73
Dungeoneering 77Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 115/125Quests 317
Music 752Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of 24 September 2021
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Games I Play
Game Status
Runescape Often
Call of Duty Often
Minecraft Often
Halo Sometimes

  • I will no doubt forget to update my skills (and other stuff), probably for long periods of time, so you may see big gaps.


  • (+#) represent how many of those levels were gained during that day from the level started at.

Updates are off for the moment.


Non-Members (F2P):

Black Knights' Fortress: √, The Restless Ghost: √, The Blood Pact: √, Rune Mysteries: √, Cook's Assistant: √, Shield of Arrav: √, Demon Slayer: √, Swept Away: √, Doric's Quest: √, Unstable Foundations: √, Dragon Slayer: √, Vampire Slayer: √, Ernest the Chicken: √, Goblin Diplomacy: √, Gunnar's Ground: √, Imp Catcher: √, The Knight's Sword: √, Myths of the White Lands: √, Pirate's Treasure: √, Prince Ali Rescue: √,

Members (P2P):

All Fired Up: √, Animal Magnetism: √, Another Slice of H.A.M.: √, As a First Resort: √, Back to my Roots: √, Between a Rock...: √, Big Chompy Bird Hunting: √, Biohazard: √, Blood Runs Deep: √, Buyers and Cellars: √, Cabin Fever: √ Catapult Construction: √, The Chosen Commander: √, Clock Tower: √, A Clockwork Syringe: √, Cold War: √, Contact!: √, Creature of Fenkenstrain: √, The Curse of Arrav: √, Darkness of Hallowvale: √, Deadliest Catch: √, Dealing with Scabaras: √, Death Plateau: √, Death to the Dorgeshuun: √, Defender of Varrock: √, Desert Treasure: √, Devious Minds: √, The Dig Site: √, Do No Evil: √, Dream Mentor: √, Druidic Ritual: √, Dwarf Cannon: √, Eadgar's Ruse: √, Eagle's Peak: √, Elemental Workshop I: √, Elemental Workshop II: √, Elemental Workshop III: √, Elemental Workshop IV: √ Enakhra's Lament: √,, Enlightened Journey: √ The Eyes of Glouphrie: √, Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains: √, Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen: √, Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift: √, Family Crest: √, The Feud: √, Fight Arena: √, Fishing Contest: √, Forgettable Tale...: √, Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf: √, The Fremennik Isles: √, The Fremennik Trials: √, Fur 'n' Seek: √, Garden of Tranquility: √, Gertrude's Cat: √, Ghosts Ahoy: √, The Giant Dwarf: √, Glorious Memories: √, The Golem: √, The Grand Tree: √, The Great Brain Robbery: √, Grim Tales: √, The Hand in the Sand: √, Haunted Mine: √, Hazeel Cult: √, Heroes' Quest: √, Holy Grail: √, Horror From the Deep: √, Hunt for Red Raktuber: √, Icthlarin's Little Helper: √, In Aid of the Myreque: √, In Pyre Need: √, In Search of the Myreque: √, Jungle Potion: √, Kennith's Concerns: √, King of the Dwarves: √, King's Ransom: √, Land of the Goblins: √, Legacy of Seergaze: √, Legends' Quest: √, Lost City: √, The Lost Tribe: √, Love Story: √, Lunar Diplomacy: √, Making History: √, Meeting History: √, Merlin's Crystal: √, Missing My Mummy: √, Monk's Friend: √, Monkey Madness: √, Mountain Daughter: √, Mourning's End Part I: √, Mourning's End Part II: √, Murder Mystery: √, My Arm's Big Adventure: √, Nature Spirit: √, Nomad's Requiem: √, Observatory Quest: √, Olaf's Quest: √, One Small Favor: √, The Path of Glouphrie: √, Perils of Ice Mountain: √, Plague City: √, Priest in Peril: √, Prisoner of Glouphrie: √ Quiet Before the Swarm: √, Rag and Bone Man: √, Ratcatchers: √, Recipe for Disaster: √, Recruitment Drive: √, Regicide: √, Ritual of the Mahjarrat √, Rocking Out: √, Roving Elves: √, Royal Trouble: √, Rum Deal: √, Rune Mechanics: √, Salt in the Wound: √, Scorpion Catcher: √, Sea Slug: √, Shades of Mort'ton: √, Shadow of the Storm: √, Sheep Herder: √, Shilo Village: √, The Slug Menace: √, Smoking Kills: √, A Soul's Bane: √, Spirit of Summer: √, Spirits of the Elid: √, Summer's End: √, Swan Song: √, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio: √, A Tail of Two Cats: √, Tears of Guthix: √, The Temple of Senntisten: √, Temple of Ikov: √, Throne of Miscellania: √, TokTz-Ket-Dill: √, The Tourist Trap: √, Tower of Life: √ Tree Gnome Village: √, Tribal Totem: √, Troll Romance: √, Troll Stronghold: √, Underground Pass: √, A Void Dance: √, The Void Stares Back: √, Wanted!: √, Watchtower: √, Waterfall Quest: √, What Lies Below: √, While Guthix Sleeps: √, Witch's House: √, Within the Light: √, Wolf Whistle: √, Zogre Flesh Eaters: √,

Quests incomplete: 0

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